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  • Hello I'm Your Husband [ HunHan FF ]
    144K 4.6K 26

    What would you do if you go home in your house one day and there's this boy telling you that he is your husband? Well, that happened on Luhan... Want to find out the story? Just click start reading thanks :)

  • HunHan: The Arrangement
    107K 4.5K 24

    [Completed] [HunHan FF] Also available in PDF version (soft copy) (Send a message for it) Usually, it has to be the parents. However this time, a few years back, their grandfather's were the one behind the arranged wedding even before the two of them were born. Luhan never thought his typical life and his dreams would...

  • HunHan [Book 1]: Dealing With Oh Sehun [BoyxBoy]
    530K 33.3K 53

    Oh Sehun is a two faced star. When the camera is on, he could be an angel sent from above but turns into a devil as the camera stops flickering. He could be tough, he could be rough. Will Lu Han be able to endure his coldness until 100 days end? Find out.

  • I'm just his husband (HunHan FF.)
    28K 1K 13

    Hanggang kailan ka mag papakatanga para sa kanya? WARNING : boyxboy, yaoi © HH041220

  • HunHan [Book 3]: Dealing With Oh Sehun [BoyxBoy]
    186K 9.4K 43

    Oh Sehun and Lu Han decided to end their marriage. The two picked opposite path, blowing them away from each other but after almost four years of not seeing each other, fate let them meet again. Is it still possible to lit the broken sparks? Find out. [DWOS BOOK 3]

  • Two Wives (Ang Legal at Kabit ni Oh Sehun)
    104K 5.4K 35

    Mahirap magka-asawa ng malandi. Pero mas mahirap magkaroon ng asawang malanding may kabit na malandi rin. O sige putangna, maglandian kayo. Hayup! (HunhanxTaohun)

  • HunHan [Book 2]: Dealing With Oh Sehun [BoyxBoy]
    221K 11.3K 53

    From that devil Oh Sehun to this angel whom Luhan so madly inlove with - now - his husband. What if a tornado hit their marriage, will they fight until the end? Will Luhan be able to bear Oh Sehun's possessiveness? Find out. [DWOS BOOK 2]