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Power of Gods(Yu-Gi-Oh! x Harry Potter Crossover) by ollieboy27
Power of Gods(Yu-Gi-Oh! x Harry Po...by
When Harry is expelled for the accidental murder of Professor Quirrel, who was secretly being possessed by Voldemort, he is sent to Japan by Dumbledore along with a myst...
Yugioh: New Duelists X by DSComeback
Yugioh: New Duelists Xby DSComeback
Yuji Kusanagi a 15 years old boy who likes playing DM. But after a certain event involving DM, he was expelled from his school, then his parents decide to burn all his c...
Shadow Justice by LightofShadows
Shadow Justiceby LightofShadows
For most humans, there is the Justice League. For Shadow users, there is the Shadow Court. Someone has been playing Shadow Games in Starling City, USA, resulting in deat...
Persona 4: A Show and Performance! by Tired_Author_21
Persona 4: A Show and Performance!by Tired_Author_21
Yu-Gi-Oh fan dies and gets one wish and one wish only. He wishes to have Yu-Gi-OH powers. The god sends him to the Persona world, where he can reincarnate with his wish...
Masked Heart (Yandere Seto Kaiba x reader) by christianna18
Masked Heart (Yandere Seto Kaiba x...by christianna sarakou
Seto Kaiba always had two things in his mind, keeping his company on top and keeping himself on top. However when a shy yet mysterious girl appears he finds himself seek...
The Silent Duelist ( Yugioh x Male OC Reader ) by Thatboihee
The Silent Duelist ( Yugioh x Male...by Thatboihee
(Discontinued for now) Dante Stryker a boy with cards given to him by his father wants people to see the power of them. But when people first see them they don't think m...
 Cards of Remnant by goblin1215
Cards of Remnantby Sleepy Goblin
Ruby Rose has wanted to be a Hunting Duelist all her life, to train her aura to manifest the monsters in her deck to fight the Grimm. So when she gets an invitation to j...
Heroes and Monsters - A Yugioh GX Story by Gl1tch87
Heroes and Monsters - A Yugioh GX...by Gl1tch87
The year is 2007. Eight long years have passed since the adventures of Yugi Mutou and his friends. Now this story takes place at Duel Academy, the world's number one Due...
Return of the White Dragon - A Yu-Gi-Oh! 5ds Male Reader Story by Gl1tch87
Return of the White Dragon - A Yu...by Gl1tch87
We all know of the mighty Signers and their war against the forces of evil with their powerful Synchro dragons. What would happen when someone new enters the scene, from...
The Stardust Hero by Cyber-RK18
The Stardust Heroby Cyber
Welcome to the world of The Stardust Hero. This is my first fanfic. Welcome to this Quirkless AU of Izuku's journey to be a Duelist-Hero. In a world where crime and inju...
 Here, there be dragon(maid)s by goblin1215
Here, there be dragon(maid)sby Sleepy Goblin
Louise was jealous of Tabitha's dragon, but really, dragons are a real handful that most sane people would choose not to deal with, should they have the choice. Louise n...
The Rising by Mercedes0606
The Risingby MercedesLP
Jaden has returned to his world. However, he's still hiding something from his friends. But this secret is dangerous, it could end everything. Darkness is rising... This...
Yugioh Boyfriend Scenarios (Requests are closed) by Nekogamez
Yugioh Boyfriend Scenarios (Reques...by NekoGamez
My second Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction and my third book! Enjoy! I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or anything else besides my story ideas, obviously. (Yeah, hi, this is the author. I haven't...
Yugioh Arc-V  x Male Reader by dunc1201
Yugioh Arc-V x Male Readerby Zarc1201
The resurrection of the Devil is inevitable, but what if there was now 2?, (I don't own the image)
Malik (Yami Marik) x reader lemon by KuroRose123
Malik (Yami Marik) x reader lemonby Marik&Malik Lover
Just a simple lemon , during the battle city tournament , I thought I would make one since whenever I would look up one , I can't find any ! So lets change that , for al...
Duel School by phoenix13579
Duel Schoolby Ashton
Duel Academy, where all duelists attend. You managed to get in, acing the entrance exam. This is a story about you meeting and making friends with the Yu-Gi-Oh! characte...
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's : Journey Of The Lost by kalebh50
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's : Journey Of The Lo...by Purple Hayes
Leo has been feeling down, and his self-doubt isn't helping. What's worse is that he wants to help protect his sister, but here's the question: how can he when his siste...
Yugi's new pack by Mothie-Dragonz
Yugi's new packby Mothie-Dragonz
When Yami and the gang starts ignoring Yugi,he can't help but feel alone and depressed.But when a new group of students notice Yugi depression and they hang out with him...
My Time in Battle City [Tales of Luna, Book 1] by SDKang
My Time in Battle City [Tales of L...by SD
Luna is a girl from our world, fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, collector of all things Kaiba. Growing up hasn't been the best, but she has been adapting and doing her best. That is, u...
Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: Shadow Of Arcadia by CyrilSmithVA
Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: Shadow Of Arcadiaby CyrilSmithVA
This story is based off the DS game of Reverse Of Arcadia with different a slightly different story-line. And no this is not actually Shadow the hedgehog but the Yugioh...