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The Untold Moon Goddess by DolliDoe
The Untold Moon Goddessby
Books, Smarty Glasses, Braided Hair, and a fucking quiet Me. That's how they define a nerd. I mean, I agree most of the time, but not always. In my school, I was bullied...
I'm The CEO's Wife by Viacamia
I'm The CEO's Wifeby
Collage palang ay inihanda na si Mika ng kanyang mga magulang upang ipakasal kay Jaden and Anak ng isang mayaman na negosyante. Parehong May ari ng malaking kompanya ang...
Chasing Him (Mendarez Series #1) by itshannahlian
Chasing Him (Mendarez Series #1)by Hannah Lian
MENDAREZ SERIES #1 Throughout the life of Astraea Yvette Mendarez, She thought that winning Kaiden's heart was her only dream, until a tragedy suddenly came that made he...
Our Impending Sunset by Mzwxdnyltm
Our Impending Sunsetby lzAe
She's my strength that made me gave up on everything, my medicine who made me feel thousands of pain. [OnGoing] Date started: 07-12-2022 Date finished: ---
Love Next Door by samlyspecs
Love Next Doorby g
A Samantha Bernardo and Alyssa Valdez AU. Wherein Alyssa, a 4th year architecture student, and Samantha, an industrial engineering graduate, crosses paths when Samantha...
"He's way older than me, but he never cared. He's my brother's cousin, the reason why our relationship was hidden." - Caprice Ishii Villaceran
ARIYA MONTENEGRE a girl loves to play online games and read fantasy novels. "I'm in another world? Wtf! But how? Tulad ng sa laro ang ibang bagay at parang nasa isa...
IMAGINES (Tokyo Revengers) by Iforgottogrow
IMAGINES (Tokyo Revengers)by Yce_Devi
Tokyo Revengers Imagines short stories fluff/angst (i guess?) PURE IMAGINATION The characters aren't mine they belong to Mr. Ken Wakui Peke J. Supremacy bishes
SILENT by tw0liiv8
SILENTby yume
< TAG - LISH > [Note: This story is already completed, But I decided to publish 5 chapters per day. Updates everyday at 12:00 pm (PST) ] . . . A group of entangled...
A Night's Mistake by rennkaii
A Night's Mistakeby RenKai Writes
They say 'A man and woman can't be 'just friends.'' A story between a man and a woman who always thought they would always just be friends, ruined by a one night's mist...
Reincarnated as the Heiress of the Lost Kingdom by BOOKSINMYIMAGINATION
Reincarnated as the Heiress of the...by Brigitte Magtanong
Exile Qayne Rios, the world's no.1 assassin, and also a heiress of the merciless mafia, Rios Mafia. Funny how her life ended by the hands of the God of Fate, well, how s...
Falta De Tiempo | ellajasf by ellajasf
Falta De Tiempo | ellajasfby ellajasf
"Makakaranas pa kaya ako ng totoong pag-ibig?"
Professor's Secret Relationship by chickenjenn
Professor's Secret Relationshipby kofie
A story wherein jeonghan and a social filo reader na makulit, pasaway at maalaga na estudyante ay girlfriend ng isang teacher na si jeonghan. Kayanin kaya ng guro ang ka...
Faultlessly Captivated by itsmacgeena
Faultlessly Captivatedby itsmacgeena
Athena County Arnais is a woman who loves freedom. At the age of 22, for the first time, she decided to disobey her family's domination over her. She goes to the city be...
🎄Christmas Tree🎄  by ImgntvMnds
🎄Christmas Tree🎄 by Rhea
It's just a wish A letter to the person who make my heart beat so fast every time he talk to me.
collection  by soumynwoknu
collection by myn
a collection of short poems, i think
My Professor Is Inlove With Me by coldnessoftheheat
My Professor Is Inlove With Meby Hera Lou
Professor x Student story (gxg). **** Will Miss Lazaro be able to capture Aveline's heart? "I will do anything to have you, Miss Atienza." This is all about h...
Bullying The Siblings Of The Mafia Lord (On Going) by LovethisINK
Bullying The Siblings Of The Mafia...by Athena
This is the story of the twins named LouShan Axeus McKnight and Louise Natasha McKnight the siblings of the most dangerous Mafia lord. The McKnight twins got bullied bec...
Extraordinary Zarayah by radiant_night_owl
Extraordinary Zarayahby radiant_night_owl
"My guy..." She said in a serious voice. Closing her eyes sa sobrang inis sa fact na sa buhok pa talaga siya hinila ng lalaki. "When you attack a woman, d...
Hopeless Romance by VeniceEmeses
Hopeless Romanceby rione.oey
squad series#1 (feel our beat.) Mika aguilar a famous singer. everyone love her songs because it's so great but what if she didn't feel great in that song?because every...