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Daddy is the Villain Xianjun. by Mikan1224
Daddy is the Villain 蜜柑
❦❦ The half-demon cub Ning Zhizhi was holding her fox tail in the empty Xianju Cave Mansion, starving to the point of eating grass. Finally one day, her beautiful and p...
My super family  by starks_wifey
My super family by I miss tony stark 💔
Superfamily au!!! • y/n was adopted by Tony as a child •steeb and Tony got married •Peter becomes part of the family Peter isn't in the book right away, it goes alon...
Just me and him- autistic Tommy and big brother Tubbo, SBI adoption story by Thatdinowhoexists
Just me and him- autistic Tommy Thatdinowhoexists
Autistic Tommy, autistic + ADHD Techno, injured Tubbo, an anxious Wilbur Family trouble, difficult pasts, angst, fluff, love and the reminder that as a family, you can g...
Verecund (Criminal Minds) by writing_gays
Verecund (Criminal Minds)by Yeeter Yarker
Verecund: shy or modest; fearful. Just another case. Another kidnapping. All the BAU had to do was find the similarities between the found kids from the kidnappings, an...
Adopted by Scarlett Johansson by Alex_2415
Adopted by Scarlett Johanssonby Alex
Y/n is an orphan who has had bad luck getting adopted. When the owner Mr lotta, who didn't help y/n's situation, goes too far y/n finally runs away. She meets two women...
a new home || sleepyboisinc by Stinky3gg
a new home || sleepyboisincby egg!
COMPLETED!! If anyone is uncomfortable with this it will be taken down immediately
Silence - Adopted By Elizabeth Olsen by elizabethsdaddy
Silence - Adopted By Elizabeth elizabethsdaddy
Elizabeth is an actress preparing for her next big movie by following a teacher's internship in a small, conservative town. It doesn't take long for one of her students...
Mirror Image by cbOU2LA
Mirror Imageby cbOU2LA
Beckett and Castle take a foster girl into protective custody after she witnesses her foster mom's murder. What they didn't expect is the girl being a lot like the both...
one last try » taylor swift by new-york-swift
one last try » taylor swiftby M & A
Three-year-old Grace is a poor child living in a corrupted military family, and her father is sent away, leaving her with her abusive mother. Twenty six-year-old Taylor...
Family by Ruhu95
Familyby RuHu
Two children looking for a home. One family looking for a daughter finds so much more. Aspects of this story are based on real adoptions of children from other countries...
Snape's Little Boy In Slytherin  by thedoctor363
Snape's Little Boy In Slytherin by Jake
Harry has been abused his whole life and has dealt with his aunt and uncle and their dreaded son. What happens when Harry gets used to school and makes friends in his Sl...
You are still alive by magkovacs123
You are still aliveby S.G Evans
Oaklee Monroe has not had a good life since her parents died and she was sent to live with her aunt and uncle. Then she gets sent to college because she smarter than she...
All My Life by leandrawoods
All My Lifeby Watts_on
"Pepper, all my life, every moment of it, I've begged for this. Nothing ever made me feel more desperate than losing my own son. I finally know what I have to do an...
Fighting For What's Missing by Saturn-Writer-1977
Fighting For What's Missingby Saturn-Writer-1977
"People you trust? What about her? What happens when she's stuck with people she doesn't trust?" When William Granger agreed to babysit for a few hours, he did...
Why do I need a family? by Nicolas4876
Why do I need a family?by Nicolas
Ranboo has always had a bad life he grew up in the foster care system but all that changed when he ran away at age 11. He ran for a long time until he found a house in t...
Make It Stop - Ranboo angst by Imjayni
Make It Stop - Ranboo angstby I’mJayni
It's Phil's first day at his new job at the orphanage. He expects it to be a normal day, but when he hears someone screaming and goes to check if everything is okay, he...
safe and sound - taylor swift fanfiction by caffeine_and_writing
safe and sound - taylor swift cornellia street
A newly single Taylor is trying to figure out what her life is going to look like moving forward. But one thing is certain, she wants to be a mom. for her adoption is th...
Paws by TheoryKierei
Pawsby TheoryKierei
Book 3 of the Cross-shifter Series. Life has always been good for Sam. He had it all. The huge house. All the hot one night stands he could ever want. Parents who could...
A Life full of Promise - Ranboo Adoption AU by KingFictionV8
A Life full of Promise - Ranboo KingFictionV8
Kicked out by his parents after he came out as gay, Ranboo struggles to find a place to fit in. A boy with no promise until a brown haired musician turns up to help him...
Delicate | Taylor Swift by lv3nd3rhaz3
Delicate | Taylor Swiftby eliza
Taylor Swift AU. Ruben is only 4- and yet she has bounced around families and houses for most of her life. Her mother was only 17 when Ruben was born, giving her baby g...