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  • Welcome To The Future
    8.5K 483 34

    I have made this book so my readers can see what ideas I have for the future.

  • Teen Hunter: The Darkness Within
    43.8K 1.1K 28

    (Book 2 of Teen Hunter) (COMPLETE) Chris Argent Jr. Is no longer the happy teenage boy he was when he first moved into beacon hills. He's no longer a Hunter he's the White Wolf. Which puts a high number on his head. An Alpha pack wants him to join them, Demons want to kill him, and a spirit wants to control someone he...

  • Teen Hunter: Monster
    13.1K 379 10

    Chris Argent II is still recovering from the death of his sister when a whole new whirl of supernatural events shakes the town of Beacon Hills. As professional Hunters are offered money to kill every supernatural in the town and an aunt comes to pay a unwanted visit. Can Chris keep all of his friends alive and stop an...

  • Stilinski
    8K 315 8

    Leaving Beacon Hills wasn't as hard as Stiles had thought. Putting the Supernatural behind him opened up a whole new chapter in Stiles life. But he wouldn't of imagined this new life would be as bloody as the first. As he is put in the CIA's brand new division, which turns him into an effective weapon against any enem...

  • Beta
    4.3K 117 4

    David Anderson was just a normal high school outcast. He didn't have many friends, constantly alone, and is bullied by his classmates. But when Derek Hale the Alpha werewolf offers him the bite, David can't help but say yes, without thinking of the consequences. Set in Season 2 of Teen Wolf

  • Teen Betas
    1.2K 49 2

    When two best friends go to search for a dead body in the middle of the woods, they're attacked and bitten by a great beast. Throwing them into a world of madness they could have never expected.

  • The Battle Within
    32.3K 1K 14

    Completed (Sequel to Falling From Grace) (TW/SPN) With Stiles completely turned into the most evil object in creation, the pack scramble back to the bunker. Not knowing if they can save their friend morale is at an all time low. But little do they know that Stiles is coming for them, with an army of the new Knights of...

  • SuperWolf! Crossover (Supenatural/Teen Wolf)
    219K 7K 36

    Dean and Sam head off to Beacon Hills after hearing about the strange occurrences in the area. They find Scott at the murder site and he bolts off running after they tried to get his attention while holding guns... They find out that the creature causing this to happen was a kanima! Scott and Stiles tell them what it...

  • Falling From Grace
    78.8K 2.5K 18

    Completed (Sequel to The Heroes Curse) (SPN/TW) After Stiles "death" Dean and Sam criss cross the country in search for him. What they don't know is that he can't be reached as Lucifer manipulates him, controls his mind twisting the innocent boy to become the one thing he feared the most. With out control over his...

  • The Heroes Curse
    267K 7.7K 20

    (TW/SPN) |Completed| After his argument with Scott, Stiles skips town running from his past. But it's the past that he never knew about that catches up to him. And he is suddenly thrown into the life on the run being tracked down by demons. Running from town to town he is saved by a man in a trench coat that teaches...

  • Guardians: angel of vengence
    10 1 1

    Aaron St John finds out that he is a guardian and must prevent the constant threat to his life. and figure out who he is and why he is here.

  • inFamous 3: New World
    2.9K 62 7

    After Y/n used, the RFI to kill The Beast it tore a hole in the space-time continuum. Sending him, to a new world filled with vampires that remind, him of Bloody Mary's vampires but different at the same time. So Y/n has to trust his new companions Zafrina, and Senna who're vampires to teach him how to survive in this...

  • Legacies: The Rise of Kronos [Legacies/PJO/HOO Crossover]
    12.2K 291 29

    (BOOK THREE OF LEGACIES Champion of Olympus Daughter of Magic) It has been three years since Olivia Henry had decided to make her new home Asgard, and since Pandora's Box had been stolen. Achilles Walker has been absent for three years, no phone calls, no texts just a ghost in the wind. Some say he had gone and kill...

  • Legacies: Primordial Awakening (Legacies/PJO/HoO)
    4.3K 95 13

    Seven years ago Achilles Walker gave his life in a deadly battle against the Titan of Time, for Olympus and for the World. He lives on in story, in memory, and through his five year old daughter Helen Pandora Andrews. But the world is at peace, as peaceful as it could get. Everything changes when visions of Achille...

