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Far away from "home" by Linnea723
Far away from "home"by Linnea723
A fifteen year old exchange student from Norway just arrived in Seattle. How will the next ten months be? Will she open up to her host parents or keep to herself?
They don't know (I've waited all my life) by sapphicslvr
They don't know (I've waited all zay
Maya Bishop remembers being iced out by her team, she remembers being on the verge of breaking down every shift as the new captain of 19, and she most definitely remembe...
Into the Flames {Station 19 x you} by carterradams
Into the Flames {Station 19 x you}by Carter
{Trigger warning: This story deals with a lot of serious topics and situations. Heavy detail is included. Ranges from sexual assault, domestic violence, abuse of psychic...
Accepting Help (Marina adoption) by dhjsnc
Accepting Help (Marina adoption)by dhjsnc
Maya and Carina have taken in two foster children who have trouble accepting help from others and finding trust coming from the broken foster system. Will these children...
Confessions  by avvs_stefanielle
Confessions by Aims
Stefania and Danielle are about to go on their hiatus after wrapping up season 4. Stefania is off to Brazil and Italy while Danielle is staying back in the US. Both real...
Butterfly Effect by AllieeMay
Butterfly Effectby AllieeMay
The butterfly effect in chaos theory refers to an example in which the fluttering of the wings of a butterfly in one part of the world is seen to contribute to the causa...
Little bishop  by littlebishop_2911
Little bishop by Morgan Myers
Macy is 16 in 10th grade and runs trick like her older sister Maya but trying to live up to her dad's expectations of her might end badly for everyone. Macy try's everyt...
Shine your light by Rainbowbeliver
Shine your lightby Rainbowbeliver
Maya and Carina have just started talking about wanting children. What happens when someone special shows up and change their lives forever? Alt Station 19 get called ou...
block me out | station 19 by trainwrecklovato
block me out | station 19by austyn
Vada Ray Huxley, a foster runaway who bumps into Maya and Carina's life. [...] This story takes place after season 6.
Coming Home (Station 19/Grey's Anatomy fanfic) by Kelly_Kat-246
Coming Home (Station 19/Grey's Kelly Kat
Erin O'Malley was familiar with pain. When she was sixteen she lost her brother George. It took a toll on her so when she turned eighteen she left Seattle. Fast forward...
Marina One Shots  by marinagrey19
Marina One Shots by Mikaelle
Im just trying to write cute one shots since im in lockdown haha :)
Fire of Hope by Profiler2610
Fire of Hopeby Profiler2610
Skylar Montgomery had a rough past. Her drug and alcohol addiction started when she was 13 and continued for years until her brother saved her. Six years after Travis sa...
Playing with fire (Amelia Shepherd) by mill25x
Playing with fire (Amelia Shepherd)by M🦋
Mallie Cruz knew better than to play with fire, considering she was a firefighter at Station 19 and had seen enough bad endings to know better by now. But there was some...
Mine (Marina)  by Evelyn7563
Mine (Marina) by Evelyn7563
A 11 year old girl shows up at the station when everyone is on call but carina. What will happen? What will Maya say?
Burned  by LM555555
Burned by LM555555
Marina one-shots (mainly angst cuz yeah) Some short and long stories about maya and carina from station 19 and grey's anatomy. I will update this when I feel like and t...
The Past Unknown by BerkandStock
The Past Unknownby BerkandStock
Faye was just a normal teenager trying to get through her final semester of high school. Well, as normal as she could be. Her mother was always present in her life and s...
𝗌𝖺𝖿𝖾 𝗁𝖺𝗏𝖾𝗇 [Deluca-Bishop] by Jess11xx
𝗌𝖺𝖿𝖾 𝗁𝖺𝗏𝖾𝗇 [Deluca-Bishop]by Jess11xx
"safe haven, noun - a place of refuge or security." The Deluca-Bishop's have had their foster license open for a while, after deciding on having children toget...
Stefanielle/Marina One Shots by endlessuniverses
Stefanielle/Marina One Shotsby endlessuniverses
A collection of Stefanielle and Marina One Shots Comment/message me ideas if you want a specific storyline!
Marina by theoboycat
Marinaby ℘ 𝑗𝑢𝑙𝑒𝑠
A variant of what marina would be like if they had a show just for them.
Lean On Me by Greysfan009
Lean On Meby Greysfan009
SEQUEL TO 'As You Are' Emberley is a 16 year old young woman, adopted by 2 women who are incredibly in love. This girl has had a rough life, but as they always say &quo...