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̶N̶o̶t̶  Made For You by graphic-hawk
̶N̶o̶t̶ Made For Youby graphic-hawk
She always had a question ringing in her mind from the day she was made. Why was she created? The Septic egos care for her just the way she is, though, regardless of why...
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Anti x child reader (Completed) by booped_snoot
Anti x child reader (Completed)by Anti
The soft side of Anti shines trough the darkness in a little childs life.
10 Days Til Halloween  by C4t1l1n4
10 Days Til Halloween by C4t1l1n4
You, Mark and Jack collab together, posting a video everyday with a count down until Halloween. This starts out fine, seeming like an innocent idea, but what happens whe...
My Enemy by graphic-hawk
My Enemyby graphic-hawk
Antisepticeye is the enemy. Isn't he? Please don't repost, steal or plagiarize Enjoy the story!
Tics - An Antisepticeye story by EgoNation
Tics - An Antisepticeye storyby Damien
Anti's existence hasn't really been the easiest. He's always been seen as the bad guy, and the syndrome he's dealing with things seem much more worse than they actually...
The Demon's New Toy by AuraSpei
The Demon's New Toyby AuraSpei
Finally, the last day of the semester! Finally, a break. But a surprise awaits you home. A very unwanted surprise. But what do you do when an immortal demon chooses you...
Solo & Stupid [AntiAverage] by Hansenthusiast
Solo & Stupid [AntiAverage]by Nines
Both Anti and Chase have fallen into depression. When someone goes on a demonic killing spree, the blame is put on the only possible culprit, Anti. They want to put him...
Little Means Everything by DOGERMAN123
Little Means Everythingby DOGERMAN123
Anti's been a very closed and quiet demon ever since something happened, till one day one of his gifts for Marvin turns them all into children, right before Jack needs t...
The Chat by AstronomicalWings
The Chatby AstronomicalWings
When Darkiplier makes a chat so he can easily communicate with all of the other egos, It doesn't exactly go as planned (NOW WITH ACTUAL PLOT, WHAAAAAT?!)
Everything Will Be Okay by graphic-hawk
Everything Will Be Okayby graphic-hawk
Anti has gone hard of hearing and homeless all in one night. Until he stumbles upon the Iplier house on accident. He's not doing so well right now after what happened bu...
Always. (Yandere Jacksepticeye X Reader) by Elyese_the_writer
Always. (Yandere Jacksepticeye X Elyese Van aalst
Sean Mcloughlin, your Science teacher is a medium built, Irish; ecstatic guy. He's your favourite teacher, and you're his favourite student. But he's more than a little...
Babyiplier by LunasBored
Babyiplierby Garbo
Mark wakes up one day but this isn't a normal day in the world of Markiplier and YouTube, this day is the day Mark was brought back to his childhood
A Gray World (Antisepticeye X Reader) by Jadesepticeye1990
A Gray World (Antisepticeye X Jadesepticeye1990
Y/n is a girl who just got fired from her job and is still living with her mom. Y/n's dad died 10 years ago when she was 16 and her mom picked up a drinking problem. Eve...
Childish by graphic-hawk
Childishby graphic-hawk
Antisepticeye's always gotten whatever he wanted. He never had anyone he respected tell him no and if anyone did, they wouldn't live long enough to apologize. But what h...
Wrong Choice (Darkiplier x Reader) by yukisenpi
Wrong Choice (Darkiplier x Reader)by yukisenpi
A date with the man himself, Markiplier, gone completely wrong. Now, you are stuck with the demonic entity Dark who will stop at nothing to make you his and his only. Wi...
Talk Too Much - an Antisepticeye Story by chestersniff
Talk Too Much - an Antisepticeye CHESTER
Includes Danti Anti gets told he talks too much multiple times by all of the egos so decides to lock himself up in him room.
ĐĮĐ ÝØŮ MĪ§ß MƏ?《Helluva Boss x Male Antisepticeye Reader》 by ShallotStudioz
ĐĮĐ ÝØŮ MĪ§ß MƏ?《Helluva Boss x Haedn
A powerful being residing in Hell, Y/n "Anti" L/n hides himself from the rest of Hell for some reason. The only way he's known? The Cleansing. Once a year, Ex...
You See What You Want To See by graphic-hawk
You See What You Want To Seeby graphic-hawk
Antisepticeye is just pure evil . . . . isn't he? He doesn't care about any one but himself. . . . .right? We always see that side. But then again . . . you always see w...
Jacksepticegos preferences by Graveyard_Melodies
Jacksepticegos preferencesby Mon cheri
I didn't see many ego preference I made my own! This one includes: -Antisepticeye -Dr. Schneeplestein -Chase Brody -"Dapper Jack" (Jameson) -Marvin...
♛Shadows Lurk♛ Darkiplier x Reader by fern_writes_stories
♛Shadows Lurk♛ Darkiplier x Readerby Fern
It had been so many long, gruelling decades since the takeover... Every human leader was massacred and society was left broken and fearful... Then... 𝘩𝘦 took control...