  • Legacies: The Champion of Olympus
    53.5K 1.2K 29

    After the sudden yet unknown disappearance of Hope Mikaelson and the defeat of Malivore, the Salvatore School is back up and running smoothly without the fear of monsters constantly attacking. Alaric, Dorian, and Landon struggle trying to untangle the web of mysteries that cloud the school revolving the name Hope Mik...

  • Legacies: Daughter of Magic
    14.5K 366 26

    (SEQUEL TO CHAMPION OF OLYMPUS) Olivia Henry... The mystery girl. After having a vision of a strange necklace that can open gateways to other worlds, our heroes embark on a quest, North, that if successful could give the Olympians the upper hand in the looming war. The Titans grow ever stronger as they work to reviv...

  • RE: Extinction Dusk Til Dawn
    21.5K 672 17

    Alice and Hope find love in an apocalyptic world and they are willing to fight to keep it. Hope/K-Mart pairing. Alice/Claire pairing. Hope is gp.

    Completed   Mature
  • Resident Evil: Original Apocalypse
    30.1K 827 23

    Alice and Hope thought the horror was over but little did they know it was just beginning. Hope is g!p.

  • Resident Evil/The Originals crossover
    23.6K 788 19

    Dangerous surprises are in the near future for Hope Abernathy and her parents as they go into the hive of the Umbrella Corporation. Looking for what caused the Red Queen to become homicidal, along with a group of soldiers, they discover the heartbreaking and evil things the Umbrella Corporation have been doing in secr...

  • Teen wolf and Shadowhunters crossover
    1.1K 28 2

    No need for a description.... Updates will be regularly dated Forgive me if I don't get everything right Teen wolf or Shadowhunters doesn't belong to me,only my character. Enjoy the story♡

  • The True Alpha Come Back
    1K 129 25

    it's been years since the death of Gerard and the Anuk-Ite. the world is in a state of chaos. some supernatural creatures are being hunted down, while other supernatural creatures are hunting the ones like them and helping the hunters. there's only 7 members of Scott's pack alive that are following a new Scott McCall...

    2.7K 94 4

    Sam and Dean founded a new case in town. The one will take them into different world. The other alternate universe. They met a group, and a boy who really look like Dean. His style, how he loves his car, just like Dean Winchester. But the boy just same with Sam and Dean. He got a sucked by a bright light to different...

  • Forbidden Heart♡
    19K 558 25

    a mundane girl confesses her love to her bestfriend. when everything felt so right,A boy with blue eyes comes along with her new life.she shouldn't love him more than her bestfriend . A guy that won't ever feel the same way she feels about him. #please dont copy my story i dont own those characters cassie clare do

  • Wicked Games ~ Supernatural Book 2
    29.3K 726 30

    'Book 2' fem!Castiel story Season 6 - 8

  • Angel - Supernatural
    50.3K 1.4K 29

    Book 1 'Season 4 & 5' This is a fem!Castiel story. It will follow the plot except that Castiel is a girl. So it's basically a genderswap story about Castiel. Enjoy!

  • Super powered
    10.6K 313 34

    What could happen when superman falls for his powerful and beautiful team mate? More then you can even imagine. Read and find out why love between two Kryptonians can cause the world and galaxy to worry.

    Completed   Mature
  • Midnight Son: Angel Of Vengence Book 1
    274 18 18

    when Marcus Brant finds out he has become an guardian and must make his new life and face the new threats that have come in to his life

  • Brightburn: Invasion
    6.3K 375 7

    BOOK 2 OF THE BRIGHTBURN: OBSESSED SERIES "I will come back!" Valerie never forgot those words. She will never forget sending away the only man she's ever loved. The only man she's ever trusted. ------- 6 years from the first book Valerie Puckett finds herself staring her ex boyfriend Brandon in the face. He's been b...

  • Brightburn: Obsessed
    84.8K 3.2K 29

    "This whole thing is super fucked up." Valerie said. "I know. And that's why you're safer with me." Brandon said, Little did Valerie know. She was safe because the monster was on her side.