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  • No Honour Among Thieves (Mature)
    22.6K 1.4K 41

    London 1816 East Ender, Flash Billy, is a gutter rat who has fought his way up to crime lord by the power of his own mettle, a villainous reprobate to whom violence and trickery are second nature. When he is pickpocketed by a brassy orange seller with a fierce temper and light fingers, his interest is immediately sn...

  • Charlotte and the Cypher
    3.1K 213 5

    When Charlotte's husband presents her with an unexpected gift, she finds she has been presented with a neat intellectual puzzle - but what does it all mean? This story is a submission for the Spring 2013 Historical Fiction Smackdown (Round One). For those who don't know how this little game works, we are assigned a ph...

  • Victory at Sea (a Vignette)
    1.3K 75 2

    A boy is knocked overboard during a naval battle.

  • Nu!
    77 5 2

    It’s difficult to see where life will take you. The Sydney nightlife has a new club in town, co-owned by a couple of cool cats. The stories of owners, patrons, workers and life congregates in the swanky new joint. But the area is not without issue, the daily life struggles of the various members of this new club will...

  • Iron and Oak - Short Stories for Rainy Days
    2.3K 105 4

    These stories take place after the events in Iron and Oak.

  • The Infernal Aether (First Draft)
    13.5K 734 44

    "In the Fifteenth Century, the Aether held the universe together. In the Nineteenth Century, it just might tear it apart." This is the first draft, posted exclusively on Wattpad. The final version, edited and funded via an Indiegogo campaign is now available on Amazon - That's not all - the...

  • Iron and Oak
    23.2K 789 15

    He was coming back. It had been more than one hundred years since the holocaust at Erebor, more than one hundred years since she had spoken his name aloud. "Thorin," she whispered to the wind. She looked westward, able to just make out the stark pillar that was the Lonely Mountain. Did he really believe the porten...

  • Bonne Maman
    114 4 1

  • Step Baby
    143 3 1

  • Broken | Lucas North - Spooks/MI5 Story [Featured]
    163K 4K 42

    *Wattpad Featured Story* A year before MI5 spy Lucas North ends up in Russian prison for 8 years, there is Alexa George, a woman he rescues as a favor to his boss, Harry Pearce. But when Lucas gains his freedom as part of a prisoner exchange, his return to London sets off a series of events that threaten to reveal t...

  • A Willing Heart
    163K 6.1K 27

    Aleanna always thought she was just a seamstress living in a small town south of Erebor. But when Thorin Oakenshield sweeps through town searching for work after Erebor's fall, she knows it's not the first time she's seen him. Nor would it be her last. ***This story was inspired by the scenes of young Thorin working...

  • For His Pleasure
    754K 10.9K 23

    Cover Art by : LiveBetter Unedited and Full OF ERRORS Lady Bella had no choice in the matter. Thrown into a plan that falls apart quickly. It leaves Bella in the mercy of the man she'd wronged. As a woman she has no real say in her fate..

  • The Darkest Knight
    2.3K 31 2

    This story was a little bit of a challenge by someone. I hope you enjoy. Marian at her most naughty...helped by a certain dark knight.

  • The Viking's Hold (First 11 chapters)
    9.5M 106K 66

    This book is now available on Amazon and unfortunately they won't allow me to put it up elsewhere for free, not even the unedited draft. Sorry! The Vikings! Aelswyn had heard about them, all the tales of their barbaric behaviour, the rapes and pillages, the massacres, the burnt villages. But she never thought they wou...

  • The Prostitute's Apprentice (Sci-fi Smackdown)
    15.5K 137 2

    Warning contains swearing and sexual references in parts. A Street urchin finds herself abducted by a strange man in a Top hat. What does he want with her? And what does a prostitute have to do with it all? Find all the answers and more inside.

  • A Knight To Remember - UNCUT R18
    1.6M 23.9K 46

    UNCUT version - R18 - At the end of the campaign season the King returns with a new Hero. Lord Torc is a mighty warrior whose conquests on the battlefield and the bedroom are legendary. He is a man unlike any Maeb has ever met - strong, handsome and hungry for her. But their love is forbidden and threatens to tear...

    Completed   Mature
  • Yeral: Short Story
    840 37 1

    Yeral and Rio are elite government agents; they were assigned by Bill Darsen to protect the Mayor; Pastor Alvin. Suspicions were raised that Alvin was possibly the cities most notorious serial killer; and even responsible for the deaths of some of Bill Darsens special team. The service ended with Yeral shooting the Ma...

  • A Birthday Surprise
    712 16 1

    A very very small self-indulgent fantasy in honour of my 40th birthday!

  • Quantum Parenting
    22.6K 952 7

    Facial Hair Confuses Babies. One of a number of random observations from an unprepared, unreliable and neurodiverse parent. This thingy, diatribe, publication, list, call it what you will is a collection of odd thoughts, random observations and general rubbish from the sleep deprived and generally caffeine-i...

  • Pirates and Aliens
    1.4K 36 1

    Vivian Master is a terrifying captain, revered across the seven seas for her immense physical strength. It's an ability she can't explain, and it's not the only mystery in her life. When she's approached by Francis Landry, a proper englishman with mysteries of his own, she embarks on a treacherous journey to the New W...

  • Amelia
    584 21 10

    In The 1970's, a time of war, hate and communism, people are hiding away from the government in hopes of one day escaping the imprisonment of British control. Many civilians are desperate but still very afraid. Some are braver than others, resulting in gruesome punishment. There is an escape but who will reach it if t...

  • The Special Asset
    934 19 1

    She risks everything to be with him... A Lucas North one-shot.

  • Just Ordinary Men
    7.1K 153 27

    World War II. We think we know the men and women who fought and died for us, and what motivated them. Opposing sides, opposing views and motivations... Perhaps so.. perhaps not...

  • Read My Lips: Restricted Version
    2M 37.3K 36

    The Restricted version of Read My Lips....IT IS NOT EROTICA in any way. It is just a slightly steamier version of the original, and the version I wanted for this story.

    Completed   Mature
  • Ring My Bell - Ring My Bells
    1.2K 24 1

    This saucy story was written for a holiday exchange. I derived a lot of inspiration for the linked fanvid, it’s the beginning and the end. Its melody carries through the narration. Hope you enjoy and have a laugh! The anachronism was requested as well as the tool that appears in the story.

    Completed   Mature
    7.2K 210 14

  • Let The Rain Fall Down
    7K 125 14

    Chloe North always calls Lucas when she's running late... This night she forgets until it maybe too late.

  • Wattpad Blunders!
    54.1K 1.1K 37

    INTERVIEWS WITH THE STARS! This is just a rant and a HOW TO guide on all things Wattpad. If you are easily offended please don't read because I hate it when people say that I'm offending people's feeling or something because I didn't make you read this.. You chose to yourself. Anyway just read it.