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  • Howling at the Moon
    103 0 2

    Lily is new to town, and Ruby decides to show her some fun. *Warning: This story contains adult themes that may not be suitable for all ages. Read with caution.*

  • Give It A Shot
    693 30 1

    Henry accidentally shoots his mother with a tranquilizer. Emma is left in the loving care of Regina Mills, who also happens to be her greatest enemy. What could go wrong?

  • The One Where Regina Mills Gets High
    894 43 1

    Storybrooke has a secret. During a magic lesson gone wrong, Regina finds out exactly what this secret is. Emma winds up taking care of her. Fluffy and silly moments.

  • The Letter
    136 11 1

    My Dearest Henry, by the time you read this you'll be long gone living a new life a whole world away from me... In a letter written to her only son, Regina Mills reflects on the past and what it means to truly love as she takes a risk that will change the future forever.

  • He's My Son
    7.5K 258 10

    Instead of giving Henry up for adoption, Emma meets a mysterious woman who may just be her blessing in disguise.

    Completed   Mature
  • A Whole New Beginning
    2.3K 59 5

    What if magic never existed? What if Henry never existed? This story puts a spin on our beloved show, starting right from the beginning. Complete.

  • A Fine Line
    4.7K 137 9

    After Emma sacrifices herself for Regina and becomes the new Dark One, she finds herself in the Enchanted Forest in the clutches of the Evil Queen. But a negative plus a negative equals a positive, right?

  • A Crazy Little Thing Called Obsession
    183 5 1

    Set on episode 1x17. Jefferson invites Emma over for dinner and things get... crazy. One-shot. *Warning: Contains graphic depictions of violence. May not be suitable for all ages.*

    Completed   Mature
  • Kids Again
    449 15 1

    A magical mishap turns the adults of Storybrooke into children. Granny, Henry, and Belle are left in charge. One-shot.

  • A Kingdom Divided
    9.5K 328 8

    Regina Mills & Emma Nolan are both princesses in enemy kingdoms. When fate pushes them together, they have a chance to bring their families together. Will they succeed? Or will their kingdoms remain forever divided?

  • Zootopia: Carrots & Foxes
    201 14 7

    Nick and Judy are partners on the force and the best of friends. But what will happen when a magical mishap sends them to the real world where they turn human? Can they work together and find their way back home?

  • New Arrivals
    2K 84 9

    Emma Swan and her son Henry end up in Storybrooke after running from a dark past. Regina Mills and her son Owen are curious as to just who these new arrivals are. *Warning: Graphic depictions of violence*