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  • Succumb | ongoing
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    [MATURE CONTENT] "This is so wrong," I mustered the energy to say. "We shouldn't be doi-" my words faltered as my body almost gave out, unable to bear his intoxicating assault on my neck. "You know you want me," he said, drawing his head back up so I could glare into his eyes. "Stop denying yourself." Whilst one han...

  • Vicious | ongoing
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    [MATURE CONTENT] "What if Josiah sees?" I say to him, looking around for a wanderer that could potentially come over to where we were, and then up at the large, towering windows above us. Despite being obscured mostly by an oversized bush, I couldn't help but feel antsy. And that's not just because of the god beside...

  • Cruel Temptation | ongoing
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    [MATURE CONTENT] His hands trailed lightly across my skin, tender and somewhat cautious. He gave me opportunity to pull away and refuse what he was silently promising with his inferno touches. God, if only he knew the last thing I would do would be to refuse him. "Amara," his tongue seemed to tease my name as it rol...