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Secrets Of The Mute by Bism33
Secrets Of The Muteby Emmett Razz
All they know about her is that she was getting heavily abused. They don't know how old she is. Or even her name. She simply won't speak. What'll happen along the wa...
Journey to Love by MaddieyMadz
Journey to Loveby Maddie_Madz
Layla Atwell, is a nine year old orphan girl who has been fostered by the Stone family 4 years ago. During this time she has learned how to survive at the hands of two...
The Unveiling by CameronLel54
The Unveilingby Cameron L
Cassie Hutchinson has gone in and out of foster homes since she was 9 years old. She has learned to be quiet to not anger her foster family. She is now placed with th...
I was a Mistake by AbbyDi23ner
I was a Mistakeby AbbyDi23ner
Eden's mother considers her the ruin of a perfect family. When the only father she's ever known leaves Eden and her family behind at the age of three, Eden becomes the b...
A Home For Zoe by karana21
A Home For Zoeby ReaderWalker
Completed!!!!!!! She starting over, again... Fourteen-year-old, Zoe Whitman has been bouncing around the foster care system for half her life. When she is kicked out of...
The Bad Boy's Brothers by uhoh132
The Bad Boy's Brothersby uhoh132
After being in the foster care system for 14 years, 16-year-old Will learns that he has 5 older brothers and a father he never knew about. He's moved to live with them a...
teach me how to heal (bxb) by CCWich
teach me how to heal (bxb)by C. Wich
Benjamin Anman is a quiet, timid boy, who's being abused at home. He doesn't know how or when to speak up, and doesn't even know what real love feels like. As he finally...
October Academy by aurora_rain
October Academyby Aurora
Jade Fernwood is finishing her senior year at October Academy, notorious boarding school for the filthy rich. Jade knows she doesn't belong there, being a foster kid on...
Save Me by lovemusic803
Save Meby lovemusic803
Niall Horan is a young boy who has bounced from home to home ever since he was five. His biological family was abusive and his foster families weren't much better. Niall...
Unexpected Blessing by Undaunted_Dreamer77
Unexpected Blessingby Undaunted
When the paths of Kelly Severide and 14 year old orphan Addison Hunter cross, both lives are altered forever. Kelly pulls Addison from the flames of a deadly house fire...
Foster Brother by kylieskatz22
Foster Brotherby Kylie K
Jeff Sterling gets taken from his house and put in a foster home after his dad gets reported for child abuse. Jeff is extremely scared and believes he can't do single th...
Little Sparrow by Spruce_Goose
Little Sparrowby Amelia Harper
Lizzie Hayworth has known very little beyond the walls of her orphanage. After a bad experience with a foster family, she has spent the last eight years of her life hidi...
Home ✓ (girlxgirl) by childoftheodyssey
Home ✓ (girlxgirl)by River Thomson
Naya White had been naive and confused, choosing to focus on soccer and chasing girls and good times, staying sheltered in her seaside home. Ember Daniels had spent he...
Foster Wolf  by TeenWriterForever
Foster Wolf by Chris
(Complete) Ryder is a teenaged boy in foster care. his parents died when he was two and was put into the foster system. He has bounced from one home to another. Either h...
Rhyme ~ an original story by nightfall-nightfall
Rhyme ~ an original storyby ellyott
She's been told she isn't like the others. She's been told she's unique. She's been told she thinks in a way geniuses couldn't even think. But she didn't believe it. ...
The Victim (Book #1) by HarleyQuin3
The Victim (Book #1)by HarleyQuin3
Maya Rogers is used to taking care of herself. After living alone with her uncle for years, she has known who she is and what she needs to do to survive. But when she ge...
From Here by gariannebee
From Hereby Garianne Bee
Dangerously close to phasing out of the foster care system, 17-year-old Sasha Jiminez is afraid of what is next for her life. One fateful day, she gets a call from her s...
What by Flutter_smile
Whatby Flutter
What's up with this kid? Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters and settings except for a few original ones. These are a property of Marvel Comics.
In search of a new mommy by M4ximoff_n3ver_d1e
In search of a new mommyby NOAH :)
y/n live in a foster house,her 'parents' abused her and her 'big sis' Lena ,in the house there's another kid mattew ,sometimes he's mean but he love Lena and y/n y/n Is...
Home is not a house by Angelboy3434
Home is not a houseby Angel
Warning: Very angst filled! "You can put your shit in here" "Please be more nice than that." "Sorry, right, Dad wants us to be nice" ...