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  • therapy
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    "they told us that we needed therapy, as if medication and tainted words could fix broken toys."

  • Partying Hearts
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    ❝ Partying. Lying. Drinking. Smoking. Alcohol. Pressure. Perfection. Secrets. Whispers. Deaths... What doesn't go on at this part? ❞ © afterthehurricane 2013. All rights reserved

  • No Treatment for Love [Ouran Host Club Fanfic]
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    *This is a fanfiction of Ouran High School Host Club. This was cowritten by GOL4997 and Lithely.* When pop singer Francesca Kiss and her fashion designer/best friend Rose Summers fall ill with two different illnesses, they are shipped off to Japan to find cures. However, this trip to Japan ends strangely with the Our...