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Unacceptable by 50shadesofjinx
Unacceptableby Jinx
June had always been the weird child but almost everything changed when she was sent to live in yet another foster home. When she was sent to live with the Lock brothers...
The Bad Boy's Brothers by uhoh132
The Bad Boy's Brothersby uhoh132
After being in the foster care system for 14 years, 16-year-old Will learns that he has 5 older brothers and a father he never knew about. He's moved to live with them a...
Aconna (Shazam/Billy Batson Love Story) by 16_Marissa
Aconna (Shazam/Billy Batson Love Marissa Leigh Ivey
Alexandra Watt's Life was Good, Until The Accident. She Lost Her Whole Family In that Wreck. It Happened Last Year, When She was 14. She was Broken. She always Thought...
Purgatory Academy (18+) by JakeGrabe
Purgatory Academy (18+)by Jake Grabe
Nobody here is really dead. But our main character gets dropped in by a mysterious robed figure at his new school, and see's a bunch of familiar faces of people he has w...
My Roommates A Player - Completed by Zunaid_Lawrence
My Roommates A Player - Completedby Zunaid Lawrence
Rewritten version. Lydia Ambrose has a normal life, thus is going to her dream University. Everything is going well in her life until she met her sarcastic, horny and ho...
The Theories About Old Cartoons by MonkeyBoss
The Theories About Old Cartoonsby MonkeyBoss
Some of the cartoons might have more then 1 theory but they are in different chapters so don't get them wrong. Oh I will organize the chapters frequently so if you have...
home//fillie  by cherrycloudsss
home//fillie by 𝔢𝔪
//completed// in which a troubled girl named millie is placed in a foster home. with the cast of st. a fillie, stranger things fanfic. this is just fiction.
My home- Scarlett Johansson by Wandasone
My home- Scarlett Johanssonby Marvel_Fan05
Natalie is a 15 year old girl from France. When her parents got into an accident and died she was moved to America to join the foster system. She was put in an EAL (Engl...
Never grow up by ddansby
Never grow upby ddansby
Emma, a girl who has cancer and is in a foster/orphanage. She wonders if she'll ever find the parents that once gave her up. But when Taylor Swift comes into her life he...
Broken •|• read disc •|• by n0k0kichi_
Broken •|• read disc •|•by n0k0kichi_
THIS BOOK IS NO LONGER BEING CONTINUE, Also this is low-key cringe in my opinion sorry. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ He was abused, put into foster care. Can he find l...
shattered souls won't mend themselves (supercorp au) by baby_danvers
shattered souls won't mend baby_danvers
Coauthor: infinity_in_his_eyes What causes a shattered soul? For Lena, it was a mother's contempt, a father's indifference, a brother's betrayal, and eight years in the...
Pinwheels and Dandelions by cjacks1124
Pinwheels and Dandelionsby Charlena E. Jackson
I was kicked around like trash on the streets. I was the book that nobody could understand or read, but without a care, they were quick to rip out the pages. I screamed...
She Doesn't Know by PennyPrichard
She Doesn't Knowby Penny
I'd say the Foster Agents office was my second home, but... I've never actually had a first home. I wouldn't call myself a traveller either, I'm more of a rent-a-child s...
Love Me Right [ coming soon ]  by XxPRGBxX
Love Me Right [ coming soon ] by abbie
From her childhood with an abusive father to her teens jumping from foster home to foster home, Blossom has never had it easy. She learned, as she moved from house to ho...
 runaway ~liam O'Donovan by Jello_1126
runaway ~liam O'Donovanby Jello_1126
black oc any race can read tho "And I was runnin' far away Would I run off the world someday? Nobody knows, nobody knows And I was dancing in the rain I felt alive...
chocolate, shazam by _anacciwantforgotten
chocolate, shazamby forget this acc
he stole my chocolate so i stole his beanie ©_anacciwantforgotten [maybe it ain't ALL horrid]
The Bouncing Buns Gentleman's Club by OVHoffman
The Bouncing Buns Gentleman's Clubby OVHoffman
After a psychiatric evaluation of Dana Martin, daughter of exotic dancer Barbie Martin and step-daughter to Barbie's mob-associated husband, Dr. Beverly Anderson's life...
Everyone Needs a Friend by ElizabethThompson627
Everyone Needs a Friendby Miss. E. Thompson
Unattached Drifter Christmas is not a holiday that Dean spends a long, but with a friend that he made a long time ago. Who knew that getting busted could be the best thi...
Escape (Currently Editing) by luvIsLifeLifeIsLove
Escape (Currently Editing)by Danny Seals
Austin, a 14-year-old boy has had a very rough life so far, in his youngest years it was his father constantly beating his mother. After years of abuse, she left without...