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Septiplier (Markiplier X Jacksepticeye) by YaoiFansOnly
Septiplier (Markiplier X YaoiFansOnly
Jacks girlfriend just broke up with him. (Not Signe! I love and respect their real girlfriends, the girlfriend in this story is a made up character that is nothing like...
Prove It~ Septiplier high school by goatednat
Prove It~ Septiplier high schoolby goatednat
Septiplier High School short story: Mark- a cute fuckboy that falls for Jack. He would do anything for Jack but, the younger boy doesn't know that. Jack- a boy who doesn...
His Story (A Septiplier Fanfic) by MysteriousCoolDude
His Story (A Septiplier Fanfic)by ThatOneCoolGuy
Seán William McLoughlin, a bullied 17 year old highschooler, is secretly a popular youtuber. No one has seen his face, only his voice (like Cryaotic only no one has had...
I'm NoT cRaZy  (Septiplier) by ShadowIsEm
I'm NoT cRaZy (Septiplier)by ShadowIsEm
"Oh, and also Mark" He said, Mark looking up at him with pursed lips. "Don't look, listen or talk to Sean for too long". "Why?" "He'll...
Septiplier One-Shots by Septiplier_Away13
Septiplier One-Shotsby Septiplier_Away13
This is going to just be a one-shot book where I dump anything septiplier that comes into my mind. All/most of it will just be fluffy things that pop in to my head that...
✓But Daddy~ *Septiplier Fanfic* [Editing] by not_kiri
✓But Daddy~ *Septiplier Fanfic* [ tetsutetsu tetsutetsu
Jack and Mark are both regular men. They have girlfriends and they have a happy life doing YouTube for a living. Everything was pretty normal until Jack called Mark and...
You're Up Awfully Late {Septiplier} by CaddyCorner
You're Up Awfully Late {Septiplier}by Kel
The first time was a mistake; Jack swears by it: It was a convention. They were drunk. Jack and his girlfriend were fighting. Mark just looked so good with his new hairc...
He's Mine by BooperDooperBby
He's Mineby ✨Naomi ✨
Dark has always been in the inner depths of Mark's mind watching, waiting. But now he sees something he has to have; the green haired boy with sparking blue eyes. Will h...
Septiplier CGL one shots  by SniperFox56
Septiplier CGL one shots by Sniper Fox
This is a series of one shots with jacksepticeye and Markiplier.
Abused ~ Septiplier [ Completed ✔️ ] 1/3 by XxXx_Kimberly_xXxX
Abused ~ Septiplier [ Completed ✔️ Kimberly
Jack has been living with his mum and step-dad who have abused him for about 5 years now,Mark has gotten very suspicious of all ofJack cuts and bruises so he "inv...
Hotel Room #239 by alli_love4021
Hotel Room #239by willow
Two YouTubers from two different countries. They have never thought of each other more than best friends. But what happens when they have to share the same hotel room? W...
Wait Stop! by heymaaaannnnn
Wait Stop!by mayo
Jack is in an abusive relationship with Mark. Mark abuses him physically and emotionally. But Jack still loves Mark, he can still see his soft spot. They did have a good...
kill me if i end up like you ↠ septiplier by lazarbum
kill me if i end up like you ↠ ⠀
jack can't seem to catch a break, but maybe mark can ease his pain for a while --- trigger warning: this book will contain very dark subjects that some readers might fin...
STOLEN [Completed] by FiveFeetUnder
STOLEN [Completed]by 5 Feet Underground
Follow Sam though her life of being a demon. There are ups and Downs but will she ever find out who her true parents are? Not the two demons who took her in?
One in a million {Septiplier Mpreg} by Lee_Bear_116
One in a million {Septiplier Mpreg}by orphaned account
CONTENT WARNING: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mpreg {Male Pregnacy} Septiplier {Jacksepticeye x Markiplier} Swearing IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH ANY OF THSES, LEAVE NOW OR FORE...
Septiplier/Danti Smut by Dark_The_Clod
Septiplier/Danti Smutby Weirdo
Just some Septiplier and Danti smut shots!
The Angel And The Youtuber by MyCrankyCrew
The Angel And The Youtuberby 𝒜𝓎𝒶 🤍
Jack is an angel- a literal angel. He was born with a pair of white wings, which sent him to a laboratory in Los Angeles, where he's spent 26 years of his life trapped...
Little One «Septiplier» by Emo_Cat31
Little One «Septiplier»by ♡Joshler♡
Jack is a little who is looking for a daddy to take care of him. He goes onto a website called "Little ones" and starts looking for his dream daddy. All His fr...
The Boy Next Door by BooperDooperBby
The Boy Next Doorby ✨Naomi ✨
A story in which a small Irish boy named Jack moves to a new country his senior year, and develops a crush on his dreamy next door neighbor who just so happens to be his...