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Sweet || Markiplier x Reader by GirlOnInternet
Sweet || Markiplier x Readerby GirlOnInternet
Owning a quaint little bakery in the middle of LA was actually quite nice. You loved doing what you do and love it even more when people eat your sweets that you make in...
Markiplier x Reader!ABDL by K-Warfstache
Markiplier x Reader!ABDLby (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Hello everybody. Before you begin to read these random short fanfictions I wrote, you should probably find out what an ABDL is if you don't know already. • • Find out? Y...
 You Break Me (Markiplier x reader) by beg0neth0t
You Break Me (Markiplier x reader)by tasha.
(Y/N) has life problems since she was 10. At 14 years old, her father dies and her mom is having trouble dealing with it. Until a few years, when (Y/N) is 16, her mom fi...
Voice (Jacksepticeye x Deaf!Reader) by Mikey1lovesall
Voice (Jacksepticeye x Deaf!Reader)by Mikey
Your Hearing has been gone since birth. It never bothered you until you came across the loudest man on the planet. Or, so you've been told.
Unexpected (Reader x Jacksepticeye) by Jessaboo245
Unexpected (Reader x Jacksepticeye)by Call me Jess
You're Markiplier's younger sister. You've heard many things about Jacksepticeye but you never watched his videos or met him personally, that was, until now...
The New Teacher (Teacher!Markiplier x Reader) by The_Angel_That_Wrote
The New Teacher (Teacher! the_angel_that_wrote
You're a university (college) student when you are told that your normal teacher has left and you are assigned a new one. Being the sassy little shit you are, you get in...
The Darkness Inside by TheMostInsane
The Darkness Insideby TheMostInsane
Jack has been fighting it for months, but one can only go so far. Antisepticeye finally comes out, and who will he go after first? Of course it would be Mark, Anti has b...
She's Mine (Jack X Mark X reader) by RunningBaconSandwich
She's Mine (Jack X Mark X reader)by RunningBaconSandwich
Your professor and a boy at your college, both fall hopelessly in love with you. On the surface you may think you know them, but you truly don't know what they are ĉ̴̆...
Markiplier Imagines by sincerelymark
Markiplier Imaginesby inactive, but loving
in which you get to live your dreams. # 21 in Fanfiction - 10/16/16
The Dark Sides And Me (Darkiplier x Antisepticeye x Reader) by WildStoriesTameMinds
The Dark Sides And Me ( Wild Trash Rat
It was dark and ominous. The wall you pressed yourself upon was cool and dank. A rancid smell reached your nostrils, making you gag. It was the stench of death. Somethin...
Welcome to the Markiplier Manor! by Moody_Louise
Welcome to the Markiplier Manor!by Moody_Louise
It's been four years since you've last seen your dear brother Mark. You decided to go to his manor a week for a vacation. You have a odd feeling though, what if Mark isn...
[COMPLETED] A Little Too Personal (Googleplier x Reader) by MARKlPLlER
COMPLETE. you find yourself stuck with an AI who loves you, a virus within that AI who lusts and wants to harm you, a newer version of that AI who too likes you, and so...
Jacksepticeye x Reader by MyChemicalLevi
Jacksepticeye x Readerby Workman
Just another good fan fiction I worked hard on, and hope you all enjoy!
Markiplier Imagines by keenequeen
Markiplier Imaginesby keenequeen
Enjoy living the life of Mrs.Iplier! ( I figured since my last story had Mark as the antagonist I should make a happy story with him in it😉)
Markiplier x Reader ABDL  by bellesbadgirlclub
Markiplier x Reader ABDL by bellesbadgirlclub
You are younge girl who is a abdl you never told anyone not even your boyfriend mark so one-day you fondly got up the courage to tell him but your scared will he hate yo...
Schizophrenic (Ipliers X reader) by warfstacheonesie
Schizophrenic (Ipliers X reader)by Warfstacheonesie
(Y/N) just got a new client she has to try to understand, work with, and make better. Will she succeed to help this man who thinks he has three personalities?
YouTubers×Child!Reader by m0mmyMiLkers_
YouTubers×Child!Readerby Mommy milkers
random YouTubers x Child! Reader read more to find out who your the child of!
✓But Daddy~ *Septiplier Fanfic* [Editing] by not_kiri
✓But Daddy~ *Septiplier Fanfic* [ tetsutetsu tetsutetsu
Jack and Mark are both regular men. They have girlfriends and they have a happy life doing YouTube for a living. Everything was pretty normal until Jack called Mark and...
Help me (Jacksepticeye x child reader) by Makati-Feather
Help me (Jacksepticeye x child Gacha Danii
(Y/N) is 14 and living in a house with an abusive father and his gf. She doesn't get to see her mother often and is starting to lose hope in being happy again. She runs...