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Alpha Moretti by lemonsunflower
Alpha Morettiby 🌻
*COMPLETED* Liam always thought that his first lover and best friend would turn out to be his mate. But after him leaving for two years, and the contact between them dis...
WOOF ( ! ) what?! (boyxboy) by shir13
WOOF ( ! ) what?! (boyxboy)by XxLaZyXx
So of course I screamed :" MOTHERFUCKER !"
Battle of the Ages by chevvie
Battle of the Agesby chevvie
[BxB] When your below the age of 18-a lot less is expected of you. You're not expected to have your life together. Not expected to have money, a career plan, or settle i...
Hunter Williams' Taboo Adventure by winterhx
Hunter Williams' Taboo Adventureby winter
❝I thought that I had at it all figured out... and then, I met my new English teacher.❞ Follow along with a quirky high school senior Hunter Williams and his stoic Engli...
The Marriage Contract by itsmyparty2319
The Marriage Contractby Itsmyparty :p
Lance Tompkins. His name alone was ordinary. He was such an ordinary guy. Plain clothes, plain name, plain life, plain, plain, plain. That is until his mother, despera...
Black. Lace. Panties. by FanofFans6
Black. Lace. Fan of Fans
Black. Lace. Panties. What more can I say about a 21-year-old who has never experienced any type of love or romance in his life goes to work for a single father who was...
His Pyscho and His Prince 👑  by SisterisSh00k
His Pyscho and His Prince 👑 by 0DD1ZZY
Alex Ravenwood, 17 years old and goes to high ever typical boy does..but here's the thing...he gets bullied and abused by his classmates and even some of t...
The Man Next Door(ManXBoy) by -Mayson-
The Man Next Door(ManXBoy)by Mayson Thayer
I couldn't see him that well from this angle, but I could tell he dressed expensively. He wore nice dress pants with a white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves. The watc...
That Hot Mafia Kidnapped me (manxboy) by A1wieyey
That Hot Mafia Kidnapped me ( Alex
⚠️TW : This book involves abuse, kidnapping, psychological condition, smut, curses, rape, drugs and many more. Alex Gray, is a 18 years old boy , he lost his mom at a v...
The Deaf and The Rich by lil_porg
The Deaf and The Richby jinkies
When Joshua Crane's life begins to crumble around him, him and his brother must move to London. The new place and people don't comfort him at all. He runs but as he does...
The Orc Warrior and the Soft Man  by feeguc
The Orc Warrior and the Soft Man by feeguc
Please check out my new orc mm fantasy, The Orc and His Horse Boy! It promised to be even better than my last two! Ian had always been large, thick. He couldn't think...
Gay smut by SisterisSh00k
Gay smutby 0DD1ZZY
Hello :) I will be trying to make bxb mxb smut No there will not be any stories by any of these smuts...unless y'all like one then maybe....but at the momento my answer...
Little Omega Boy by freakinorcas
Little Omega Boyby Queen W
Oliver Lee, a 17 year old omega wolf, is the smallest wolf in his pack. In most packs he would be made fun of for being so "weak" and "fragile". But...
Taming the Soldier (ON HOLD) by ThatWeirdWerido
Taming the Soldier (ON HOLD)by Thatweirdweirdo
When Ryker Ross comes back from Korea with a bag load of broken rules. Hardcore Dom, Keaton Foster hatches a plan to tame his beast once and for all.
Pregnant For The Mafia Boss by jevv__prince
Pregnant For The Mafia Bossby prince jevv
Pregnant For The Mafia Boss
One boy, five men by AnxiousFeelings
One boy, five menby X Dereks Wife X
I'm Kyle, I'm shy and feminine. I get scared easily, and I have a single parent... Well not anymore, my mum just married a multi-million company CEO. Who has five sons...
koori-kun's homo shots  by koori-kun
koori-kun's homo shots by koori-kun
Just take the gay shots! Some one shots I wrote. (Sorry, only boyxboy... I'm not good at girlxgirl)
Loving My Mom's Boss by jevv__prince
Loving My Mom's Bossby prince jevv
Because of a accident in the lab at school Aiden have to go with his mom to work.That's when his life change for the better
Taken By Force by XReaderAuthor
Taken By Forceby XReaderAuthor
Finn Harper wasn't expecting the popular seniors to invite him to the end of the year party. So, with excitement and anxiety, he takes a leap into the social chain and a...
Love Isn't the Only Thing That's Blind. by MilitaryBound03
Love Isn't the Only Thing That's Trish Corn
Axel Lancaster was a mostly normal child, but when his brother gets shot and killed. When his mother, Caroline, drove Axel to the hospital to see his brother, they get...