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Percy Jackson son of chaos by The_Reader1001
Percy Jackson son of chaosby The_Reader
Percy Jackson, betrayed by his loving girl friend, disowned by his godly father, bullied by his closest friends, and all to his best friend and agorent brother, flees c...
Everything Happens For A Reason by freshassembly
Everything Happens For A Reasonby freshassembly
Just your average Chaos story. Percy is Chaos' son/personal assassin/commander of his army. He was promised by Chaos he would never have to return but as he learned in t...
Dreaming Alone (A Harry Potter and Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by Astoria_Greengrass
Dreaming Alone (A Harry Potter lum
**UNDER EDITING** Upon being betrayed by all his friends and cheated on by his girlfriend, Percy Jackson flees from Camp Half-Blood, broken hearted with an unquenchable...
Son of Chaos: A Percy Jackson Fanfiction by percabethjackson72
Son of Chaos: A Percy Jackson Katherine Quoterria
Percy has to make a decision that will change his life forever, and not necessarily in a good way. How will the decision effect him? It will change his entire life. It w...
Son of Chaos || Percy Jackson by rosxpxtals
Son of Chaos || Percy Jacksonby ♕ᴹᵃʳˢʰᵐᵃˡˡᵒʷ ♕
*EDITING* Perseus Achilles Jackson; Savior of Olympus, one of the Seven, and the most loyal demigod you will ever meet. Has a price over his head? After the betrayal of...
Lost Stars || Percy Jackson & Harry Potter by Astoria_Greengrass
Lost Stars || Percy Jackson & lum
After the Giant War, the Gods declared Percy too powerful to exist. Sentencing him to (supposed) death, the last thing the Gods expected was for Percy to survive- and be...
The Son of Khaos by Krineko
The Son of Khaosby Krineko
This is a rewrite of Percy Jackson and the Chaos Army. ________________________________________ "Who the hell are you!?" "..." "Speed akin to He...
The Son of Chaos: Percy Jackson by heroichalfblood
The Son of Chaos: Percy Jacksonby Kayla
Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon. He's known this for years. He's accepted it. He's proud of it. He's a hero because of it. But his world comes crashing down when he...
RUN(a Pertemis story) by nacycrossley
RUN(a Pertemis story)by NacyDaAllPowerful
Percy is betrayed Disowned by his parents Cheated on by his girlfriend with no family left Will he meet a new love and be happy Or will he ever be the same...
A Chance In Charming: A Son's Of Anarchy Story by MaeDixon
A Chance In Charming: A Son's Of Mae Dixon
When Jax Teller begins to date a 19-year-old girl from Florida, Will the club approve of it?
Sigma, Prince of the Galaxies by PJacksonFan01
Sigma, Prince of the Galaxiesby PJacksonFan01
Complete! This is your typical Chaos story. Percy Jackson, the hero of Olympus, was betrayed by everyone he knew and cared about. After being on the run for weeks he is...
The Forgotten Sea Lord by Darknessforlife
The Forgotten Sea Lordby Darknessforlife
Perseus was the first ruler of the sea. He was the son of Chaos and the primordial of the sea, wind, air, sky, and nature. He was known as the only immortal that didn't...
Rewind by LANALLAMA05
Rewindby Lana :)
Everywhere I looked, there were mutilated bodies. All of my friends were gone. Annabeth was gone. The monsters had outnumbered us, Gaea's fall only making them angrier...
300 Years by caramelfantic
300 Yearsby caramelfantic
So I'm not certain what to call this because it's not exactly a prequel but it's also not a sequel. Read Betrayed first, otherwise you won't understand this. So, this go...
The Betrayed Hero ( Percy Jackson Fanfiction ) by Savitar7375
The Betrayed Hero ( Percy NotAnonymous
I was walking at the beach and I suddenly saw someone who I least expected to see... Hey guys! A wonderful Pertemis, Perzoe and Perlia book. If you are interested in r...
Aklios Son Of Chaos. [Percico] by OMEGAVOID260
Aklios Son Of Chaos. [Percico]by OMEGAVOID
Percy Jackson / Multiple - Crossover I am in the process of writing, no new chapters. Akilos re-born as Percy Jackson son of Poseidon. After the war with Gaia he leaves...
It's Not Percy Jackson Anymore by Blessed_by_Hypnos
It's Not Percy Jackson Anymoreby Jordan Lynn
Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Jason Grace and Frank Zhang are banished from Earth to a planet in another part of the galaxy called Ïkripmit. They manage to survive in the w...
Son of Chaos-Forged Destiny by sonofcreation
Son of Chaos-Forged Destinyby Sonofcreation
New enemies, friends and challenges face Percy. Follow him as he discovers magic and relics older than Chaos himself. Sequel to Changing Destniy. This is a Pertemis
The Wings of the Forgotten |PJO| by Erenoko
The Wings of the Forgotten |PJO|by Eren and Dakota
Being ReWritten Children of One, Mates of Another, He shall venture through, The land of the forgotten. While the Twin fights his way to his home, They shall fight their...
Percy Jackson Son Of Kronos. Friend Or Foe? by The_Demonic_Prince
Percy Jackson Son Of Kronos. _
My name is Percy Jackson. I am the son of Kronos. My father is has been training me for my whole life so we could take down Olympus. But when some demigods and a few pr...