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tyrants  by putrescent
tyrants by °˖✧anya✧˖°
the kind of love i've been dreaming of 2018 - 2023 #29 in poetry, 2nd april 2023 #56 in prose, 23rd may 2019 #16 in non fiction, 6th april 2023
Dear Intruder | (Completed) by vineethereader
Dear Intruder | (Completed)by VINEE
Could you fall in love with someone you never met, saw or spoke to? Sounds unlikely? *** Ella is an overworked college student wh...
locutions [poetry] by spicytofuu
locutions [poetry]by ~
lo·cu·tion ləˈkyo͞oSH(ə)n/ (n.) " a particular form of expression;" 《 a collection of poems and prose. 》 highest rank - #7 in Poetry ♡ ...
Silence in the Walls by eternal_solace
Silence in the Wallsby E.S.
This is for those who lost or found their voices. This is for those who could and could not breathe. This is for anyone who is stuck or escaped the dismal abyss of all-c...
Finding Yourself by aditicshah
Finding Yourselfby Aditi Shah
A collection of quotes and proses that will help you to find yourself 💞 This is my first book so please do vote for the chapters you like and also leave your feedbacks...
men don't cry [Poetry] by insmniac
men don't cry [Poetry]by george 🌻
[H.R. #6 - 7. 3. 18] "we wear our emotions like intricately decorated chains strung around our throats and then tuck them into our shirts" *** i sincerely hope...
For My Derelict Favorite- American Romance Style by Ragenaan
For My Derelict Favorite- ragenaan
See introduction for explanation about why I'm writing a prose version of FMDF. Story Description: I woke up in my favorite romance novel. Yes, I know it sounds like a c...
the rose comes with thorns by itshvma
the rose comes with thornsby ㅤ
what drew your attention to this book? was it the delicate red rose on the cover? ... or was it its thorns? yes, the rose is daintily alluring, but you will only notice...
As Time Slows Around Us [Poetry] by Glitchy_1987
As Time Slows Around Us [Poetry]by Ollie
As complicated as time itself, like the silent conversations with the moon and sun, lie the complexity of the screaming but silent thoughts of the stars. "All that...
Unveiling the Untold by lbnvllna
Unveiling the Untoldby _aneeellll
A page's depths of hidden secrets and unspoken thoughts.
everyday by mitochondria-
everydayby pran
a girl, a journal, and everything in between.
Overthinking✓ by miko_leee
Overthinking✓by ---
a storm in my head, i've got a million words to say. a book where I pen the storm into words.
amaranthine by serenitypen
amaranthineby sese
the book of waiting
₊ 𖦹﹕𝗞𝗜𝗚𝗔𝗟 !(🪷) #PurpleProse by myrddin-emrys
₊ 𖦹﹕𝗞𝗜𝗚𝗔𝗟 !(🪷) #PurpleProseby ೯⠀⁺ ⠀ 𖥻 𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘩𝘬𝘪𝘨𝘢𝘭...
✧. ꒱ earth ━━━━━ 𝐊𝐈𝐆𝐀𝐋 ⌘ ᵒᶰᵍᵒᶤᶰᵍ (⸼𓍢✧𓈒⊹ֶָ֢ ) ✎ ┊❛❛ Where the delicate petals of the night-blooming cereus embrace the moon's luminous gaze, and the ancient whispe...
The Manuscript.  by writtenbytyun
The Manuscript. by 태
The only thing that's left is the manuscript. One last souvenir from my trip to your shores. Now and then, I re-read the manuscript; but the story isn't mine anymore. ...
reflection = cast shadow by NeoKultured
reflection = cast shadowby NeoKultured
before you cast your shadow outreaching and infinitely dark allow me time to reflect like a shining piece of armour
sunflower [ poetry/ proses/ quotes] by whispering_euphoria
sunflower [ poetry/ proses/ quotes]by euphoria
✿ Like sunflowers I want to grow in the places where there is melliflous poetry, soft anxiety, imbue art, ethereal canvas, wild fleurs, iridescent galaxies and nefarious...
haikus by kerrigankenna
haikusby ♡kerrigan mckenna♡
seventeen syllables, telling stories. highest poems ranking: #21 highest poetry ranking: #16 highest haiku tag ranking: #1