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  • American Symphony
    97.6K 2.7K 24

    America, the joyful, albeit slightly dim nation was actually a very gifted singer-- not that anyone knew that. That didn't mean they wouldn't find out. (A series of one-shots!)

  • HetaOni: Italy's Story
    52.3K 1.7K 18

    NOTE: Only read if you've seen HetaOni! Entirely from Italy's POV. "I thought that we had an honest chance of escape when fratello and Spain showed up for the first time. Heh. That was... so long ago... Now I am broken. But... I must escape with everyone... We must live." Full Summary inside! Rated T for bad language...

  • Tale of the Dragon Queen
    213K 4.6K 28

    Lisanna came back from the so called dead and everyone has been treating her like she's an angel, and they have been treating Lucy like she's a demon of some sort, and of course, Lucy isn't just gonna sit there and do nothing about it, she will get her revenge on Natsu and Lisanna. But how? IDK?????!!!! I'm sry... I...