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SwanQueen One Shots - Book Two by Shazza99
SwanQueen One Shots - Book Twoby Shazza
Book Two of a selection of SwanQueen One Shots. Feel free to leave a request in the comments.
Dreams Come True: by sarahbethbooks
Dreams Come True:by Sarah Beth
***A Once Upon a Time Fanfiction ***A Killian Jones/Captain Hook Fanfiction *** Since I first wrote this book, I have changed chapters and some of the story, several tim...
Beautiful drug  by swanqueenrp
Beautiful drug by Kelsie wise
Emma Swan has newly made detective at NY PD, her first hardcore assignment is simple, get close to Regina Mills, the head of one of NY's most notorious gangs, gather inf...
Little Lost Girl by InkMonster1
Little Lost Girlby InkMonster
When Cora ripped Daniel's heart from his chest Regina was left with nothing. Until she found out there was a baby girl growing inside her, but that too would be taken. ...
where darkness goes, light follows | PETER PAN ✔️ by -voidserendipity
where darkness goes, light follows...by 𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐈𝐄
What if Peter Pan wasn't always evil? What if something, or someone, was stolen from him? What if the reason Peter Pan was dying, was because he lost hope? Mary Gol...
You will be my revenge (NEW VERSION) by HappyGirl3001
You will be my revenge (NEW VERSIO...by HappyGirl3001
The Evil Queen has been waiting for her revenge for way too long. So as word spreads that Snow White is about to have a daughter she makes a plan to finally destroy her...
Mrs Mills  by DiamondJames997
Mrs Mills by simplymaterial_
Will Regina Fall InLove With Bad Girl Emma? Mature Content‼️. Emma Is Intersexual, G!P .
{ Dreamshade } by Jay25211
{ Dreamshade }by Jaycee Brandson
"Dreamshade. A nasty poison." On their way to rescue Henry, they get stranded in Neverland. Emma, Regina, Hook, Snow, and Charming get trapped in a game. Pan'...
The Evil Queen  by deedeelish123
The Evil Queen by kisses and roses
After Regina seperates herself from her evil counter part, The Evil Queen is now free to go after what she really wants . Revenge on Snow White! and what better way to d...
Ouat little princess by IronMan2105
Ouat little princessby IronMan2105
what if on the day that emma was born she wasn't the only one what if the day the evil queen cast her curse Rumpelsiltskin took the child and raised her as his own will...
fire fox,     KILLIAN JONES by honeybloomss
fire fox, KILLIAN JONESby mary
❝ play with fire and you'll get burned. ❞ ・.。.:*・ she never knew what it meant to be happy or to be loved. while he spent more than a lifetime travelling...
Swan queen stories💦😍 by Swanqueen1602
Swan queen stories💦😍by Swanqueen1602
🔞very kinky so be warned💦 Different stories for each chapters Hope you enjoy it's my first ever attempt at writing so sorry if I mess it up!!
Truth be told. by ouatmills
Truth be told.by ouatmills
Robin has crossed the town line leaving Regina alone, once again. She has never been one to see the bright side in things, but when robin said he chose her she thought t...
You and Tequila by danilynn87
You and Tequilaby Danilynn
Emma Swan is a struggling makeup artist in New York City. She's ready to give up on her dreams when an old friend from her past offers her a deal she cannot refuse, work...
Once Upon a Time The Thief by IronMan2105
Once Upon a Time The Thiefby IronMan2105
Shadow learned from a young age, there is no one you can depend on but yourself, no one you can count on except yourself, Shadow got her name for her skill, she comes a...
The Kidnapping Of Kallie Jones by Franta_21
The Kidnapping Of Kallie Jonesby Gabbie
Kallie Emma Jones is 14-year-old daughter of 'The Savior' Emma Swan and Killian 'Hook' Jones. With Henry all grown up and living in another realm, she was the only chil...
ᴘᴇʀꜱᴇᴘʜᴏɴᴇ | once upon a time by MidnightHerondale
ᴘᴇʀꜱᴇᴘʜᴏɴᴇ | once upon a timeby Midnight
Persephone was taken from Hades and put in a secret cove in the Enchanted Forest by Zeus and the other Olympian Gods. But then.. the Dark Curse hit. Now meet Presley Sw...
Life is Strange  by shanthewintersolider
Life is Strange by shannon
Riley Cassidy is the daughter of Neal Cassidy a.k.a Baelfire. Neal has raised Riley alone since the death of her mother in a fire when she was two years old, raising Ril...
dark love by sapphicregal
dark loveby emma.sq.regina
Emma loves Regina but Regina doesn't feel the same way. The Evil Queen comes to town and says she loves Emma. Emma has to choose between the light path without Regina as...
Back In Town by SuperCorp_SwanQueen
Back In Townby Alex
Regina Mills lonely 30 year old mayor of Storybrooke Maine. Emma Swan 30 year old with a 7 year old daughter moves back to Storybrooke and is the new Deputy Sheriff. Sw...