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Her Tiny World by beagaboo
Her Tiny Worldby beagaboo
When summer arrives, Max and Mina are expecting it to be just another ordinary summer as always. But they cannot imagine that their lives will change forever when their...
The Gourmet's Lil'snack by ShamenyShamey
The Gourmet's Lil'snackby Shameny Shamey
Thorne is a Borrower who lived in a restaurant until a misfortune fall place her into the plate of a weird and certainly not human food critic, Humbert Gourmand. ...
You're Not My Soulmate (jjk) by poggers27
You're Not My Soulmate (jjk)by poggers27
self indulgent bts g/t + a highschool au + a soulmate au = this book for some reason, i really wanted to write this... my thoughts must've been on crack and probably sti...
Big Mom Small Son by Duscara
Big Mom Small Sonby Duscara Sheddinn
A tiny boy with long ears, a tail like that of a lion, and wings like those of a bee becomes the adoptive son of a human woman. (Cover art by gt-references on Tumblr.)
SaneGiyuu G/T stories by Aikyu-GT
SaneGiyuu G/T storiesby Aikyu GT
Idk but this is just some oneshots of SaneGiyuu mixed with giant tiny for the heck of it. What has become of my life?
Danganronpa Oneshots (And G/T) by Msyticmouse
Danganronpa Oneshots (And G/T)by Msyticmouse
Comment if you want Danganronpa G/t, or Danganronpa x reader. I'm basically mixing Danganronpa and G/t (Giant/tiny) together! 😁
My giant boyfriend //BL by Aikyu-GT
My giant boyfriend //BLby Aikyu GT
Attihiko is a 19 year old giant with a talent for music and a odd interest in humans. Akira is a secluded 21 year old who lives in the middle of nowhere next to a fores...
Big Date by Ladymadonna99writes
Big Dateby Lady Madonna
After hitting it off virtually, Jordan and Dan decide to finally go on a date in person. What happens when Dan shows up much bigger than expected? Lots of fluff. Love s...
Hopeful Future by Duscara
Hopeful Futureby Duscara Sheddinn
A 14 year old human girl discovers a tiny boy who was left to die. She decides to take him into her home and raise him as her own.
★ The Dragon And The Fairy [G/T] ★ by __cord__
★ The Dragon And The Fairy [G/T] ★by CORD
The prince of the dragons, aka Jaxx, is a giant dragon who initially seems nonchalant and uncaring, but is super clingy dragon with a sweet tooth if he likes you enough...
Downward Spiral by Kidinquestion
Downward Spiralby Kid in question
Caden, already down on his luck and homeless, stumbles upon a case of random alcohol left behind a bar, setting off a chain of events that leads to a mysterious and alar...
The Tiny Giant [ Volume 1: Two Hearts, One Family ] by TheTorresTwins
The Tiny Giant [ Volume 1: Two Christa Torres
Robin Hopeget or Hope, a small but confident 6-year-old little human girl with bright red hair, living happily with her mother and hometown in Human Territory. But then...
One Shot by Narrans
One Shotby Narrans
Collection of one-shots involving Borrowers, giant/tiny scenarios, and size difference characters. Cheers and, as always, stay awesome! ~Narrans
Short G/T stories by lizagreeeen
Short G/T storiesby liza
Some short giant/tiny stories
Lilla (GT) by IAmTheAlice
Lilla (GT)by IAmAliceIGuess
Caught in, quite literally, the most unfortunate scenario she could imagine, Maria is forced to serve one of the 4 most dangerous giants in her kingdom. She's obviously...
The Mini and The Thief (G/T) by Lovelycaisy
The Mini and The Thief (G/T)by Caisy
Ruby is a young mini child that was snatched away from her home and parents. Titus, a thief breaks in and discovers her. He protects and saves her from captor.
Scars (a G/t story) by thatsdree
Scars (a G/t story)by thatsdree
Despite constantly peering into the fascinating lives of humans, Fyn feared those giant creatures. They caused nothing but suffering for him and the other fairies in his...
Poppet? Adopt it. by JustGotKoolLaid
Poppet? Adopt Just Got Kool-Laid
After a giant finds an orphaned, little girl, he is tasked to find her a home.
A (Not So) Tiny Mishap by TheMagicHarp
A (Not So) Tiny Mishapby 🪷💚Kaz • Vikki 💖🌺
You're having a normal day at NRC, when all of a sudden you get back to Ramshackle and are shrunk! Someone's obviously pulling a prank, but now you're tiny and have no w...
Slide To Open by Slide-To-Open
Slide To Openby Slide-To-Open
"Out of all four boys that were a part of the unlikely friend group, only three of them were human."