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  • Senior Year
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    CaptainSwan fanfic Emma Swan is new to Storybrooke, and starting her Senior Year at the local high school. Being the new kid in school is nothing she isn't used to at this point, and she just wants to get through the year, and get her diploma, if she lasts in Storybrooke that long that is. Killian Jones is 23, and st...

    Completed   Mature
  • CaptainSwan in College
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    What if Emma and Killian were just regular college students? Emma's been an orphan her whole life and she just got out of the foster system when she meets Killian on her college campus

  • Life Never goes as Planned
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    Other than being an amazing Fashion Designer at Fashion Avenue Institute, Emma Swan is a very closed off woman. Her only focus is her designs and runway shows. By solely focusing on her job people started to call her by what she supposably portrayed. A heartless, mean, evil, and emotionless boss. So she embraced it an...

  • Home
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    Emma Swan is an orphan who is being transferred into another group home. She lives on a specific set of rules she has made for herself. Never ask for seconds at the dinner table, do things when told to, and don't fall under the influence of anything bad. But eventually, she tires of following the rules and being the p...

  • Loyalty and Love
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    Emma Swan and Regina Mills have been like sisters since the day they meet back in kindergarten. Now they are in High School they were not acknowledged by anyone no one knew they existed, but one day people might. Killian Jones and Robin Locksly have been friends since they were just babies. Their families were close a...

  • Complete The Incomplete | CS AU
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    THIS CAN BE USED AS A SEQUEL TO "I BEG YOU" But if you haven't read it, it's still okay. ⤵️⤵️⤵️ Emma and Killian used to date in high school. With Liam's death, Killian had to go back to Ireland and the two had to break up. Now he finds her 8 months and half pregnant from Neal, and the surprise of seeing him again mak...

  • You Brought Me Home - Captain Swan Fanfic
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    This story takes place right after the season three finale. Something I changed: Emma never brought back Marian, and Outlaw Queen lives on, yay! Also, this is my first CS fanfic, so be sure to tell me what you think!