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ANG BARKADA NI KUYA by SamuelIsaya03
ANG BARKADA NI KUYAby Samuel Isaya Wold
ang kwentong ito ay Pang Lgbtq+ (m2m) by Samuel Isaya Wold this is original works of samuel isaya any name,location events are fictitious..
3 in 1 KUMPARE NI TITO CH1 by SamuelIsaya03
3 in 1 KUMPARE NI TITO CH1by Samuel Isaya Wold
ang kwentong ito ay M2M o pang lgbtq+ may mga maseselang talata na hindi angkop sa mga religious sektor,and this is the original works of samuel isaya wold covered by co...
First Timer by heyjeyms
First Timerby heyjeyms
Rated SPG- Bahala na kayo mag wet pati tayuan. Enjoy reading and please vote for more stories to come. feel free to message me for some suggestions or editing 😘
Guilt by SyntaxEngage
Guiltby SyntaxEngage
Anong gagawin mo kung makaramdam ka ng Guilt pero masarap
TROPA GAOLS 1 (KA'PA) by SamuelIsaya03
TROPA GAOLS 1 (KA'PA)by Samuel Isaya Wold
Ang kwentong ito ay pang lgbtq+ o m2m stories, amd this this the original work's of samuel isaya wold covered by the copyright claim form for the year created and posted
 UNSTOPPABLE  by jendgreatt
Demitriou bloodline, clan of godlike.
Love isn't Lost (Love Series #1) by tambokky
Love isn't Lost (Love Series #1)by Poetrylullaby
Love Series #1 Date Started: 05/08/21 Date ended: --/--/--
In Places Where You Are by crossroad
In Places Where You Areby Freesia Lockheart
Every love has a story. How you first met. Who said the first word. Even mine does. Seven o'clock is not the time anyone will thi...
Serenity (Players Series #4) by leiandromeda
Serenity (Players Series #4)by elyn
Primrose and Yvo were in a private relationship, which their friends don't even know. It came unnoticed and therefore, their breakup was also not known by their friends...
A life without having sex is the worst for Sorcha Amara Divinagracia. She can't start her week without having one. For her, settling with only one man is too boring. Ev...
Unconditionally Inlove [Completed] by user_moody
Unconditionally Inlove [Completed]by Moody
About a girl who fell in love with a boy who happen to be the cousin of her best friend
My Supposed To Be Husband(squad series #1)  by kimmmmyyyylattt32
My Supposed To Be Husband(squad
SQUAD SERIES #1 Shekinah Louis Shen. A lovely lady who wanted to be a successful fashion designer. Got her life upside down when she got engage with Kilian Morris. The s...
One-Shot Compilation by MaGen6
One-Shot Compilationby Ria
This is a set of one-shot consisting of different genre of stories. Hope you like it, Thank you! © All rights reserved 2020 Photo cover is not mine, credits to the right...
One Night Stand × with my cousin× by XxBHABIE
One Night Stand × with my cousin×by XxBHABIE
This story was a smut ones at para sa mga pilipino only. Characters ay : Jess,Mark,Janine,John.
Seating Arrangement - (COMPLETED)  by VjDreamingGirl
Seating Arrangement - (COMPLETED) by Yez
Ang istoryang ito ay tumutukoy sa isang kwentong ang bata ay nahulog sa isang kaibigan niya. Tunay na nangyari at tunay na kwento na nagmula saakin (Yezha Reyes) Warning...
Offsprings 21 Members and Family Tree by rieannpeach
Offsprings 21 Members and Family Rieann Peach
Offsprings 21 members, family tree, and partners/love interest.
Friend  by glaveren
Friend by
a collection of poems dedicated to my best friends. .
I Want A Simple Life, It Can Happen? by Cha_rine
I Want A Simple Life, It Can Cha_rine
Isang babaeng gusto lang ng mapayapang buhay, hindi nararanasan ang dapat sa kanyang edad, patago ang kinalakihan, puro kinalakihang tao lang ang nakakakilala ng buong p...
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Sa Kalye Syete  by kwentongAteGirl
Sa Kalye Syete by Ate Girl
Ang Kalye Syete ay parte na ng pagkatao ko, namin, NATIN.