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Oh Honey // momojirou by DmPrime
Oh Honey // momojirouby DmPrime
FYI: This is going to be mostly fluffy and wholesome, but I might pull in angst when completely necessary. Jirou is very sure of her identity, when it comes to who she i...
Lion And The Snake (HermionexFemaleOC) by SatanicSlytherin95
Lion And The Snake (HermionexFemal...by SatanicSlytherin95
Hexal Toor, an expelled student from Ilvermorny, is transferred to Hogwarts and is sorted into Slytherin. Trying to adjust to a new life at Hogwarts and forming a Slythe...
The Queen Transmigration System by Muizic
The Queen Transmigration Systemby Muizic
Regina, having lost Henry as well as Emma, who she thought she was starting to fall for, decides to leave town. Sick of everyone, including her son, brushing her off or...
Henry's Twin: Anna The Black Swan (OUAT Fanfic)  by Becawesomitchell
Henry's Twin: Anna The Black Swan...by Tori D.
Emma gave birth to twins. While Henry is adopted by Regina and given a better life. The other child named Anna stayed in the Foster care and adopted by a doctor. The cur...
The Huntress and her Lion by BlazingFoxDragon
The Huntress and her Lionby Annelize Kohler
Once upon a time, this is how stories normally begin but this story is not as happy as people believe all stories should go. This story is about her hardship, pain, and...
Unholy Divine {Melissa McCall} by -mikaelsxn
Unholy Divine {Melissa McCall}by ı̣ ɐ ʞ {BLM}
"We are byproducts of our parents treatment towards us, yes. But we could have done better, I could have done better. This family has never been okay but at least w...
Bottom of the Bottle | Wynonna Earp  by LiesLike2ndNature
Bottom of the Bottle | Wynonna Ear...by Carter Pendertwat
thank you all for bearing with me 🖤 it feels like a completely different person wrote this story, don't read it it sucks 😂
My High-school Bully (GxG) (Lesbian Story) [EDITING] by EndyPoTahToe
My High-school Bully (GxG) (Lesbia...by ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻
Olivia Grace Morgan has done nothing to Xena Eva Scarlett, and although she's tried to find a way to be friends with her, Xena seems to have the coldest heart of them al...
High Priestess and her Dark Lover (Harry Potter Fanfiction) by Moonwolf125
High Priestess and her Dark Lover...by Valerie
Magic has has been weakening outside of the island, but that was not what brought her back. Blair le fay has been gone for years due to her duty of High Priestess of old...
Can you help me Study?? by GayForSpitfire
Can you help me Study??by Nigel
Sunset Shimmer asks Twilight Sparkle to help her study for a big test but then it escalates. P.S. I do not own the glorious thing that is My Little Pony. P.P.S. THIS STO...
The Lost Mikaelson Comes Home by ElizaCayne
The Lost Mikaelson Comes Homeby Eliza Cayne
Harriet Potter, reborn as the youngest of the Mikaelson siblings, now known as Saga Mikaelson, finally reunites with her siblings after being apart for almost a century...
You set the forest ablaze by unholywaterontherise
You set the forest ablazeby unholywaterontherise
Rosalie Hale had been alone since the night Carlisle had saved her. What she meant by alone is that she hadn't found her mate. For centuries she had to live in agony am...
Dancing in the dark  by StardustRainbow
Dancing in the dark by StardustRainbow
Nayeon, a pop idol worshipped by millions, arrogant and self centered, suffers miserably at relationships with men. Her band mates decide to hire Mina, a prostitute for...
Wanna Play a Game? | Appledash by UFeelMyMagic
Wanna Play a Game? | Appledashby Alice
Rainbow Dash has finally come to terms with her sexuality and feelings towards her best friend Applejack, but she's too scared to confess. After the two girls share an u...
Our Ideal Place (Little Witch Academia) by cyberano
Our Ideal Place (Little Witch Acad...by cyberano
With her first year finished, Akko prepares to go home for summer vacation. However, when Diana invites her to stay with her over the summer, Akko has a quick reply. Lit...
What the heart wants by StardustRainbow
What the heart wantsby StardustRainbow
Chaeyoung asks for Nayeon's help to win Mina over and offers to help her get with Jeongyeon as a return favour. A story where a series of mixed signals complicates thing...
The Stars in her Eyes by StardustRainbow
The Stars in her Eyesby StardustRainbow
"I'm sorry , what? " She asks, her eyes widening. The brown eyes in front of her twinkles with mischief. " You will have to kiss me on the lips every day...
I Know Your Secret by OutlawRealms
I Know Your Secretby Outlaw Realms
Hope is strong with plenty of secrets, especial the one hidden because 'reasons' okay? 'Reasons', don't think for yourself. However, it shows the light for the corruptio...
Love Me Gently by LAO_ships
Love Me Gentlyby LAO_ships
What happeneds when Amanda is raped. How does Olivia connect how will her story lead Amanda's recovery. This is about recovery and love.
12 Days Of Christmas- Nancy Wheeler X Robin Buckley (Book 2) by lgbt_izzy
12 Days Of Christmas- Nancy Wheele...by isabelle
[The sequel to- 7 days of heaven] It has been a year since Robin and Nancy reformed their relationship and they're going strong, starting their lives together and lookin...