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  • Broken Pieces
    535 66 4

    Harry Potter fan fiction - Drarry After the war, Harry isn't sure what to do with himself but an unexpected request gives him a new purpose. It's time for him to go home and rebuild more than just the castle. Dedicated to a true fan, Nan Pam ❤ Warnings: Boy Love - Gay - Don't like, don't read Some cussing Possible ad...

  • The Smile
    10.4K 765 5

    While this is a 2 Moons fan fiction, it doesn't not follow the same story line, so AU. Second year Engineering student and future head hazer, Mingkwan, glimpses a smile he can't resist in the library, but doesn't see who owns the smile. The hunt is on! Warnings: Cussing and some self love *wink* *wink* (shower + hand...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful
    1K 100 1

    How do you define beautiful? A short one-shot story about Toota from SOTUS. SOTUS and it's characters are not mine. Only this story belongs to me. Mild warning for some cuss words.

  • Random Originals
    196 18 1

    Original short stories, one shots, and other things. Fiction, nonfiction, romance, comedy, drama, BL, basically whatever I feel like writing. WARNINGS: probably cussing, possibly sexual references, maybe violence, maybe character death, maybe triggers... depends on which story and what I'm writing. I'll post the warn...

  • Unforgivable
    618 31 1

    In a world of magic and mystical creatures, Chance is depressingly normal. At twenty, not even the smallest spark has appeared and he has resigned himself to a life of abject averageness. All that changes when he spends one hot night with his best friend where they both are surprised by their carnal hunger for each ot...

  • Not Alone
    13.1K 934 11

    This is my story of Per and Win and how their relationship changes from the close friendship they had as children living next door to each other. The characters are based off of LoveSick the Series and, while some of the scenes are the same, the way the story plays out is completely different from what happened in t...

  • The Gutter Files
    3.1K 138 6

    Now translated into Spanish! Link: All things smutty, smexy, down right naughty. Most, if not all, are fan fictions so those characters (and some borrowed phrases from the novel/series), of course, do not belong to me. Only the stories belong to me. Do not copy, repost, replicate, or transl...

  • Mingkwan
    4.6K 361 5

    Love is beautiful and precious... and completely unpredictable. A retelling of 2 Moons from Ming's perspective with a lot of surprises. This is not quite the 2 Moons you know and there's no telling who will couple up. Let your ghost 'ships prepare to set sail. It's time for some fun. *WARNING: CRACK PAIRINGS and som...

  • Rhythm of the Heart
    2.4K 261 6

    Warning: Crack fan fiction, cussing, probably adult situations. You have been warned. Noh finds a second chance at love with a short cutie with the biggest eyes and sweetest lips he's ever seen. Has his heart really found it's true rhythm this time?

  • The SOTUS Stories
    59.6K 2.2K 7

    Based off SOTUS the Series, a Thai BL television series and novel by Bittersweet, so the characters are not mine, only this story is and any characters I create. Please do not copy or share without permission. Mature Content is labeled at the start of the chapter. A series of short stories about the relationships in S...

  • Extras
    13.4K 397 9

    Short stories and bonus bits to enjoy. Might be Lovesick, might be SOTUS, or might be something else. *fanfictions are based off series/novels that don't belong to me. Only these fics are mine.

  • Cracked BL Fiction
    6.1K 425 13

    This is a collection of interconnected BL crack fan fiction between SOTUS, LoveSick, and Puppy Honey. For those that don't know, crack fan fiction is creating a romantic relationship between characters that are not involved with each other in the original series. This is a cross-over series of 3 short stories. The fi...

  • Mine
    8.7K 368 1

    Not everyone is human but that doesn't stop them from falling in love. *SOTUS and it's characters are the creation of Bittersweet. Only this fanfiction is mine.

  • Reflection of the Sun
    80.4K 3.7K 11

    Now being translated into Portuguese! Link: Also translated into Spanish! Link: Thank you for the hard work! An old rival for Arthit's heart has Kongpob worried. *SOTUS (and its characters) is not mine. It is the creation of Bittersweet. Only t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Faen
    7.9K 410 2

    A short fan fiction based off the Thai BL series, Love By Chance. A surprise awaits Ae and Pete when they decide to visit Ae's family. *I do not own Love By Chance the series, the novels, or the characters. Only this fan fiction is mine. **I have not read the original novels yet so this is based purely off of what ha...

  • Secrets of a Kitkat
    1.8K 139 1

    *highest rank: #1 in BLfanfiction An accident sends Mingkwan to the hospital where he meets a grumpy doctor that makes his heart spin. 2 Moons fan fiction - please do not duplicate or reupload elsewhere without permission. Characters, with the exception of the ones I create, belong to 2 Moons. This story is mine. *War...

  • 2 Moons Mini Stories
    2.2K 132 1

    Short stories, one shots, etc about 2 Moon's characters. 2 Moons and it's characters are not mine, only these stories are mine. Please do not copy or reproduce without permission. *Warning* Cussing Sexual Content - labeled at start of chapter

  • Secret Heart
    7.9K 633 6

    Problems arise as Phun is forced to deal with losing yet another assistant (Is that the 4th or 5th one this year?), running a company, and a surprise engagement. Nothing seems to be going his way so he takes a night off to unwind at his friend's club expecting to drink the night away in the noisy solitude of the VIP s...

  • A Different Kind of Perfect
    313 42 4

    It's the final year of high school. It's a time when decisions have to be made about the future. A time to create lasting memories with your friends. A time of triumphs and heartbreaks, laughter and tears. A crazy, confusing time balancing the last remnants of childhood with the coming responsibilities of being an...

  • Brighter
    2.2K 222 1

    My Baby Bright fan fiction sequel *I don't own My Baby Bright or the original script, only this fan fiction sequel is mine and any original characters I created.

  • KuGr
    2.1K 132 1

    This is an original short story about two actors caught up in an on-screen love that becomes something more. *Warnings: Gay / BL / Boy-Boy love Some Cussing *Original photo used in cover is not mine. Not sure who to credit it to but I edited it a lot to match the story. *This is an original. Please do not copy...