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Our Destiny by Min_Winni
Our Destinyby Aerin
When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, and nobody can keep them apart. Destiny will always bring them together. A story o...
Imagination || XiuChen ✩ by SnoopySoo
Imagination || XiuChen ✩by Hocu
❝ I wish you were real ❞
The Story Of Our Relationship by libraTsZa1220
The Story Of Our Relationshipby LIBRA Ts.Za
ကျတော်တို့ရဲ့နှလုံးသားအတွက်တစ်ခါလောက်ရူးမိုက်ကြည့်လိုက်ရအောင် က်ေတာ္တို႔ရဲ႕ႏွလုံးသားအတြက္တစ္ခါေလာက္႐ူးမိုက္ၾကည့္လိုက္ရေအာင္ HunHan🌺 YiZhan🌼
ဥ္ီးခ်စ္​သည္​း by hunhanwintwah
ဥ္ီးခ်စ္​သည္​းby hunhanwintwah
မင္​းဟာကိုယ္​့အတြက္​ ထူးဆန္းတဲ့​အသည္​းတစ္​ျခမ္​း​ေလးပါ
My Master (Completed) (Z+U) by Aeri-Berry
My Master (Completed) (Z+U)by Aeri Berry
သူသာလျှင်ကျွန်တော့်အား အစိုးရသူ သူသာလျှင် ကျွန်တော့်ဘဝနဲ့ စိတ်ဝိဉာဏ်အား လွှမ်းမိုးချုပ်ကိုင်နိုင်သောသူ သူသာလျှင် ကျွန်တော့်အားရှင်လျက်နှင့်အကြိမ်ကြိမ်သေစေနိုင်သူ သူသာလျှ...
but i love you ♢ chanbaek by yoongisdickpics
but i love you ♢ chanbaekby も メ て 方 刄
chanyeol hates baekhyun, baekhyun loves chanyeol ; a chanbaek fic ©yoongisdickpics 2017
Abandoned pregnant. by mnopqrstq
Abandoned mnopqrstq
Chanbaek love what happens when your school crush,schoolbadboy,headboy gets you pregnant ,and you discover later without him knowing he got you pregnant. What will you d...
Shuu!(COMPLETED) by Daffodil__dH
Shuu!(COMPLETED)by YoonShin_Ah
#SeLu #HunHan ဘယ္ဘုရားမွအယုံအၾကည္မ႐ွိဘူး။ ကိုကိုကပဲ ကြၽန္ေတာ့္ကမ႓ာရဲ႕ ကြၽန္ေတာ့္ကိုးကြယ္တ့ဲ ဘုရားသခင္မို႔ ။ ဘယ်ဘုရားမှအယုံအကြည်မရှိဘူး။ ကိုကိုကပဲ ကျွန်တော့်ကမ္ဘာရဲ့ ကျ...
All My Heart by nanabaek04
All My Heartby Nana Dimacuta
Sehun, the cold guy who normally doesn't give a single fuck about everyone, finds himself paying too much attention to the feminine-looking transfer student from China.
EXO Ship Facts by kyungsew
EXO Ship Factsby .
includes facts about the most popular EXO ships including ChanBaek XiuChen KaiSoo SuLay HunHan TaoRis Etc., there's also facts about each member of EXO
My Everything Is Yours by ohsunday412
My Everything Is Yoursby Oh Sunday
❤️Love is give or get??? ကျတော့်ရဲ့နှလုံးသားရောအ‌သွေးအသား ခန္ဓာအားလုံးကHunတစ်ယောက်ထဲအပိုင်ပါ❤️ Xiao Luhan
ကလေးရဲ့လူကြီး။ (Complete) by hnin_nway_oo
ကလေးရဲ့လူကြီး။ (Complete)by Hnin nway oo
Oh sehun:::ဘယ်သူ့ကိုမှ..ထပ်ချစ်လို့ မဖြစ်ဘူး..ဘယ်သူ့ကိုမှလည်းထပ်ပြီးချစ်လာမှာမဟုတ်ဘူး Xiao Luhan:::ခင်ဗျားက ကျွန်တော့် အတွက်ပဲလူကြီး..ခင်ဗျားရှောင်ပြေးလို့ရမယ်မထင်နဲ့. #...
Cómo sobrevivir a Sehun y no morir en el intento » hunhan. by elhykun
Cómo sobrevivir a Sehun y no 🌵
❝Luhan finalmente entra a la universidad y no puede sentirse más emocionado, por lo que no se percata de la constante presencia de la sombra de alguien siguiendo cada un...
🌏🤍My Little World🤍🌏 {Completed } by ZuneWine
🌏🤍My Little World🤍🌏 { pan su
ကိုယ့်ရဲ့ကမ္ဘာငယ်လေး chansoo
The Vampires  by DreaNeedsReads
The Vampires by AndreaShaw
Just read, vote, and comment please and thank you
Private Number || BBH • PCY by Axerocknroll
Private Number || BBH • PCYby Blaugrana
[ E D I T I N G ] "I dare you, Baekhyun," Luhan said all of a sudden. "Dare me what?" Baekhyun asked. "I dare you to seduce Park Chanyeol via a...
Living With The Enemy [Chanbaek | Baekyeol] by yeolallineed
Living With The Enemy [Chanbaek | HIATUS
[COMPLETED] It's the first day of college at the Royal School of Gifted Arts. After being bullied in his previous school for 2 years, Chanyeol has finally managed to cha...
EXO MATES by gukkktae
EXO MATESby bodota112
contains Boy x Boy ships The 6 wolf kingdoms that has a large university at the center of ExoPlanet And the 2 groups of unmated wolves How will faith bring them together...
[not] FAKE LOVE ~KOOKV~by Chelseyy
Hanya kisah percintaan dari Jeon Jungkook yang dulunya straight, menjadi sangat memuja sosok Kim Taehyung. Kebohongan berada di dalamnya Warn ⚠️ BxB (KV) R-18+
[english] park chanyeol's hidden son • chanbaek by Deerbabolti
[english] park chanyeol's hidden 『アブ』
[ ENGLISH / COMPLETED / MPREG × BXB × YAOI || • CHANBAEK / ORIGINALLY WRITTEN BY DEERBABOLTI ] I'm Byun Baekhyun, a single-parent who raised my own son named Byun Jespe...