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Middle School Miniature by Diamondgirl_ema
Middle School Miniatureby Dimondgirl_ema
I still remember my life when it was normal, average, plain. Nothing of any importance ever happened. I stand up slowly and look up into the huge, sad, green eyes of my...
Adopted BIG Brother  by Yammy_Potato
Adopted BIG Brother by Yammy_Potato
~First story! Hope ya give it a chance ~ Dylan, a careless and lousy orphan, mainly known for his deleterious behavior and outstanding still growing height. Many people...
The King's Servants by KaytheAppreciator
The King's Servantsby KaytheAppreciator
Art by JessicaRae3 on DeviantArt Hey Everyone! This is the my very first book that I've written here. I published it on DeviantArt but I decided to share it here as we...
Caught  by thundercat2016
Caught by thundercat2016
Betty is an average girl who got good grades and all of the teachers loved her. But what well happen when Betty finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time?
Perspectives by Miss_Madeline
Perspectivesby Madeline
Piper Douglas long ago accepted that her life was just meant to be sucky. After her parents' divorce, she developed something of a bad attitude, causing all but one of h...
Giant (G/T) One-Shots by JustGotKoolLaid
Giant (G/T) One-Shotsby Just Got Kool-Laid
These are a collection of short stories, flash fiction, and one-shots about giants. -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- This collection is frequently added...
A Little Hope ((G/T)) by The_Little_Dove
A Little Hope ((G/T))by Lil' Dove
Sixteen-year-old Jenna's mother recently started dating a man named Chris. But when her mother isn't in the room or at home, Chris abuses her. Both emotionally and physi...
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Harry Styles GT imagines by RBerkmanLadybug
Harry Styles GT imaginesby Rylee Elizabeth Berkman
I've always wanted to write imagines where Harry is a giant of some sort and the reader a tiny because I think Harry interacting with a tiny person would be so cute.
Minime {Improved Version} by RandomStoriesHQ
Minime {Improved Version}by Rosella/Ella
'The aim of the serum I was injected with was to concentrate the cancer molecules and ultimately shrink them down to about a twentieth of their original size, which woul...
His Little Doll ((G/T)) by The_Little_Dove
His Little Doll ((G/T))by Lil' Dove
((I drew and own this cover!) Tinies were a newly discovered race to the humans, standing about three inches tall and many had already been captured and put into stores...
The Giant by Baileyschatz
The Giantby Bailey Anne Schatz
A princess is given to a giant prince as humans try to make peace with the giants. Will she be treated as a pet, a prisoner, or a love interest. Read to find out.
Life As My Shrunken Foot Slave by 4minecraft
Life As My Shrunken Foot Slaveby 4minecraft
This is a a fictional story about being a tiny foot slave. If you enjoy this check out my other true stories! Feel free to shoot me a message!
A Giantess Planet  by mrKDM123
A Giantess Planet by Mr KDMdude
Jack has shrunken down to the size of a LEGO figure, due to a blue shockwave. Jack struggles as he tries to adapt to the new living conditions.
Adopted by a Giantess by Chrisingo47
Adopted by a Giantessby Christopher Stilling
A 10 year human girl named Isabella is badly abused by her dad, until finally he decides that he doesn't want to deal with her anymore so he abandoned's her. After bein...
Transformers: Toys in Disguise (Transformers Prime) (Starscream x reader) by Honey_Blossom70
Transformers: Toys in Disguise (Tr...by 🌸 Honey_Blossom 🌸
Everyone knows Transformers. Even if you know nothing about it you at least know they exist. But they don't know about us, the people behind the screen. Starscream wakes...
The Sea Creature  by thundercat2016
The Sea Creature by thundercat2016
Molly is young girl who lives with her older sister who never bothers with, but that all changes when Molly's sister takes her to the beach.
A giants school by Jackson_3e
A giants schoolby Jackson
Hazel is a human but her mom enrolls her in a giant's school. Hazel fears giant more than anything, but when meeting her new roommate, her perspective changes. (disconti...
His Revenge by Elkri2301
His Revengeby Elkri2301
A scientist takes revenge on a girl by shrinking her and taking her prisoner.
Extraordinary  by _sadnessx_
Extraordinary by _sadnessx_
♆Follow Alexa on her extraordinary journey, encountering Giants and the colossal world they live in.♆ Alexa had always been displeased with the lack of adventures the wo...
A New Giantess World by NoGame928
A New Giantess Worldby Call Me Whatever
It seemed like an ordinary day like any other for our main character Daniel. Having to start a new school year and having being scolded by his older sister Emma. After l...