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  • Rewind
    32.8K 2.1K 22

    In his previous lifetime, he couldn't protect his woman, the love of his life. She was taken away from him by force and made him lose another half of his soul. On the second week after her departure, he received the news of her miserable death, along with a bloody letter and a Phoenix hairpin. From that sudden news...

  • Intertwine
    434K 41 1

    He was one of the most renowned General in ancient China. He knocked down the enemies with only 500 cavalries, merciless in the battlefield, and deserve the title of God of War. On the other side, he also possesses a good personality, a kind heart, and gentleness. He always hides his handsome features beneath his gold...

  • Quick Transmigration: Beat The Female Lead System
    1.8M 62.9K 71

    Eleanor a 30 year old (pervert) business woman who hasn't had a boyfriend in more than 8 years suddenly dies after being in a car accident on her way to a blind date. But, upon her death, she is given the choice to transmigrate into different online novels to beat the female lead.

  • The Villain's Bodyguard
    529K 20.3K 73

    Meng Yin, a shut in, dies of a broken heart when the author of a novel kills off her favorite character. She wakes up as a mob character of that very same novel called Ru Gu Meng. Realizing that she had transmigrated in the same novel of the character who gave life to her horrible world, she swears to make sure that...

  • Con artist Wangfei
    99.3K 3.9K 15

    Luo Ren Ai, she was the con artist the richer people don't want to be facing. When she con someone, the conned person don't have a good ending and always ended in jail. One day she con an ancient jade ring from a rich artifact collecter and getting shot by the guard. This ended her history as a con artist. Expectin...

  • Billionnaire's Ex-wife (Knight family book#1)
    43.6M 1.4M 68

    "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE." He yelled glaring at me. I couldn't help my tears. Why is he doing this? "Honey, Hunter please listen-" I started but he just cut me off. "DON'T CALL ME THAT." He said taking a threatening steps toward me. "You are so good." He said grabbing my arm harshly. I lowered my gaze. "I gave...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Got Reincarnated To An Otome Game! [Gone Be Yeeted Off Now Sorry]
    246K 9.2K 17

    Author: D-d-d-dropped... What a demon. (︶︿︶) Sin died in a fire accident when he was inside the school building and God gave him a second chance... In what seems like an otome game? !!! PICTURE NOT MINE!!! (But I did edit it) Anyway this is bl or boys love. Yaoi. Um, this is also smut and there will be scenes y...

  • Quick Transmigration: Rebirth From Being A System To Having A System
    55.4K 1.8K 21

    Hei Oh Yin, her currently name. a system that finished her work as a system on her third host. she finally rebirth!! but she can never forget the arrogance the third host has; "Yin Yin, i am about to take over the universe!" which made Hei Oh Yin smile a little. fine.. she'll accompany you. what is this? "system no...

  • My Wife Suddenly Turns Into A Gangster
    767K 40.6K 34

    Synopsis: Xu Ming knew that he should be dead but he suddenly found himself in a woman's body once he woke up. On top of that, it was a married woman. Fortunately for him, the relationship between them was not good so his new life was not that bad. A certain husband coldly said,"Don't interfere with my life." A certai...

  • Give the mobs a chance #BLM
    121K 799 9

    Groaning I opened up my eyes. Darkness surrounded me as I patted the space around me trying looking for a light switch. A robotic female voice echoed throughout the room "System one turning on." -- I deadpanned as the female lead continued to follow me around the market. I was just casually shopping when I ran into...

  • Xue Zi Xuan (FOD side story)
    406K 10.7K 34

    Note: I am NOT the author of this book. However, I am the translator, please do not repost the english translation without my permission. The official places for this to be posted are Keztranslations, Wattpad and VM novels. This is a spin off of Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil so you might want to read that first...

  • No Time
    253K 2.6K 7

    Announcement: Moved to Webnovel! It's updated to 80+ chapters there! Even before the apocalypse, Shui Yu's family and life were falling apart. So when he went back to the time when he was born, he tried hard to prepare and teach his siblings so that they would not be separated in this lifetime. But even though he was...

  • You Be the Princess, and I'll Be Your Knight {bl}
    204K 8.5K 45

    Satsuki, a beautiful boy who suffered from abuse since a young age, is finally freed but physically and mentally scarred. Shuichi, the cold, blonde-haired bad boy, who fell in love at first sight with the young boy trapped in the mansion and swore to save him. After ten years, he finally found him. And he's never le...

  • Ascension of a Reborn Woman (Hiatus)
    552K 25.4K 45

    Waking up in the hospital, Isabel realizes that she had gone back ten years in the past before her life turned to hell. She had only just confronted her husband about his affair and had yet to lose custody of her children. From high school to adulthood, Isabel had been foolishly in love with Brycen Jaeger while believ...

  • The General Unwanted Wife
    103K 2.9K 12

    He doesn't care? She doesn't care either. In fact stay far away and she would be happy. He doesn't love her? Doesn't matter, she has better things to do than daydreaming about love from her cold detached husband anyway. He doesn't welcome her? Too bad, The Emperor is the one decree the marriage. He love another? Well...

