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Ray Of Light by Chicagox
Ray Of Lightby Chicagox
After Erin left the unit a month ago jay had been stuck with no partner since hank couldn't find a suitable match for the team, that was until a certain name popped up o...
Part of us (Chicago P.D. & Chicago Fire) by DarylDloves
Part of us (Chicago P.D. & DarylDloves
Alison Severide is the twin sister of Kelly Severide. Being a firefighter is in their blood. And being a female firefighter hasn't been easy. Once they became friends wi...
Dani by Malec0914
Daniby Sam3642
During a raid the team stumbles upon a young girl, the girl quickly becomes attached to Hank. How will Hank respond? Hank's world gets shaken up and changed.
SHOT | JAY HALSTEAD  by lilyroses95
"You Were There When I Needed Someone."
Chicago Pd x Teen!reader  by jednoducho_viki
Chicago Pd x Teen!reader by jednoducho_viki
One Chicago x teen!reader Teddy (Theodore) is teen girl 15 years old who beauty you can't miss. She is getting abused by her step-father. What happened when Voight will...
For You, A Promise by oldladyanarchy
For You, A Promiseby Marili
Meeting the love of your life when you're in the hospital with a GSW is not conventional. But for Kate and Antonio it's the start of the perfect love story. Chicago PD F...
Grace & the Windy City by poppy_rose
Grace & the Windy Cityby poppy_rose
Adam Ruzek's 16-year-old half sister Grace calls him up after a decade of radio silence, desperately in need of help once she makes a discovery involving their father. *...
The Responders by Chicago_PD_
The Respondersby Chicago_PD_
Ever since Blake was adopted by Benny Severide, and became inseparable with Kelly, she always wanted to be a firefighter. Just like her brother. Recruited straight to Fi...
The Calm Before the Storm (Jay Halstead) by DarylDloves
The Calm Before the Storm (Jay DarylDloves
"I never thought I could love someone this much again. But I love you Jay Halstead... I fell in love with you the moment I met you and I didn't even realize it"...
Drowning In Secrets by Chicagox
Drowning In Secretsby Chicagox
The newest member of intelligence seems like a sweet and caring addition, but when jay stumbles across her record he starts to lose trust in her...
A collection of imagines by RebelWritesx
A collection of imaginesby RebelWritesx
Just having a bit of fun with writing prompts
Branded For Duty by Chicagox
Branded For Dutyby Chicagox
All those years ago, those dreadful long years, during a certain detectives time in the rangers, he was accompanied by mouse and another teammate. The trio were insepar...
Into the light  by Chicagox
Into the light by Chicagox
When a young girl is snatched off the streets by the intelligence unit for drug possession, they would only come to find that not everything is as it seems... -Chicago P...
What I Need- a Hank Voight Chicago PD fanfiction by Wrotting
What I Need- a Hank Voight Wrotting
Hank Voight doesn't do this. He doesn't follow women out of a run down bar after nothing much more than a nod. But he needed an out, a way to stop thinking about a loss...
New Member Of Intelligence by haileyuptonswife
New Member Of Intelligenceby Sophie Taylor
Hailey Upton has a 1 year old daughter called Eden Rose Upton. Hailey's boyfriend Jacob really wanted kids when they met, but as soon as Eden was born, he changed. He st...
Halstead Sibling Oneshots by JayCantBeGay
Halstead Sibling Oneshotsby ChixxF1
Just little chapters of your favorite brothers and their little sister :) (No smut, not a y/n but you can imagine its you)
Irreplaceable  by Chicagox
Irreplaceable by Chicagox
A lieutenant from the military police force assists the intelligence unit, along with her team of military police soldiers, to end one of their longest running cases. B...
Chicago PD:  Secrets In The Past by ICrzy01
Chicago PD: Secrets In The Pastby ICrzy
After losing Mouse to reenlist into the army, Sergeant Hank Voight realizes he needs a new tech expert for the Intelligence Unit. He had many people apply or be offered...
Always Here: A Jay Halstead fanfic by Ynhalstead
Always Here: A Jay Halstead fanficby Foxette William
✧✧✧✧✧✧It's always going to be us no matter what. Always.✧✧✧✧✧ ✧ ...
Halstead Sister One Shots by HermioneTag
Halstead Sister One Shotsby Padfoot and Prongs
Brooklyn Halstead Lives with her two brothers Will and Jay Halstead after her parents died. Here are some one shots about her life