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LABYRINTH | Scarlett Johansson x Daughter by idkwhatimdoininlife
LABYRINTH | Scarlett Johansson x idkwhatimdoininlife
Labyrinth - a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one's way; a maze. Desperately wanting someone to rely on, trust in and...
Professor Johansson by TashaRomanova8
Professor Johanssonby Bea
College was going to suck and Y/n knew it. She didn't want to be there she wanted to go out and work at her father's company, like planned, to be able to do that she'd h...
SPOTLIGHT  by Niccjohansson
SPOTLIGHT by Nicc Johansson
y/n y/l/n a.k.a. the new Scarlett Johansson. There's a new actress that is in Scarlett's eyes she stole her spot. she's the new highest paid actress, the new producer's...
Old friend Book 1 by JennaLord9
Old friend Book 1by Jenna Lord
This is a story about Scarlett and her childhood friend Samantha / Sam. Sam is intersex and uses she/her pronouns. They have been friends their whole lives. Sam is a mus...
My Baby [Adopted by Elizabeth Olsen] by LynHahn-Olsen
My Baby [Adopted by Elizabeth Lyn
Evelyn is just a 3 year old but still has a mind of a newborn. She was in a very abusive home, her parents always fought. Until her mom had enough and took Evelyn to an...
Breath love - adopted by Elizabeth Olsen by nienwrites
Breath love - adopted by NienWrites
Riley Mae foster has been an orphan for four years now. She is waiting to turn 18 so she can leave the orphanage. Nobody wants to adopt a random 16-year-old right? but w...
No, you're not | Evansson Daughter's by Le0naShah
No, you're not | Evansson Eona
Adelia Lorena, a hot teen actress and a famous 14 years old singer. She's living her life like a princess, living in every teenage girls dream. She always gets what she...
The new nanny by secretboyband999
The new nannyby secretboyband999
I had to leave. I didn't have a choice I can't stay anymore. So I did I left all I knew for this job I saw. I'm 19 and as I've heard I'm young. But I practically raised...
Saved: Adopted by Scarlett Johansson by millsromanoff
Saved: Adopted by Scarlett millsromanoff
Y/N Y/L/N is a 7 year old child actress. She has had a couple of supporting roles in movies before, but this is her first major project- a Marvel movie. However during p...
The Scarlet Storm : Hydra Reborn (Wanda Maximoff x Fem GiP Reader)  by GingerNinja93
The Scarlet Storm : Hydra Reborn ( Ginger
Working with @blackwidowwitch Y/N Romanoff was the biological sister of Natasha Romanoff. Only older by a year. The two along with Yelena lived the beginning of their l...
teen on set  ~  marvel cast by loon_maximoff
teen on set ~ marvel castby loon_DOH
15 year old y/n y/l/n got a new job for marvel does she get a new family or be an outcast forever. had this idea for a while i do not own marvel characters and also a...
Movies // Scarlett x Daughter Figure by idkwhatimdoininlife
Movies // Scarlett x Daughter idkwhatimdoininlife
Lexie Reid lands a role in the newest Marvel movie and very quickly becomes attached to one particular person. Overtime, Scarlett notices things about Lexie's home life...
Regrets-Evansson Twins  by rosietapia3
Regrets-Evansson Twins by rosie tapia
Taylor and Tyler are 14 years old, when out of the blue their biological parents decided to come back after 12 years. Taylor and Tyler have faced many struggles. They ha...
A new life by MyMarvel_stories
A new lifeby Marvel_stories
After taking a 23andme test for shits and giggles Y/N finds out that she is related to world-famous actress Scarlett Johansson. A once normal 18-year-old's life is turne...
Come home  by jadeycaneee
Come home by Jade
Ada Johansson is 17 years old, alone. Everything changes because of that night. Things are different. She's longing for her mother's love. Will she get that? Or is she's...
Scarlett's Lost Daughter by scarlettskid03
Scarlett's Lost Daughterby Marvelgirl03
This is my first book. And I'm not good with descriptions. But this book is about Scarlett's lost daughter Novah. Novah grew up in the foster system thinking that no one...
two doors down by loon_maximoff
two doors downby loon_DOH
lizzie olsen au tw emotionally absent father, alcohol @buse. others will be on the chapter so basically lizzie (who isnt famous) moves into the same street as y/n and ro...
My famous boss (gxg) by coward101
My famous boss (gxg)by full on coward
In the last 5 years of working behind a desk in the New York Times, Lena Adams sees an opportunity to be an assistant to one of the most paid actresses today.What will c...
Scarlett's Soldier  by JennaLord9
Scarlett's Soldier by Jenna Lord
Louri Evans joined the U.S. Marines in 2002 on her 18th birthday. When Louri comes home frrom tour in 2007 she went to visit her older brother Chris Evans on the set of...
The lost one by taliaand
The lost oneby talia_t
Novalie is 12 years old. She lives with her "mom" and "dad" in Spain🇪🇸. She loves Marvel. One day when she's at school, the marvel cast is there. S...