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Second Generation by kyliekkj735
Second Generationby M
Olivia and Elliot have a daughter. Ashley Stabler is 14 and wants to live her life without her parents interfering. Ashley finds herself in trouble when Olivia drops her...
Law and Order SVU: Munch by loke123kitty
Law and Order SVU: Munchby loke123kitty
Eleanor "Ellie" Munch is the one and only daughter and child of John Munch and his third ex wife . Born in October 18th,1996. She is 2 years old. In this sto...
Abused and Misused by EmileneWilde
Abused and Misusedby Emma Wilde
Emma Hart. Abused Emma Hart. A 15 year old girl living with her father, and only her father, is discovered by SVU Detectives Benson, Stabler, and Munch. But she thinks h...
blues and greens (barson) by silverdracolichh
blues and greens (barson)by silverdracolich
When a little girl arrives at SVU, the team finds their worlds turned upside down. (cross posted on and ao3.) this story veers from canon... as of postin...
Saving Bradley (An SVU Fanfiction) by buttaz_
Saving Bradley (An SVU Fanfiction)by buttaz
Sergeant Olivia Benson goes to a high school with the SVU squad for a presentation. What happens when she crosses paths with Bradley Collins? There is smut in this, its...
Rolivia one shots. by Angel_lva8
Rolivia one Vil45
Law and order svu 2 female detecives in love , smut , lesbian , lbgtq :)
Elliot and Olivia finally have the chance to do what they have always dreamed of, is it lust? Is it love? Is it just chemistry? Let's find out.. WARNING ***SMUT*** #ben...
Carisi x Reader Imagines by true_rose24
Carisi x Reader Imaginesby ✧・゚:Emily:・゚✧
A collection of Carisi x Reader imagines that I've written. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is highly appreciated as well!
Rollercoaster by inspiringharry
Rollercoasterby ror
Finola Davidson graduated med school with full intentions to become a full time nurse, she soon realized it wasn't for her. So in the meantime she became a full time rec...
New Family by onechicagooo
New Familyby onechicagooo
Jessica Evans is seventeen years old and has spent fourteen of those years in the foster system with no real family or name. That's until she finally works up the courag...
Olivia's Secret Daughter by Benson4015
Olivia's Secret Daughterby Benson4015
Olivia has a daughter no one knew about not even Elliot.
We Know What You Did by DrSpoonie
We Know What You Didby Dr. Spoonie
Chelsea Carisi lost her mom a year ago. She had been living with her stepfather and things seemed to be okay, until they weren't. When her stepfather starts abusing her...
Sonny Carisi - Never Have I Ever by Darling_Dixon08
Sonny Carisi - Never Have I Everby K.
Sonny Carisi enters into a Friends with Benefits relationship after a fun game of Never Have I Ever. This will be a very short story (6 chapters) Completed!
Sweet Relief by benslerlovin
Sweet Reliefby Bensler Lovin'
When Elliot shows up in Manhattan after twelve long years, he comes home to more than he expects. Will the relief of seeing her partner again be enough for Olivia to for...
The Girl with a secret Life (A Sonny Carisi Fanfiction) by CherrySkul818
The Girl with a secret Life (A CherrySkul818
Mia Martinez is a 12 year old girl with a big shot attorney father. Looks can be deceiving though, Mia on the outside sometimes can look and seen Normal but on the insid...
Aftermath (An SVU Fanfiction) *EDITING* by buttaz_
Aftermath (An SVU Fanfiction) * buttaz
Olivia's struggle to survive after Lewis attacked her. *This is triggering. Do not read if you can't handle it.*
Stork (SVU Fanfic) by BenslerForever1
Stork (SVU Fanfic)by Gean Bean ❤️
Elliot gets shot while on the chase for a perp and does not make it. He does, however, save his partner's life. Kathy, now widowed, cannot find the strength to take care...
Barba x Reader Imagines by true_rose24
Barba x Reader Imaginesby ✧・゚:Emily:・゚✧
A collection of Barba x Reader imagines that I've written. Hope you enjoy! Feedback is highly appreciated as well!
Law and Order: SVU imagines  by allieeeee_nelson
Law and Order: SVU imagines by allieeeee_nelson
Imagines of your favorite SVU characters TW: There are sensitive topics throughout this book
Reconciliation by VictoriaBensler
Reconciliationby VictoriaBensler
El and Liv are divorced, but can they reconcile? El and Liv have one child together, her name is Julia she is only 5 years old. Liv is with Brian, and El is single. They...