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  • The Betrayed One
    27.7K 764 16

    Betrayal has made its home in his life from the day he was born. He has often trusted people with his life, just as many times they were the ones to attempt to take it. Perseus "Percy" Jackson life was never easy; he played in the shadows to hide from the gods, he was ruthless to those he learned betrayed him, and was...

  • Harry Potter and the Altered Destinies
    1.2M 46.4K 76

    Percy Jackson was nineteen, nearly twenty years old and was the boss of an aquarium of his own. Demigod life put behind him, he moved to the United Kingdom to start a new life. He didn't know was that one day he would meet an eight year old abused Harry Potter. Unaware that he once again messed with fates plans, Percy...

  • Alone in Solitude; Percy Jackson
    327K 5K 33

    Percy is forced into godhood. They try to send him to Tartarus for being ungrateful but their forced gift saves him. He take off alone never wanting part of his past again. But his past refuses to let go when a 3rd Great War is coming. Immortals are sent to Canada were they were told Snow lives and could help them if...

  • The Son of Chaos: A Perciper Story
    137K 1.2K 18

    Percy and Piper are betrayed in the worst way possible by those closest to them. They decide to run away from Camp Half-blood and leave their past behind. After months alone, they are on the verge of death, but they are saved. I'm trying to leave some mystery because of all the identical Son of Chaos stories out there...

  • The Hiker
    3.1K 82 3

    When a certain silver eyed goddess is down on her luck, a very particular man comes and helps her out before leaving. Find out how this relationship turns from friendly to something more over the centuries!

  • Percy Jackson: Ascension
    34K 1K 19

    Percy opened his eyes, certain Kronos had killed him. But he wasn't in the Underworld, he was... back at Yancy Academy!? Percy decides he won't waste this second chance at his demigod life. Who will he choose to save, and who will he choose to destroy?

  • Forgotten prophecy
    16.3K 552 89

    The war against Gaia has concluded and the heroes of Olympus have been victorious. But now a new battle has emerged, one that is possibly just as dangerous. Greek and Roman demigods have begun to disappear, taken by some unknown new entity. The gods themselves do not know the identity of the culprit. With this in mind...

  • Percy and the Princess
    134K 3.6K 10

    This is an avatar the last airbender and Percy Jackson crossover. The idea is Posiodion want's Percy to have a better life away from the gods so he sends him to a different world. The avatar world. Only problem is an incredibly powerful half god being thrown into the middle of a 100 year war can cause some problems.

  • Mana Magicians: Percy Jackson Fanfic under rewrite
    2.1K 65 13

    Summary: Mana Magicians, a secret group of powerful demigods able to use the three powers of the world; Mana, magic, and their demigod powers. Created by Hecate after the first Titan War and hidden away for the second Titan and Giant War, she calls on them again to help. Recusing demigods all over the world, her group...

    Completed   Mature
  • Titian of the Hunt
    497K 7.3K 52

    This story is not mine but from vPxForerunner x on It is about Pertemis and what happens when you get overpowered and your Percy Jackson. (I don't want to give too much away). RECOMMENDED FOR +13

  • The Returning Legend
    1.3M 34.9K 30

    Everything was going perfectly after the war was over. However, one day, when a son of Morpheus came to camp, Percy's perfect world started to crumble. He was once known as the leader of camp and Savior of Olympus. However, after much influence from this new demigod, he was known as the selfish jerk of the camp who ab...