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  • UNHOLY (GxG)
    171K 12K 44

    Forsaking God to kiss someone you hate might not be a smart decision, but damn does it hurt good. ✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.*✧.* Judith was never supposed to fall in love- but she was never supposed to become a vampire either. It's her duty as a nun to stay pure of mind and body. If she is found out, she will be exec...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mesphito X Amaimon *LEMON*
    42.4K 750 10

    This story was not written by me. I'm just posting it so other people on wattpad can read it. All credits go to the author: Rainb0wNinja If yaoi isn't your kind of thing. Then get the hell out of here. P.S. It is completed

    Completed   Mature
  • Banished angel and Dark lord
    140K 4.3K 17

    Hikari, a beautiful angle accused of a crime he did not commit, was banished to hell. But he was not only banished to hell, but banished to being Daku's slave, the dark prince of hell. This is a boyxboy. I'm pretty sure you get the idea XD

  • What the Moon Goddess? (Boyxboyxboy)
    377K 15.9K 30

    Follow along as a group of friends find their mates and learn to be the people they were meant to be. ( okay this description sucks but I'm okay with that. )

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha's Beta (BoyxBoy)
    4.7M 166K 32

    {BOOK ONE IN: The Alpha's Trilogy} I'd never seen eyes quite like his. It's like they looked right into my soul. I could feel my body tensing as he walked closer. I knew if I could hear my heartbeat, everyone else could as well. I took a deep breath and stepped forward, extending my hand toward him. "Welcome to th...

    Completed   Mature