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Movies // Scarlett x Daughter Figure by idkwhatimdoininlife
Movies // Scarlett x Daughter idkwhatimdoininlife
Lexie Reid lands a role in the newest Marvel movie and very quickly becomes attached to one particular person. Overtime, Scarlett notices things about Lexie's home life...
Who are you? (a wrong number fanfic) by pennywishes22
Who are you? (a wrong number penelope
Y/n Y/l/n is a huge Marvel fan, and the nerdiest high schooler you'll ever meet. What happens when she accidentally texts her idol, Elizabeth Olsen? social media & real...
Love On-Screen // Elizabeth Olsen by MagandangAnghel18
Love On-Screen // Elizabeth Olsenby MagandangAnghel18
Fem Y/n x Elizabeth Olsen Elizabeth and Y/n have never met but what happens when fate collides and Y/n finds Lizzie in the middle of a panic attack? And what happens wh...
two doors down by loon_maximoff
two doors downby loon_maximoff
lizzie olsen au so basically lizzie (who isnt famous) moves into the house across from y/n. Turns out she's the new teacher at her school so what happens when miss olsen...
Adopted by Elizabeth Olsen by imfinekxx
Adopted by Elizabeth Olsenby imfinekxx
14 year old Alexa Harrison had given up all hope on ever being adopted a long time ago. She had been between foster families and care homes all her life. After all she j...
red flowers 𑁍 scarlett johansson by scarlettswifeyy
red flowers 𑁍 scarlett johanssonby scarlett's wife
the journey of fleur scott, a celebrity meeting new people. she is soon to be an ambassador for another skin care line, the outset. what happens when she spends too muc...
teen on set  ~  marvel cast  by loon_maximoff
teen on set ~ marvel cast by loon_maximoff
15 year old y/n y/l/n gets a new job acting for marvel all while still balancing school and her questionable home life. does meeting the cast become the best thing in he...
Thunder Wolf [B.Barnes] by SepticGirliplier
Thunder Wolf [B.Barnes]by Hanna
"Put her down as easy as you can!" Steve shouted. "Well, Capsical, we aren't exactly going into a freezing ocean! We're going into a forest; it's not goin...
love me like you do | | Elizabeth olsen by that_weird_marvelfan
love me like you do | | Marvelicious
Even with fame, money, loving parents and siblings something is still missing in Elizabeths life. something that isn't a partner, not yet anyways, something that's more...
Returned to Sender - Scarlett Johansson by IamBi-As
Returned to Sender - Scarlett IamBi-As
Given away, neglected and then taken back. Sawyers's life takes a one-eighty when she goes from living on the streets to living with one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Ho...
it's been a minute: natasha x fem!reader by tiaromanoff
it's been a minute: natasha x tia romanoff
(takes place after endgame) natasha is dead and you're trying to figure out how to move on. you've completely given up until something happens and she's suddenly back in...
scarlett/natasha daughter one shots #3 by ScarlettsRomanoffs
scarlett/natasha daughter one ScarlettsRomanoffs
scarlett/natasha daughter one shots
lost little one by romanoffswifey2
lost little oneby ☺️☺️
lizzie is on a walk through the forest when she hears crying and she follows the sound of the cries. she sees a little girl who looks no older than 3 years old. will l...
Keeping up with Kamila  by niftynellie
Keeping up with Kamila by Nellie ✨
Kamila Jenner had an exiting life, between runway shows and travelling she does it all. It's hard to keep up with her but we can try. {Social media x real life story}
Mommy/Mistress❤ by TroubleInSayno
Mommy/Mistress❤by Trouble
A bdsm sugar mommy love story between Y/n and Lizzie.Y/n being age 20 and Lizzie being age 33.They meet a couple of times but is that a coincidence or something like fat...
Newfound Hope by MiahMurray
Newfound Hopeby Miah Noreault
A little girl runs away from her mean foster family and finds herself at the park where she meets Scarlett Johansson and Elizabeth Olsen what will she do when they offer...
By text {In Rewrite } by yourmotherswhore
By text {In Rewrite }by your mother’s whore
Basically another "Wrong number" story with Scarlett Johansson. This story isn't special but there is me so it's cool. English is not my native language so I'm...
Adopted by Scarlett Johansson // Marvel Kid Actress by millsromanoff
Adopted by Scarlett Johansson // millsromanoff
currently on hold :) Millie Crawford, an aspiring 13 year old actress manages to land a role in the brand new Marvel movie. However, Millie's life isn't all good but wha...
Scarlett Johansson daughter one shots (and all of her characters) by helenahGabrielsen
Scarlett Johansson daughter one Lena<3
So this book will be a Scarlett Johansson and all of her characters, one shots book. I'd love requests, so please come with them all. Hope you'll like this book #25 in...