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Secrets kept from therapists  by randompoemsimade
Secrets kept from therapists by lillian :)
A poetry book by me, Lillian or "-L" --- "your just a blunt, that i'm waiting to burn out, so i can start another one. because after all, we are perfectl...
a piece of moon and the sunflower star by A-Piece-Of-Moon
a piece of moon and the sunflower...by Elira
Just some poems, prose and thoughts. Whatever read it!!! I own all the drawings of this book. And please be ready to find some amazing mistakes because I'm not Shakespea...
A poem for my "FIRST"  that didn't last. by ddwrit3s
A poem for my "FIRST" that didn't...by Dave Diamante
Have you ever liked someone? Well, I do. Among all confessions, this was the best but I ended up wounded. I have always wanted to be honest at least for once with my fe...
Silent Poetry by seven_hues
Silent Poetryby Sreeja Naskar
At late nights, I could see those choked words rushing out of my throat--shouting their presence in the ink of the broken pen. They're awake to be in my heart and on th...
These lonely nights... by J_R_Hansen
These lonely nights...by J. R Hansen
Consider this doodle made of words. Small sentences floating through the night Old memories, regrets, a present and a past Written down in poems. Is it for your enjoymen...
Elysian Biweekly Contest | Poetry by ElysianPoetry
Elysian Biweekly Contest | Poetryby Elysian Poetry
The Biweekly Contest, as it names suggests, is a biweekly (every two weeks) poetry contest that will be held for poets who wish to challange themselves for fun.
in sketches, in words by radikalrainbow
in sketches, in wordsby rad
There are only a few things in life that you can really hold on to. I don't know a lot of things but I am certain that Time isn't one of them. As I open this journal to...
In the mean time [ A Poetry Collection ] #wattys2019 by starversionist
In the mean time [ A Poetry Collec...by Mahima
I write about my feelings, my pain, my mistakes, my sufferings, my love and everything that I feel connected to. I write about myself and the people I know. I write abou...
Book Of Quotes by Love_Nova1807
Book Of Quotesby LoveNova
A compilation of amazing quotes Top 30🥰 🥇 poem book 🥈poemcollection 🥉 quote 🥉 lovequotes # 5 poet #10 poetry collection #11 poems # 19 classic #21 words #21 quote...
t h o u g h t s by bbsteers
t h o u g h t sby brianna
My escape from the world, in words.
365 DAYS. by Gaby_Yowa
365 DAYS.by Gabriella
I am simply drinking coffee and rather lazily writing poems days after I was supposed to.
milk and honey, but not really by revefestivaI
milk and honey, but not reallyby 🥀★🥀★🥀
milk and honey, poems by rupiss rawr "i went crazy for him, but he did not go stupid for me."
I Find Myself in Words by istillwanty0u
I Find Myself in Wordsby istillwanty0u
Original poetry about everything. Beauty, pain, life, death... Enjoy - 💙 ~Complete~
horribly beautiful ✔️ by ithinkyouwere
horribly beautiful ✔️by bloodhound
people write about things that do not happen. they will romanticize this world in hopes of filling themselves up. they write like their words are food. but i have alwa...
Moonlight & Fireflies  by violet2420
Moonlight & Fireflies by violet
Moonlight & Fireflies is a collection of poems mainly about love, heartbreak, friendship and life. The book contains 50 short and simple poems. This is actually my firs...
Poems I Love (4)  by Kelsie_Puckett
Poems I Love (4) by Kelsie Puckett
This is part four of the poems, quotes, and song lyrics that I love. If I find them with the author I will write the authors name on it. If you have any of your own and...
Smile, Cry, Die by twayyla
Smile, Cry, Dieby mint.
"How can you save a splitting relationship when you can't even save yourself? " I'm Dane and this are the words I couldn't dare to shout. The words of pain th...
thoughts from when: 1. the sky is an ocean 2. the world is kept outside your window 3. the stars are at your feet
Just One More... by thespoiledolivejar
Just One More...by Olive
A series of enticing poems in no particular order, written totally unprofessionally, sporadically and unassisted. Revealing raw and bittersweet truths to you all. Until...