  • Second Chance
    1.1M 51.6K 43

    All Julianna knew growing up was fighting and killing. Being a contract killer was the only thing she knew how to do. However being too good at one thing will make you a target to even those you love. The one person she thought she could trust turns out to be the one person that would betray her, her lover, James...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bound By Honour (Book 1)
    1.2M 69.2K 45

    Two lands, one much richer than the other. A betrothal is suggested. Wolfe and Raven are to be married, or at least that is what Sparrow believes when she arrives to wish her sister well. The betrothal is broken and Sparrow is bound by honour to find another solution to unite the two lands. An offer is given but sh...

  • Reborn: The Villainess Shines
    135K 4.9K 34

    Mina Takashima was a normal girl on Earth who enjoyed acting but somehow found herself bound to a system. She was tasked with the mission of traveling to other worlds and saving the villainesses from their ultimate demise. "Hey, system! Tell me why I have to do this. I demand you take me home." [If you wish to have an...

  • Entangled With The Prince ✓
    979K 37.7K 47

    ORIGINAL STORY!!!! She transmigrated into a novel, destined to die in the hands of her best friend, unable to yield to destiny she rewritten hers. She set a goal of returning back to her world, yet she slowly get too entangled into the novel and is unable to leave behind everyone that loves her. "I'm not from this wo...

  • Staying As A Mob Character
    769K 28K 57

    ##UNDER EDITING PROCESS## Jing An wanted to stay out of the way from the story plot. So, she lived a peaceful and stable life. But nevertheless, it's too much peaceful and quiet that she wanted to adopt some good orphaned children from the nearby town. On the way, she unexpectedly saved a dying man. When the man awake...

  • Another World: Book I
    2.1M 93.8K 71

    In the novel "The Prince and the Peasant", the male lead prince Chen Heng Li was once betrothed to the Western Border's General first daughter, Bai Fan. But the male protagonist never really liked Bai Fan as she was rude and unruly. As the plot unravels, Chen Heng Li met the female lead, Ming Shu, who was an orphan. B...

  • System: The Unfortunate's Helper
    668K 30.7K 42

    Dying contended, Onyx was under the impression that he had missed nothing important in all the years he had been alive. Though who would have guessed that an unknown system would interfere with his process of reincarnation. Read as Onyx is given a chance to experience a new/different life and find the missing puzzle p...

  • 'Cannon Fodder Will Rise!'System
    1.8M 82.1K 62

    Yun LiFan who used to look down from the top is now working like a slave just because she was dragged and bounded to this ridiculous system after waking up from her nap! System:[Welcome host!from now on I will be at your service^_^] Yun LiFan:"Welcome your mum!What the hell is this?!" System:[This a 'Cannon Fodder Wil...

  • System: A villain's last wishes
    313K 15.2K 18

    Shion know's that he was going to die, He had a fragile body and heart but he wants to have a normal experience, To laugh hard, to cry, to play with a friends and to love someone but with this kind of body what can he do? Even chuckling is prohibited. [Oh! Oh! if you want to experience life then make a contact with m...

  • The Villain's Only Light (On Hold)
    193K 7.7K 22

    Lan Xia was fuming with anger over his favorite novel "Above the clouds" written by Rottenegg. It had it's last update and the author completely rushed and f**ked up the ending. In anger he yelled out " I could have done a better job at writing this story then this trashy author..." and that was the biggest mistake in...

  • The People Who're Supposed To Kill Me Fell For Me Instead
    1.1M 61K 121

    Latest Chapters can be found at !DO NOT REPOST! ANYWHERE! Author: 酒矣 Alternative Name: 《说好要杀我的人都看上我了[快穿]》 This is a novel translation by me Total chapters: 123 All chapters here have been staggered. ** Summary: What does it fee...

    232K 8.5K 20

    [Completed] [In the process of Editing...] A beautiful voice that can allure anyone who can hear it. And He wants it. Not just the sweet lovely melody for Him to hear forever but also the one who creates it. [Inspired from the Original tale "The Emperor and The Nightingale"] [Not A Translation]

  • Agreement of Being Gay for 30 Days [协议搅基30天]
    601K 31.7K 41

    F University's two most attractive men, Wang Guangning and Zhang Lingyi, constantly competed with each other regardless in what respect. Whether it was appearance, talent, popularity or even the number of abdominal muscles, they always contested with each other. Even the woman they pursued was the same. Yet, these two...

  • Rebirth into an Interstellar Marriage [重生之星际宠婚]
    8.4K 316 3

    After just recently attaining the trophy for the emperor of the silver screen, Chu Yan dies in a traffic accident and is reborn into a period millennium years later. Floating cars occupy the skies, and everyone owns virtual glasses. Culture explosion! Entertainment explosion! Yet, in such a glorious and brilliant ent...

  • Beloved Enemy
    996K 20.8K 34

    Author: Shui Qian Cheng English Translator: Shaoyelovebl English Proofreader: Beloved_Sienna The original novel is not belong to us but the English version is belong to us, so if whoever want to use it to translate or post it to somewhere, please get the consent from us. For other translator for different language, I...