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Neverland (Peter Pan x Reader) by beano1368
Neverland (Peter Pan x Reader)by Lost Girl
Taken from your true home you end up in the Enchanted Forest, living with the Evil Queen. During the dark curse you found Henry, your step brother. Together you helped E...
the second saviour - a regina mills lover story - by ouat_235
the second saviour - a regina dr sweetheart >>
what if Snow White gave birth to twins? they both went through the wardrobe and they are both saviours? We know about Emma, but now we meet Alexandra Swan. When they go...
Faith✖️OUAT by caler_jo_hyden
Faith✖️OUATby Caler Jo Hyden
"Faith is taking that first step even when you don't see the whole road." In which Prince Charming's big brother by five years is cursed along with the other...
Can't Fake Love by swanqueenstories
Can't Fake Loveby swanqueen
What if both Emma and Regina went to New York with Henry once Peter Pan had enacted his curse? *SwanQueen fanfiction *You have to have watched Once Upon a Time to unders...
The one she thought was lost by laurakvg_1
The one she thought was lostby Meh
Before Regina Mills became The Evil Queen, she had a daughter. A beautiful little princess with brown eyes and hair like her mother. She named her after the girl's fat...
Once Upon a Time, Lost girl by IronMan2105
Once Upon a Time, Lost girlby IronMan2105
What if Emma wasn't the only daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. What if Emma had a Twin. Ivy The twin of Emma. But what happens when Emma runs away from her fos...
About Last Night (swanqueen) by Swanqueenc
About Last Night (swanqueen)by Swanqueenc
Read it:)) it's so good *This is not my work* I got it from ** @juicecupswanqueen *I'll delete if not allowed *
WONDERLAND: by sarahbethbooks
WONDERLAND:by Sarah Beth
**OUAT FAN FICTION** **Takes place during season 1** Everyone in Storybrooke, Maine, believes one thing -- Alice Mills is mad. But things are never quite what they seem...
A SwanQueen Story by one2manyOTPs
A SwanQueen Storyby 2manyOTPs
Henry feels something is missing in his life, he feels like Regina doesn't love him so he goes to find someone to make him family whole.
Worthy Price//Swanqueen by lanasparilla
Worthy Price//Swanqueenby A lesbian witch🌈🔥
Regina Mills had never though of becoming someone else's Own; not until Her Mother Cora forced her to Emma Swan. Maybe they'd eventually get along... Emma's G!P
In The Depths Of Her Soul  by danilynn87
In The Depths Of Her Soul by Danilynn
While dropping her daughter off at school one morning, Regina Mills bumps into a mother she's never met before. This Swanqueen AU, will focus on the development of char...
Neighbours by lanaparrillapandaxo
Neighboursby parrillababexo
Regina and her son Roland live a nice easy life in an apartment. When Robin and his son Henry move in next door and have party's all the time and play loud music non sto...
Ouat madness behind the smile by IronMan2105
Ouat madness behind the smileby IronMan2105
"They just took Henry and we have no way of getting there!" Regina yelled angry "calm down were gonna find a way" David said "Perhaps I can he...
Baby Bump (swanqueen) by fancy_garfield
Baby Bump (swanqueen)by I Fancy A Fine Fabric 🪐💫
Keeping secrets in Storybrooke is never easy and Emma and Regina have been keeping a big one... unfortunately, this secret has a due date. *SwanQueen *Fluff I do not ow...
Illusions  by danilynn87
Illusions by Danilynn
Undercover detective, Emma Swan, is sent from the big city life of New York to small town Storybrooke, Maine to follow a lead on her new case. She's a determined woman...
Rapscallion | ONCE UPON A TIME by theunstableoriginal
Rapscallion | ONCE UPON A TIMEby theunstableoriginal
Rapscallion: (n.) a deceitful, unreliable scoundrel Or in which nearly no one in the town of Storybrooke trusts the 30-year-old apprentice to Mr. Gold, save Mr. Gold him...
More Than Enough by one2manyOTPs
More Than Enoughby 2manyOTPs
Regina and Ruby have a heart to heart that turns them into best friends. Or more?
Time Can Change Things  by harknxss
Time Can Change Things by sidneyak
Y/n and Regina have never been close, nor have they been fond of each other. They both doubt that they will ever like each other, but in time things don't always stay th...
Wizards Everywhere  by clayredrod
Wizards Everywhere by °•○Clairy○•°
After breaking the first curse in StoryBrooke Henry doesn't want to know anything about the woman who raised him for ten years, his mother. Regina recives a letter from...
Always and Forever by shazeda0424
Always and Foreverby SwanQueen Content
First time writing, would love to have some feedback! Emma and Regina have always had a connection, but haven't been able to define it. Finally, they realize their feeli...