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Nixxon Drake Villazque | (ONGOING)  by xSY_ARAx
Nixxon Drake Villazque | (ONGOING) by Quen_S🖤
WARNING This story is not suitable for minors. But if gusto mo talaga basahin, bahala ka. "YOU'RE MINE ATASHA. Simula ng maangkin kita, akin kana." -Nixxon D...
The devil's obsession by JaCkYlYn091
The devil's obsessionby JaCkYlYn091
Riven is a payed killer and also a drug addict, he started killing people for money when he was only 13. Aiyana kielle was a nursing student and an orphan, she works in...
NAKAW NA SANDALI by xharles-story
NAKAW NA SANDALIby Austin Flores
ang storyang ito ay kathang isip lamang, ito ay nag laman nang mga sexual na karanasan. happy reading!
Bad boy Is My Future Husband by AntonetteBitoin
Bad boy Is My Future Husbandby Antonette Bitoin
**bad boy turn to sweet and loving husband**
Rafaela's Beauty by essined04
Rafaela's Beautyby Amini Ymyz
The Art Of Forgiveness Azriel Ford Santiago is a abusive husband. He always hurt his wife physically and mentally. His wife always hide under the bed. Always hugging her...
FOR YOU •Mafia Secret Agents•(Black Agents' Zumi) by FeRose2007
FOR YOU •Mafia Secret Agents•(Blac...by FeRose2007
Shaszumi Blythe Chua-Florida is the leader of the group called Black Agents. She was working under the name of Ms.Scarlette Stanford. The Mafia Queen. Anim sila sa isan...
I love you, Caregiver by QhatzRogue
I love you, Caregiverby Qhatz Rogue
A story about a simple girl who fell in love with her ceo boss. She saved his Dad and she got a job. But what will happen when she fell in love with her boss? *** Plea...
Mark And Kristine: School Chapter 1 (Tagalog Version) (Updated) by Kaisenshitsu
Mark And Kristine: School Chapter...by Patrick Esguerra
Sabi ni Mark kay Kristine "Kristine kahit na may gusto ka saakin hindi kita iiwan Ikaw lang ang mahal ko na Ang puso kong lumilipad sayo alam ko na mawawala ung fee...
Loving you Before i Die [COMPLETE] by LuNayOurShinIngMoOn
Loving you Before i Die [COMPLETE]by Nyx
Natasha Kim Santos a woman with low self -esteem prioritizes education over men Darwin Aezous Hernandez a man Spoiled brat a bully when you are victimized you will def...
My Stepbrother My Lover! by xharles-story
My Stepbrother My Lover!by Austin Flores
Ⓓ︎ Ⓘ︎ Ⓢ︎ Ⓒ︎ Ⓛ︎ Ⓐ︎ Ⓘ︎ Ⓜ︎ Ⓔ︎ Ⓡ This is a work of fiction. names, character, business, songs, place and events are either product of the authors imagination or used in fict...
Secretly Falling in Love with my Best Friend |COMPLETED| by pam2718
Secretly Falling in Love with my B...by Genesis Policarpio Consigo
I'm Janna Rodriguez and I'm secretly Falling in Love with Luke. We're bestfriend in 4years halos hindi ko na hihilingin pang mag ka boyfriend dahil sa kanya palang ay na...
Loving My Sister In Law by TRINIDAD681Y
Loving My Sister In Lawby ALIYAH_ESAN
Blare Cruz : Lintik na mag asawa na toh nakakalimutan ata nila na may katabi silang kwarto na nakakarinig ng mga pinaggaga-gawa nila hindi na rumespeto sa single!! a...
Be My Mistress by Mizz_L
Be My Mistressby kape
Argus Vade Ferraren is an actor known as a loving husband in showbiz since everyone knows he has a wife but never shows her in public. And when he is being interviewed...
Find #HER# by Queentunxicute
Find #HER#by osetohanmwen
Belina moves to another city with the hope of starting afresh with her life. She tries to live a normal life so that her past life doesn't hunt her down. Just as she set...
My Roommate is My Crush by morelssss
My Roommate is My Crushby morelssss
What will happened if you and your crush will live under the same roof for the entire A.Y.? This is a BL story this is just my real imagination about living with my crus...
The Boy Who Lives on That Grave by Amashta14
The Boy Who Lives on That Graveby Drea
A story about the girl who found love in the cemetery. We are the victims of the playful destiny and target of the complicated reality. That day under the tree who witn...
Ikaw Pa Rin || Manjiro S. by Miko_matsun0
Ikaw Pa Rin || Manjiro S.by MikMiko<33
"Ikaw pa rin y/n. Wag mo akong iiwanan, katulad ng dati." "I can't make a promise mikey malay mo umalis ulit kami." "I'm sorry for leaving you...
My Cold Best Friend Became My Boy Friend by Rosejoyjlass
My Cold Best Friend Became My Boy...by Whomee__
Zaimaya have a best friend named Sean they became a best friend since we're young they love each other I don't think Sean fell in love with me. Why is that? Why me? I th...