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Broken oneshot  by izumomolover25
Broken oneshot by Izumomolover
Enjoy the oneshot
Beautifully Broken by FreeHouseElf
Beautifully Brokenby FreeHouseElf
Alana Rayn Allen has had a rough life. After watching her mother die at six years old, and being separated from her brother Parker. Alana has learned to fend for herself...
Broken. Restored.  by moleymoomoo
Broken. Restored. by moleymoomoo
Broken relationships, broken trust, broken hearts. This world is broken. Yet through an unwanted pregnancy, trauma and some of the toughest decisions and circumstances o...
What's So Funny? by LightTheBroken
What's So Funny?by DarkShadder
This book is filled with Memes Enjoy!☺
Far Away by NeverLet
Far Awayby NeverLet
Have you ever been in a place where all you wanted was to go far away? Ellie is in that place after expiercening her first ever major heart break she now knows what its...
Broken and repaired  by F14tierra
Broken and repaired by spill_the_tea
Three longtime friends went through similar heartbreak and decided to just give up on love. Can their hearts be repaired by their kidnappers?
The In-Betweens: A is for Alice by WiltingHope
The In-Betweens: A is for Aliceby hope
A is for Alice. My name. Or what I would like to call my name. Instead, I'm just A, like the first letter in the alphabet. Unlike you, I don't have the ability to live...
The Bride's Spoken Stories: Book of Poems by MsHurricane
The Bride's Spoken Stories: Book Sarah
The Bride of Christ is not just any bride, she's God's bride, waiting for Him to come back, and telling her story while she waits. Poetry is her passion. She's not gonna...
One Therapy session and a friend later (book 2) by name_cat_moon
One Therapy session and a friend MEOW
Katelyn has made a new friend named Kay-Kay well that was her nick name, one day there was an Akuma fight and LB has trusted Kay-Kay with the miraculous of the fox
ARYAANSH MEHROTRA - The CEO OF MEHROTRA DESIGNS . A 27 years old young & handsome man with a very complicated life filled with darkness and pain.He is a cold and heart b...
when we saw the stars by MegeraRose
when we saw the starsby MegeraRose
Julia and Ethan didn't have the typical love story. Thy started off as enemies, discovering their feelings and eventually letting themselves fall for each other. Told fr...
Broken by Jason_likes_bands
Brokenby Hailey
Broken: Kyra is a heartbroken girl. Jay is a heartbroken boy. They live in unstable homes. They have been heartbroken from their break-ups too and tell their selves that...
Repaired by Wish-Upon-A-Star
Repairedby H.P Golden
\\"You dont understand what you're getting into by loving me, do you?" I asked her. "No, but whatever it is, how bad could it be?" She said, her sign...