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  • Domino Heights: YamixYugi
    8.9K 418 21

    A cute and sometimes dirty Puzzleshipping fanfic and for mature audiences because this will have smut and partial smut scenes! There is also danger and fights. Yugi is the talk of his new school. Unlike the other students- Yugi from a middle-class background and only was accepted because he's so smart! He's shy but ma...

  • *Craving Souls* (Spiritshipping)
    14.1K 455 33

    What would you do to save the ones you care for ? Your family ? Your people ? Your country? Will you go till the point , were you have to MARRY and live with a person , you don't know at all. A man , who is said to be ruthless and merciless ? See what Jesse , a prince of Crystal Kingdom , which the war was destroy...

  • Cinderella (Counterpartshipping fic)
    32.5K 703 9

    Yuya is a servant in his own home, bossed around by his evil stepmother and stepsisters. Yuto is a prince looking for true love. When these two meet by chance, Yuto will do whatever it takes to hold onto the mysterious boy who captured his heart.

    7.8K 604 13

    In which I- worrystone, judge your books :) i swear i'll judge solely on quality of the work and not from personal bias. So enter for a chance at more recognition! [✔] Open [✔ ] Judging [ ✔ ] Closed (june 30th; results are out)

  • To Mend A Broken Heart
    81.9K 3.6K 22

    After Yami finds his girlfriend sleeping with another man, he is convinced that love can only destroy a person. Then he meets Yugi, a forever optimistic boy who is hellbent on pulling Yami out of his depression, despite his own problems. Will Yugi be able to convince Yami that there is hope for love still?

  • Till death do us Part
    1.9K 84 4

    What?! Seto and Joey are married?! How?! Find out in my awesome book! My first short story about Joey and Seto! Beware of the The lemon 🍋

  • Stripped On Ice {Yuri On Ice AU}
    43.4K 1.4K 25

    I'm Katsuki Yuri and I'm a stripper. Yep thats right, one of those people who dance on poles sexily for money. I do my best once I take a glass of champagne or two. I make good money compared to my friend Phichit. It all happened one night, normal night at the On Ice Strip Club, that's when everything changed when a...

  • Familiar
    56.1K 3K 35

    Victor Nikiforov is a man of many desires. Love and lust seemingly were no trouble to obtain before meeting the sexy stripper Katsudom in Detroit. After one lap dance with him one night, Katsu is all that is on Victor's mind, but...

  • My Angel
    193K 5.2K 26

    Levi the leader of a famous gang ends up finding out his future wife cheated decided to take a walk in the park where he eventually meets what he called and angel. Eren a college student depressed and has anxiety sits in the park contemplating life meets a handsome devil. what kind of love will flourish from these...

    Completed   Mature
  • The life of an omega
    55.3K 1.8K 1

    Eren Yeager, a 16 year old boy having to face normal teenage problems as well as the issues that come with being born as an omega. Eren moves and starts new. He thinks little of his destined one called a mate but he doesn't know that they are soon to meet. This is an aot fanfiction and also a omegaverse AU. The story...

  • this is educational
    71.6K 1.9K 18

    Yuri is a bright and cute teatcher. A normal guy who teatches at a high school who might have a thing for the principal. Yuri can't let he's feelings get in the way though. He is going to lead these kids to their futures. Kids deserves the best education so they can get the best careers. Thia is all he can think...

  • My Alpha
    84.7K 2.3K 19

    Yugi is an Omega who has been turned down by more Alphas than he can count on his fingers. He has given up on finding an Alpha. When a new student transfers into Domino, the tables are turned. Can this Alpha convince the Omega that not all Alphas are out there to hurt him. This Atem/Yugi. I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or it's...

  • Hotel Scout (2017)
    16.7K 810 11

    Eren Jäger works at the well known Hotel Scout as the receptionist. After checking in a particular customer, his life starts to change. Confessions, jealousy, and drama start to appear in his life. How much worse can his life get? . . . Please enjoy the 2017 version of the original 'Hotel Scout'! I've been working rea...

  • Sleeping Beauty // otayuri fanfic
    43K 1.6K 19

    Otabek Altin is working at a hospital for service hours for his high school. Otabek thought this experience would be boring but he enjoyed it after he met a certain some one by the name of Yuri Plisetsky who has been in a coma for 7 years now after a serious car crash. Both of Yuri's parents had died in the accident...

  • Enmity- A Levi Ackerman x Reader
    1M 33.6K 21

    You were small, petite, even breakable as some might say but that didn't stop you. You were going to show them what they had coming without even so much as a word. Though you didn't want anyone to know your true potential. You were silent. You had no reason to speak. The only time you spoke was when someone had spoken...

  • Spin The Bottle | V.N Y.K ✔️
    19.6K 752 4

    It all started as just a fun, group get together for a few skater buddies. But what none of them know is how in love Viktor and Yuri really are. But, see, both Viktor and Yuri think it's one sided. So what happens when them and their friends play a game of spin the bottle and the two kissing will be them? -- // smu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Puppyshipping) Why is he so cold?
    19.4K 625 7

    When Seto Kaiba joins Joey's high school Joey begins to feel emotions for him even though Kaiba seems to be a jerk. Between dealing with an abusive father, schoolwork, and trying to keep his emotions straight will Joey have time to find out why Kaiba is so cold? And will it lead Joey down a road of love or heartbreak?

  • Mission: Take Yugi-sensei's First Kiss
    57.4K 2.2K 21

    At Domino High School, Yugi Mutou is a high-school English teacher in class A-1. The class is included Yami Sennon, Anzu Mizaki, Joey Wheeler, Triston Honda, Malik Ishtar, and Ryou Bakura. Everyone in that classroom, except for Joey and Triston, are in love with their teacher, but only one will succeed in winning the...

    Completed   Mature
  • College- a Victuuri AU
    10K 545 3

    Two foreign exchange students Yuri and Viktor find each other at an American university. Will their passion for training to skate together lead to something else? Or will they hide their feelings in fear of not being accepted?

  • Life in the Past - Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfic [Finished]
    81.6K 2.2K 14

    Yugi, a young boy who was a servant for the royal family in Egypt, had stumbled upon the young prince with one of his teachers in the garden. Yugi was not allowed to befriend or speak with Atem unless asked or forced to. One day, Yugi was playing with some of the other servant kids until the young prince and his frien...

  • Your choice >> Viktuuri (mpreg)
    319K 9.5K 30

    "It was your fucking choice to stay or to leave, and you left!", Yuuri screamed in tears. "I'm sorry.", Viktor held his head low. (story cover made by @lilzistrash)

  • High School {Victuri AU}
    177K 2.7K 39

    Yuri is an average student in high school. Victor is an average student in high school . Let's see what happens when they meet.

  • Cheerleader // Victuuri Au (Discontinued)
    37.9K 2.2K 13

    Victor tries out for the football team, but not because he likes football. Yuuri is a proud flyer on the school's cheerleading team, skirts and all. Started- 3/31/17 Ended- Ehhh discontinued sorry (Unedited for now)

  • On Top Of The World
    55.5K 1.5K 9

    (Yuri Mpreg) After Yuri and Victor retire from figure skating and become personal coaches for some young rising skaters. They decide to settle down and get married but when Yuri starts showing symptoms off some illness nothing can change their world more than this...

  • When he loved me.. ~Victuri MPreg~
    441K 16.1K 39

    Victor Nikiforov is the worlds best figure skater. Going for his 6th consecutive gold medals it seems like nothing in the world can bring him down. It isn't until he bumps into his ex boyfriend Yuri Katsuki, an ex figure skater who disappeared from the limelight suddenly and discovers that they have a child together...