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Unnerved ((G/T)) by The_Little_Dove
Unnerved ((G/T))by Lil' Dove
((I drew and own this cover!) Carrie stands at 3 inches tall. She's always been that way and has always been on her own. Since she was five, she's had to fend for hersel...
My giant rescue by Emmy0061
My giant rescueby Emmy0061
Emma lives a horrible live as a slave on a farm. Her master doesn't make it easier with him always pushing her. One day there starts coming rumors about a giant that's...
To Trust a Giant  by Pikaglove
To Trust a Giant by Pikaglove
There's a world where giants and humans live together, but not equally in some places. In some countries, humans are nothing more than pets. Stella has escaped from her...
Something in the Woods by Pikaglove
Something in the Woodsby Pikaglove
Growing up alone is never easy, Katie had spent her entire life with no friends or family to love and support her. But all of that soon changes when she investigates the...
The Dying Generation by DezWeasel767
The Dying Generationby Colorful Dreams Productions
Clayton, a Ten year old girl who wakes up in a place unknown to her. She has no memory of her past or really where she came from, how she had ended up in the strange pla...
The Kidnapped Knight by sleepystudios2
The Kidnapped Knightby Sleepy
Leaves were rustling, and the dirt was crunching under his boots. It has been hours of wandering through the woods, assigned to slay the giant by his commander. The knig...
His Little Doll ((G/T)) by The_Little_Dove
His Little Doll ((G/T))by Lil' Dove
((I drew and own this cover!) Tinies were a newly discovered race to the humans, standing about three inches tall and many had already been captured and put into stores...
Middle School Miniature by Diamondgirl_ema
Middle School Miniatureby Dimondgirl_ema
I still remember my life when it was normal, average, plain. Nothing of any importance ever happened. I stand up slowly and look up into the huge, sad, green eyes of my...
The Curse Of The Abyss (GT Genshin) by SpiderLogDerp44
The Curse Of The Abyss (GT Genshin)by SpiderLogDerp44
Diluc, a man everyone adores, but his seriousness makes people think badly of him No one has ever seen him smile, not even his adoptive brother, Kaeya One night, as Dilu...
Lost And Found (G/T) by leahsliving
Lost And Found (G/T)by leahsliving
After a catastrophe of a date, Robin Turner finds herself stuck at about 4 inches tall. While learning to deal with the world that seems out to get her, she also has to...
Gt Oneshots by YellowFlowers312
Gt Oneshotsby Yellow Flowers
A series of short Gt stories.
Polianna and the Beanstalk by RatthewHolt
Polianna and the Beanstalkby Shannon
A lowly peasant girl acquires a pouch of magic beans. Next thing she knows, she's surrounded by household objects taller than her. Oh, and a person the size of a skyscra...
Mark and The Borrower HIATUS by Echosher
Mark and The Borrower HIATUSby Echosher
Time to start you're new life alone as a borrower! You've finally come of age to leave your parents and find a house of you're own. You must choose wisely and keep out o...
Little Love (borrower fanfiction) by faridaahmedzaki
Little Love (borrower fanfiction)by Farida❤️drama lover
This is about a borrower named Marcus who is trying to settle down in a house after an accident that made him lose his left leg and a troubled girl named Emily who is pl...
The Smallest in the Family G/t by LunaTally1
The Smallest in the Family G/tby Yellow
"So, when can I meet your parents?" He snorted in laughter at my question. "What's so funny?" "I don't think I want you to meet them." ...
Monster In The Family  by thundercat2016
Monster In The Family by thundercat2016
Bianca thought she knew everything about her family members. But what well happen when she finds out that one of her family members has a dark secret?
[G/T] His love by goldenchariot_0
[G/T] His loveby M
My first GT story Falling in love with your childhood best friend is kinda hard, especially when she's a couple of inches tall. Follow these two awkward teens in their l...
G/T Artbook by bottlesandbuttons
G/T Artbookby M
Some of my g/t art, story fanart and brand new characters included!
Star and the Giant by smallfairyfromabove
Star and the Giantby 🧚‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧝‍♀️
Star gets abused by her father every day when she doesn't come home with stolen goods or money. Her father beats her and cuts her so much that her purity is ruined. Bei...
Big Love (GT boyxboy story) by LevVans
Big Love (GT boyxboy story)by Lev Vans
A macrophile romance between two college sportsmen and the hard process of developing trust on someone a thousand times your size. Disclaimer: This story contains sexual...