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Alpha Moretti by lemonsunflower
Alpha Morettiby 🌻
*COMPLETED* Liam always thought that his first lover and best friend would turn out to be his mate. But after him leaving for two years, and the contact between them dis...
Hunter Williams' Taboo Adventure by winterhx
Hunter Williams' Taboo Adventureby winter
❝I thought that I had at it all figured out... and then, I met my new English teacher.❞ Follow along with a quirky high school senior Hunter Williams and his stoic Engli...
That Demon is a Devil(DISCONTINUED) by sakuralove15
That Demon is a Devil(DISCONTINUED)by Kyleigh Delancey
"Leave them alone, Cipher! They have nothing to do with this!" I yelled at the yellow demon in front of me. Bill let out a shrill laugh. "And what are yo...
Daddy's Dom by Lex_Ella
Daddy's Domby Lex_Ella
After 15 years of being a single father, Julian has given up all hopes of ever finding a mate. He's content living his life as an unaccomplished author with his two kids...
I'm His Pet ManxMan COMPLETED by Cecilia_Chavez
I'm His Pet ManxMan COMPLETEDby Celia❤️
I cannot feel. I should be emotionless. He is changing me. He is making me feel. He is dominating me. My body reacts to this man. It's... frightening. The things he has...
Naughty Notions  by bbywavxyz
Naughty Notions by bbywavxyz
A collection of gay stories that made me feel happy if you know what I mean wink wink
The Deaf and The Rich by lil_porg
The Deaf and The Richby jinkies
When Joshua Crane's life begins to crumble around him, him and his brother must move to London. The new place and people don't comfort him at all. He runs but as he does...
The Bikers Boy [BoyxBoy] by Bgripton95
The Bikers Boy [BoyxBoy]by B Gripton
Evan Field is a college student who may have a crush on a handsome older guy who drops by every afternoon to pick up his sister. Will Evan ever pluck up the courage to...
The Don's Boy (ON HOLD) by -Mayson-
The Don's Boy (ON HOLD)by Mayson Thayer
Dante is the leader of a notorious mafia. He's been in love, once, when he had his first son. But love hasn't been something he's felt in a long time. That changes when...
Gay smut by SisterisSh00k
Gay smutby 0DD1ZZY
Hello :) I will be trying to make bxb mxb smut No there will not be any stories by any of these smuts...unless y'all like one then maybe....but at the momento my answer...
Love Isn't the Only Thing That's Blind. by MilitaryBound03
Love Isn't the Only Thing That's Trish Corn
Axel Lancaster was a mostly normal child, but when his brother gets shot and killed. When his mother, Caroline, drove Axel to the hospital to see his brother, they get...
𝐎𝐍 𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐏𝐄 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐄𝐓  completed. by barbiearchives
𝐎𝐍 𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐏𝐄 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐄𝐓. in which a grape street gang member/ rapper falls in love with a fan, all while balancing secrecy, fame, and the thug life. ...
Property of Daddy by Meowth01
Property of Daddyby Meowth
[Adopted from Guzmasboi] "'Look, Baby,' Caleb smirked, his buff arms crossed in front of his massive chest as he blocked the doorway, 'I know that you're not exactl...
I Game To Escape by LerixTale
I Game To Escapeby LerixTale
The Adventures of A Man who dreams of escaping reality. [First ever novel]^
In Love With a Killer by delicate_darling
In Love With a Killerby Anya_Moo
I never seem to get along with the other students or the adults so I usually don't talk and just work on the daily school work. That was until I met hunter who seemed to...
The Man Next Door(ManXBoy) by -Mayson-
The Man Next Door(ManXBoy)by Mayson Thayer
I couldn't see him that well from this angle, but I could tell he dressed expensively. He wore nice dress pants with a white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves. The watc...
Hire . Com (Be My Rental Boyfriend Forever!) by mangae_mochi
Hire . Com (Be My Rental Mangae Mochi
ရည်းစား အတု၊ မိဘ အတု၊ မိသားစု အတု ၊ သူငယ်ချင်း အတု အစရှိသော fake relationship အငှား ၀န်ဆောင်မှုပေးသော Hire.Com ရဲ့ ပိုင်ရှင် သူဌေး ပေါက်စ 'ဇေလင်းလက်' ထို သူဌေးပေါက်စကိ...
Transmitted as the antagonist by newwwonkers
Transmitted as the antagonistby new
*On hold/pause* WARNING (Cringe) no really I mean it Dante Krofton, Didn't have a nice family like others he was always neglected and told to do better. one night aft...
The Moon Wolf Diaries by JayDEvers
The Moon Wolf Diariesby Jay Dioncel Evers
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! ONGOING! ********* "I am in the mood to dissolve into the sky." -Virginia Woolf Carson did not have a charmed life. Being seen as the...
Business With The Billionaire  (BoyxBoy) by KelpMee
Business With The Billionaire ( Kelp
The innocent Benjamin Gaume learned how to run away from his past the right way. He ran to the big city of New York, where no one would ask his name much less where he c...
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