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My Dear Superstar by ra_aira20
My Dear Superstarby Aira
Ohm is a stylist and Make up artist of different Artists also he is a single parent ....And Nanon is a Superstar who is arrogant and very self centred also he likes to p...
Superstar Magic by Sonu2314
Superstar Magicby Sonu2314
Percy Jackson is an 18-year-old superstar. He loves singing and songwriting, so he's living out his dream in full. The last two years were a whirlwind of music, tours, d...
Superstar from the age of 0 by membertonovel
Superstar from the age of 0by Ren
*This story is not mine, I only uploaded it for offline reading purposes - translation from kakao ..... Thousands of reincarnations, a new life without knowing how many...
Arshi O. S And S.S by MahiMC22
Arshi O. S And S.Sby MahiMC22
Arshi One shots and short stories will be uploaded here... hope you like it. All the pictures are collected from internet. None of the pictures belongs to me... I give d...
Stardust Serendipity by kruti_01
Stardust Serendipityby kruti.d
Meet Akshara Singhania, a talented yet overlooked actress who has spent seven years chasing shadows in the ruthless world of Indian cinema. But fate has a curious way of...
THE WWE LEGEND by BlackAsteraceae
THE WWE LEGENDby Black Rosaceae
Due to her Spine injury, she was forced to retire and pursue her dreams that is not wrestling. She pursued her singing career and became phenomenal in that field. She be...
Besabriyaan by somewhere_urs
Besabriyaanby ||Rai||
Touching our favourite superstar is a far fetched dream but what if one day you actually get to touch the star of your dreams but that rather than being your blessing tu...
Ayla 2 by veenavathani
Ayla 2by Naveena VathAni
After Hunter announced to adopt Ayla legally, Stephanie had another major announcement which made Ayla to feel insecure about her being their daughter. It was like histo...
The Arranged Marriage //Elvis Presley// by carleypresley
The Arranged Marriage //Elvis carleypresley
Millie Andrews,a 14 year old girl from England who's parents are good friends with Colonel Tom Parker,Elvis Presley's manager is forced to move in with the popstar after...
The Top Hacker Becomes A Female Supporting Character by neomu-stressed
The Top Hacker Becomes A Female andy
**NOT MINE** !FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES! As one of the world's top hackers, Yu Han suddenly died because she stayed up late launching an attack on a certain country's...
Super Stars || Ritzneer & Velchid by veneer0isthebest
Super Stars || Ritzneer & Velchidby veneer0isthebest
Velvet and Veneer are the most famous and loved people in all of Mount Rageous. They became overnight stars and made it to the top 5 within a week. The only thing they t...
Spiteful Retaliation by JazzyVenecia46
Spiteful Retaliationby 🦊Jazmine🦊
"Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. The beast inside me is sleeping, not dead." Eliza Hardy has been hurt in the past, but the beast inside her is scratch...
𝐒𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐥𝐬 & 𝐌𝐚𝐟𝐢𝐚 || GirlXGirl Story by glimpsexbubbler
𝐒𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐥𝐬 & 𝐌𝐚𝐟𝐢𝐚 || charlie
𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐮𝐞: A reckless, gauche, and flawless supermodel takes a rest from her bustling schedule of modeling, transferring to the Badex High School, a brand new env...
As Told By Nerdy by Tsubame
As Told By Nerdyby Shim Simplina
As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and...
Superstar - A Percabeth AU (DISCONTINUED) by someonegreat1
Superstar - A Percabeth AU ( someone
Percy Jackson is an international teenage superstar, taking the world by storm. Annabeth Chase is a wise high school student who has no idea what makes him so great. Whe...
(MTB) Meant To Be (A Nigerian Story)  by theauthorlola
(MTB) Meant To Be (A Nigerian Olufunlola Adeola
When the man you end up falling in love with happens to be the man who raped you years ago and the father of your son as well as your benefactor, what will you do? Foll...
The Chaperone by LieselRidges
The Chaperoneby Liesel R
Callie Summers has recently applied to the prestige arts school in California and hoping to get a scholarship with them. However, as a cautious person she is, she felt...
Instagram {Finn Balor} by JazzyVenecia46
Instagram {Finn Balor}by 🦊Jazmine🦊
@finnbalor liked your photo @finnbalor commented on your post @finnbalor sent you a message @finnbalor started following you Cover By: @SexyBombshell
Daycare Resident - Sun/Moon Fnaf by Guhn0m3
Daycare Resident - Sun/Moon Fnafby Guhn0m3
Nova, 7 years old, is one of the few children to have been abandoned at the "superstar daycare". "We can't have you anymore," Her mother had told her...
Betrayed by JazzyVenecia46
Betrayedby 🦊Jazmine🦊
(ADOPTED FROM & COVER BY @-bxckylynch) "You betrayed me, but I'll get my revenge." Salem is the younger sister to Undertaker and Kane. She and Undertaker are s...