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Sparkle  by bubblegumtrinket
Sparkle by Alexa Jane
The movie "Gmik"gave me this ideal story to write hope you all like this.But I concluded the eSports farm here.Plagarism is a crime indeed.but this story is ju...
Soulbound Secrets by frustrating_bones
Soulbound Secretsby frustrating_bones
What if, one night, as you read your favorite story, your soul is transferred to the body's main villain? Slow update
Tingin by kimjasmine13
Tinginby Kvlubs Cy
Levy, a nursing student that had a crush on guy for amlost 3 years. And that guy is Clark, a engineering student who still in love with his ex.
In My Heart Is Where You Are by OnTheBlytheSide
In My Heart Is Where You Areby Edge Jaye
A story of a boy and a girl who were born on the same day. Friends forever since birth, fell in love with each other in high school, but shortly drifted apart. With some...
Risking it All by mseaden
Risking it Allby mseaden
Kefi Guia Rosales a girl whose heart has been scarred by the men she once loved. Tired of pain and yearning for happiness, she is determined to find a way to believe in...
In Places Where You Are by crossroad
In Places Where You Areby Freesia Lockheart
Every love has a story. How you first met. Who said the first word. Even mine does. Seven o'clock is not the time anyone will thi...
Measuring our Interest  by YourOnlyEliz
Measuring our Interest by Cesca🐶
senior high school #1 ABM×TVL Kaye is a girl who loves to bake for herself and for her friends. She also uses it as a way for her to have her own money. She's a talent...
I'D BE LOVING YOU, FOREVER. S1 by kyoot029
I'D BE LOVING YOU, FOREVER. S1by Gmik_Barkada(1999)
Sila kaya ang magkakatuluyan? Nasaktan ni roni ng sobra si borj. Kahit mahal na mahal ni borj si roni, nagpa-ubaya pa rin sya. (DISCLAIMER GUYS, ITINULOY 'KO LANG 'TO...
Found The Way To His Rainbow by majesticxbleaumn
Found The Way To His Rainbowby Angelou Granada
Zamira was born in a wealthy family, but she never brag it to anyone. Her family, especially her Mom and her Grandmother taught her how to be contented with what it's on...
au revoir by thecurrentAbby
au revoirby Anonymous😘
A story about Leila who got pregnant early and his boyfriend Jonas who she thought gonna stand for her and their child but sadly flirted with other girls. Will his boyfr...
Chasing the Melody by AmableGirl
Chasing the Melodyby AmableGirl
Unexpected Series #1 Xyriel Jay Villargouz is a cold, mature, handsome, and genius boy. His life went upside down when his father told him that he is marrying a spoiled...
One Night Stand × with my cousin× by XxBHABIE
One Night Stand × with my cousin×by XxBHABIE
This story was a smut ones at para sa mga pilipino only. Characters ay : Jess,Mark,Janine,John.
Blend Of Coffee (Barkada Series #1) by bettyyyylafeaaaa
Blend Of Coffee (Barkada Series #1)by <33
Every COFFEE has a different BLEND it's always on the person if they choose yours !
Devil's Mountain S1 by Tutelthebest
Devil's Mountain S1by Tutelthebest
A group of friends planned a road trip to Mount cristobal or "Devil's mountain" the fun was change into horror and experience alot of entities and lost souls.
Star-crossed Love by ladykya
Star-crossed Loveby Lady Kya
She's a good girl. He's a bad boy. Will there be a chance for the angel to love the devil? Is there a chance for a happy ending between a star-cross love?
S D N E I R F D O O H D L I H C by maudlinbutterfly
S D N E I R F D O O H D L I H Cby maudlinbutterfly
Mayroon ka bang backstory ng buhay mo na kahit kailan ay hinding hindi mo makakalimutan? Mga taong kahit ilang taon munang hindi nakakasama at nakikita ay hindi parin ma...
CINCO by imaginated11
CINCOby Night imagine
Ms. Monster Angel Meets Mr. Unwanted by RoseMayAcenas
Ms. Monster Angel Meets Mr. Rose May Acenas
Mayumi(MonsterAngel) bakit sya tinawag sa pangalan na yan? Dahil isa sya sa mga kinatatakutang tao sa bayan nila o kahit saang lugar kung saan kilala sya. Gino(Unwanted)...
Mother, Where Are You Now? (ONGOING) by LightInDarkPalace
Mother, Where Are You Now? ( LightInDarkPalace
A story of a young boy who wants to see his mother until his last breathe.
My Supposed To Be Husband(squad series #1)  by kimmmmyyyylattt32
My Supposed To Be Husband(squad
SQUAD SERIES #1 Shekinah Louis Shen. A lovely lady who wanted to be a successful fashion designer. Got her life upside down when she got engage with Kilian Morris. The s...