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  • Ask or dare Hiccstrid
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    Hey Hiccup and Astrid here. So we got board. And made this. You ask us questions together or we can answer them separately. We also do Dares together or separately. We will also have special guests from both of our books. An night to remember and Alex the sister. So send us some questions. Bye. DISCLAIMER. ALL HTTYD...

  • Ask Hiccstrid
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    Interview hiccstrid So this books is me xycodie interviewing hiccup and astrid. All questions will come from YOU! So if you wanna ask any questions especially about my latest hiccstrid book Feel welcome! HICCUP: yeah. Uh *scratches back of head. * Anything to add Astrid? Astrid: if anybody tries to hit on hiccup I...

  • Ask Hiccup
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    Ask (or dare) away!

  • Ask Hiccup, Astrid, and Heather
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    Truth and Dare book involving 3 of the HTTYD members. They are Hiccup, Astrid, and Heather. No restrictions for the truths or dares. They can be 18+ or even smutty truths/dares and they will do them.

  • Ask Astrid!
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  • Ask Hiccup
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    Ask me anything

  • Ask and Dare Heather and Astrid
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    Ask and dare Heather and Astrid!! All characters belong to Dreamworks besides from my OCs