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The Dying Generation by DezWeasel767
The Dying Generationby Colorful Dreams Productions
Clayton, a Ten year old girl who wakes up in a place unknown to her. She has no memory of her past or really where she came from, how she had ended up in the strange pla...
The Shrink Program by Shayni
The Shrink Programby Shayni
Maddison Tramph makes terrible life choices and is shrunken as a result. To return to normal, she must reform her behaviour with the help of an estranged best friend. R...
Living With The Giants by moodygirlz
Living With The Giantsby Kato
Tess is exactly like every other teenage girl Yet this human didn't live where you'd expect, actually an entire other world all together. Earth having died hundreds of y...
Big Date by Ladymadonna99writes
Big Dateby Lady Madonna
After hitting it off virtually, Jordan and Dan decide to finally go on a date in person. What happens when Dan shows up much bigger than expected? Lots of fluff. Love s...
Giant One Shots by unknownuser0118
Giant One Shotsby ??
I've been reading plenty of these lately, and they have inspired me to make my own! Enjoy!
Disgusting Little Deviant - The Delightful Tale of Elliot The Borrower by Ehlora
Disgusting Little Deviant - The Eeh Lora
Ah, Borrowers! Don't we all know the stories? Those adorably quaint little people, living underneath the floorboards and traversing within the walls! And my word! Li...
GT        a friend? by GTidkwhatimdoing
GT a friend?by GTidkwhatimdoing
A giant werewolf was awaken by a high pitched scream to find a tiny, what happens? who knows....
You Are My Escape (G/T) (Completed) by bottlesandbuttons
You Are My Escape (G/T) (Completed)by M
A young fairy prince tries to escape the mortifying ordeal of being known by running away to the forbidden land of humans, blending in as one of them. This totally won't...
Yaoi G/T one shots by fan_writer123
Yaoi G/T one shotsby fan_writer123
Bunch of diff g/t one shots of my fav yaoi ships. WARNING: some chpt are going to have smut in them. Title page done by Kiyoshilia on tumblr
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A Giant's Grace by GT_SR_
A Giant's Graceby
In her first year of living alone, Grace makes a fatal mistake. She ends up encountering a giant, which the tales have made out to be cruel beasts. "Grace was start...
Keeping A GIANT Secret (DNF) by SpiderLogDerp44
Keeping A GIANT Secret (DNF)by SpiderLogDerp44
Giants are fantasies to humans, or so they thought Two boys, a human and a giant, met in the forest since they were children, have grown fond of each other as the human...
Big Love (GT boyxboy story) by LevVans
Big Love (GT boyxboy story)by Lev Vans
A macrophile romance between two college sportsmen and the hard process of developing trust on someone a thousand times your size. Disclaimer: This story contains sexual...
Delicious Stories by VorishEgos
Delicious Storiesby Vorish Egos
Stories, which will bring you joy, sadness, disbelief and mostly warmth, because it can't be cold inside the tum, right~? So sit, relax and enjoy written creations~ ﹏﹏﹏﹏...
Smallest orphan by Crystalk17
Smallest orphanby CrystalK17
Bina is a 4-inch 13 year old borrower who lost her parents a long time ago. So where do all children go when they need parents? A foundation. The problem is there are si...
Little Love (borrower fanfiction) by faridaahmedzaki
Little Love (borrower fanfiction)by Farida❤️😏246
This is about a borrower named Marcus who is trying to settle down in a house after an accident that made him lose his left leg and a troubled girl named Emily who is pl...
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Comfort - Intruality Vore by Percimmon
Comfort - Intruality Voreby Perci
Patton can't stop thinking about his fight with Janus and an unlikely side offers them comfort in a unique way. tw: heavily detailed descriptions of vore Note: This take...
Bigger Things by bittersweet6532
Bigger Thingsby amber 💜
Willow is a loyal gatherer for her local village of wildfolk, a race of four inch tall people living in the forest away from the monstrous "giants" who seek no...
The Little Beacon (GT DNF Merman AU) by SpiderLogDerp44
The Little Beacon (GT DNF Merman SpiderLogDerp44
If you read "Castle Swimmer" on Webtoon, it's similar to that, and no, not much to "The Little Mermaid" A drop from the sun sunk into the depths of t...
Lost and Found  [ COMPLETED ] by ZardinTheBrokenAtlas
Lost and Found [ COMPLETED ]by Evern Plumely
(For all the people who do not understand what GT is, it stands for Giant&Tiny.) A 16year old girl, who is living by herself due to an accident, finds herself in a stran...
A Tiny Problem by MostlyAniMonster
A Tiny Problemby Ani Johnson
Borrower of Brighton, Book 1: A young Borrower started a new life in a new house. But after realizing she had no food and neither did her human bean, Seán "Jacksept...