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  • The Summer Sky. (A MarkiplierXreader fanfic) [Book 3]
    1.4K 36 23

    {This is book 3 of my MarkiplierXreader fanfic series} The days go past, each one feeling better than the last. Mark had made your life whole again. Two whole years you had lived with him, but this summer, this summer was special... [You guys know what I mean off course there's a plot twist ;) ]

  • You'll Never be Alone (Markiplier X reader Fanfic) [Book 2]
    2.5K 66 23

    {This is a continuation of "Alone When I'm With You" i recommend that you read them in order.} You walked away from the booth his picture in your hands. In the past you where never sure what you would do if you saw those eyes again. You had wondered if you would just kiss him on the spot. But you just stood there. If...

  • Alone When I'm With You (A Markiplier X Reader fanfic) [Book 1]
    794 10 4

    Oh what a summer it had been! You where glad Mark was there for you, you don't know what you would have done without him. He had seen you in tears of sadness and joy, grieve and laughter. You turn your head and stare into his deep brown eyes. You close your eyes and remember, you remember his arms on your shoulders as...