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The Broken Date by Darkiplier-Demon-
The Broken Dateby Darkiplier
Jack and Mark are in love. They've gone steady since junior high, and are planning to graduate from high school and attend college together. Then, of course, they'll mar...
Forever and Always (Septipler) by fangirl_bookworm14
Forever and Always (Septipler)by Ms. Mantha
Mark and Sean have been friends for a really long time, but could it be something stronger than just friendship?
I Need You... (Jacksepticeye x Markiplier) by CharlotteOneal
I Need You... (Jacksepticeye x CharlotteOneal
Contains vivid descriptions of suicidal thoughts and depression just for a warning. What will happen when a depression ridden Sean falls in love with a strong Mark? Neit...
Insomnia [Jacksepticeye + Markiplier] by MaskedMew
Insomnia [Jacksepticeye + mad dog
Insomnia: A story about the YouTubers jacksepticeye and markiplier, in which Jack cannot sleep. -fan art used in cover by tumblr user umbrony-if they want me to take it...
Decisions [Septiplier] by SepticGirl88
Decisions [Septiplier]by SepticGirl88
Shit can get complicated in life. Especially between friends, or even best friends. And it all usually tends to happen when someone goes and makes a bad decision, and th...
Omegaverse {Septiplier} by Natialene9kill
Omegaverse {Septiplier}by Natialenekill
Jack has pretended to be an Alpha for years, now he hit his first heat in the Alphas class, with Mark slowly catching on, and other Alphas closing in. he can't keep this...
Flower Crown by potpocket
Flower Crownby potpocket
Pastel Jack x Punk Mark AU - (the cover isn't even oof) Jack is a shy, stubborn flower boy. He adores anything nature and pastel colored. His favorite things to do; draw...
The Boy Next Door by BooperDooperBby
The Boy Next Doorby ✨Naomi ✨
A story in which a small Irish boy named Jack moves to a new country his senior year, and develops a crush on his dreamy next door neighbor who just so happens to be his...
Changes (Septiplier) [ON HOLD] by McFischbach
Changes (Septiplier) [ON HOLD]by EdWill
Mark, who is currently studying in college, is living with a transfer student from Ireland named Jack. But, because of his obnoxious habit of partying and bringing girls...
Septiplier (Markiplier X Jacksepticeye) by YaoiFansOnly
Septiplier (Markiplier X YaoiFansOnly
Jacks girlfriend just broke up with him. (Not Signe! I love and respect their real girlfriends, the girlfriend in this story is a made up character that is nothing like...
Markiplier Imagines by AbiEvans
Markiplier Imaginesby Abi
Markiplier x Reader imagines and maybe one or two chapters of Septiplier just because I can't resist. Some fluffy ones, some funny ones. Some weird ones and some cute o...
Septiplier One Shots by LittleRedAuthor
Septiplier One Shotsby Little Red Author
So three things go into this book. 1. The fact that I have a problem. 2. My overactive brain that's constantly thinking of new story ideas. 3. My lack of time. So this...
♡the Club♡ (Septiplier) by Slenderboy152
♡the Club♡ (Septiplier)by ♡Dacoda♡
Sean has escaped an abusive prison of a relation ship but now he is homeless and has no where to go. He finds a help wanted sign for a new club called 'paradise' that is...
Texting Jack [Septiplier] by Septiplier_Boss
Texting Jack [Septiplier]by Septiplier Love
Markimoo: So I heard you and Felix live very close to each other Jackaboy: Yeah. I heard that he is your best friend Markimoo: Yeah. I heard that you're hot Jackaboy:...
Fifty Shades Of Septiplier ❤💚 by Septiplier21Love
Fifty Shades Of Septiplier ❤💚by Septiplier21Love
Jack and mark have been friends for years. After hanging out on a whim, They both realize their relationship is more than they thought it was. Things evolve, especially...
YouTuber Tickle One-Shots by Skyethecookie
YouTuber Tickle One-Shotsby 》crippling dysphoria
From Septiplier to Pewdiecry, from Pewdieplier to Danti, from Tythan to Crankiplier, all the YouTuber ships are here! But I'm gonna need you guys to help me along. Comme...
Hold on JackABoy  by Phantom_septiplier
Hold on JackABoy by Phantom_septiplier
XXXXXX Trigger Warning XXXXXX -alcohol -swearing -minor character death -PTSD -Selfharm -past abuse Jacksepticeye. A hilarious Irish Gaming youtuber; who uploads almost...
Mark Is A Friggin' Beautiful Photo God by softmarkimoo
Mark Is A Friggin' Beautiful Almighty Food Wizard
Pictures of Markiplier. I stole this idea from my friend @ilikeanythinggay so go check them out
Ever After by LogiPoo
Ever Afterby LogiPoo
"His eyes - oh, God, his eyes - were an entirely different story. Staring into his eyes was like staring into the summer sky just before the sunset came, before the...
Don't Let Go (Sequel to Hold On JackABoy) by Phantom_septiplier
Don't Let Go (Sequel to Hold On Phantom_septiplier
XXXXXXTriggerWarningXXXXXX -self harm -PTSD -smut - swearing -past abuse -slight memory loss -anorexia -rape -major character death Jack and Jade...