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  • The Billionaire's Maid in Disguise
    6.9M 441K 51

    To take over her injured aunt's job temporarily- Pia Rosi, a newly graduated historian, offered to work as a maid to the highly powerful Greek billionaire, Kristov Stavrakos. But Mr. Stavrakos has a very strict qualification on his maids - must be middle-aged. So, Pia has no choice but to put on a disguise. How long c...

    485K 13.9K 43

    As soon as the maid opened the big front door of my mansion, a little girl appeared in front of me. She have messy blond hair and familiar blue eyes like mine but her face is more like an angel with her large round eyes unlike mine whose sharp and looks intimidating. I looked at my butler beside me, he looked confused...

  • Believing Again
    336K 9.9K 32

    Amira James has officially given up after being shuffled from one foster house to another, never staying in one place for long. After a tragic accident when she was younger left her deaf and an orphan, she has never been the same. After all, no one ever cares for the kid that doesn't talk. What happens after a new fam...

  • His Little Princess | completed
    464K 12.6K 17

    Bad boys: people view them as unfit fathers. Why? Well, their bad boy lifestyle of course. That's where Asher Cain comes in. Throughout his whole high school life, he was that mysterious bad boy player. Drugs, underage drinking, sleeping around.. That's what he got into. And then we have the innocent one: Juliet Harp...

  • The Summer Bride (TSBS-1) COMPLETED
    2.2M 70.1K 37

    In this Series, Billionaire Bachelors meet their match in a wicked plan of their own. 1. The Summer Bride ****** It all started with a red-haired little girl. Compassionate. Claire Bishop has always been a compassionate woman. When losing her one and only job shatters her completely, Claire thought all was lost. With...

  • Illicit Dreams
    133K 6K 20

    Katie rushes home after hearing her father is ill. She's been away for years after huge family rifts. She's been happy living in Mexico, married, successful, but coming back to the place she doesn't call home anymore sees EVERYTHING change. Can she overcome the shocks, betrayals and uprooting to be happy once again? A...

  • Having the Billionaire's Twins
    3.2M 110K 60

    Emma Kelsey did not have much hope of finding love not that it mattered to her much. She was getting out of her hometown, where bad memories plague her, and moving to a new city to be with her Aunt. She was looking to the future with hopes of forgetting the past. All she wanted to be happy was a simple life with a nic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Divorcee's Choice [Choice Series 3] {Completed}
    846K 30.6K 25

    Gabriel was head over heels in love with his wife. His cousins knew it. His cousins' sex-filled wives knew it. Even the men who worked for him knew it. However, for Gabriel he was just into dipping his dick inside of her if only his wife would say yes to be naked with him. If only his wife took all...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lovingly Divorced
    473K 12.9K 15

    [COMPLETED] Highest Rankings: #3 in Artist out of 15.7k books, #64 in Politics out of 7.4k stories, #18 in Divorce out of 10k stories, 22 in Child out of 16.6k stories and #40 in ShortStory out of 232k books. ___________________ We were married and in love once. Although, it was a marriage we were forced into because...

  • A Summer To Remember
    93.6K 3.9K 22

    Hailey Lockhart lost her husband a year ago, leaving her, a single mother. Feeling stressed with additional responsibilities, her grandmother invites her and her daughter along with her little sister in law, to spend a few months with her. Archer Ricci is a man who never thought about kids or family. When he meets...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ex-Husband Turned Boss
    15.8M 539K 35

    Down-on-her-luck Aubrey gets the job offer of a lifetime, with one catch: her ex-husband is her new boss. *** Aubrey Whitlock's life is turned upside down after her divorce, leaving her an unemployed, broke, and single 29-year-old. A chance meeting with her ex throws her for a loop agai...

  • The Unknown Heiress
    244K 7.7K 40

    Martha Hunt was separated from her twin when she was little. Twenty years later, she found out about her family's dirty little secret that turned her life upside down. Meanwhile, Nathan Aldridge is trying to tame this girl's heart after being dumped by her years ago. Will Nathan tame Martha's heart? Will Martha uncov...

  • Broken Vows
    372K 6.7K 22

    Growing up I didn't have idols or people that I looked up to but I had people I never wanted to be like and situations I never wanted to be in. To be married for two years to someone who you thought loved you only to find him cheating on you isn't something anyone would wish for. Cassandra Knights married to the young...

  • My Ex-Husband
    336K 6.4K 17

    "You told me to stay away! To never let you see me again, and I did. All these 5 years I have stayed as far away from you. Because. Like you said, I'm a bitch, a cheater, a gold digger, a whore!" I shouted at him. Remembering all the things he said to me 5 years ago. I laughed darkly my face had a smirk and not the g...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Accidental Wife (EDITING)
    283K 22.1K 33

    A very heartwarming, romantic story with lots of humor. Never say miracles never happen because they can... After breaking up and leaving her boyfriend in Vegas and dealing with a sexy, cocky, egotistical man on an airplane that made for one long, terrible flight home, Lola needed a night of fun to help her forget the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken Vows
    330K 6.5K 22

    Love, Betrayal. . . . and a chance at Redemption. But is the cost of forgiveness too high for Erin to pay? When her husband Tyler broke his marriage vows, Erin filed for divorce and never looked back. She worked hard to build a life and a future for herself and her daughter. No man needed. Then old friend Brody Morgan...

  • The billionaire series: A Billionaires Reputation
    94.1K 2.2K 34

    "No," I almost laughed out of frustration looking back at him, "you really dont." "****, your kind, funny, family-oriented, and not to mention beautiful as hell." He smiled which caused me to blush uncontrollably. He grabbed me in a hug which I didn't want to respond to but did. Eventually I had to let go. "I can't...

  • BLS #2 : Challenging The Billionare
    4.9M 161K 35

    BLS #2 Sky Locason Billionare that never fail to make girls knee go weak. He has the charm that everyone envy. Hates everyone who tried to hurt his family and his closest friends. He never give someone mercy , he always ended up crushing them in the end. Janet Stanmore Ordinary girl who loves to write a blog , she got...

  • Clashing Hearts
    5.1M 265K 29

    Carter and Athena are mortal enemies. From the first moment their eyes met, they disliked each other immensely. It was HATE AT FIRST SIGHT. They could not stand the mere sight of each other, even being in the same room, the tension was overwhelming, like a grenade of smoke suffocating them. But what is the core of th...

  • White Skies (A Completed Steamy, Romance)
    726K 33.5K 39

    Isabella Benton, a flight attendant, graduated from veternarian school, bought a farm and is close to making her dreams come true with the man she loves, until he was in a car accident. She's on her last flight on White Skies Airline, and she meets a blue-eyed stranger on her flight to London. Greg Masterson is a vet...

    Completed   Mature
  • He Loves Me Not
    860K 18.9K 25

    Adeline Fox thought she was living the perfect life for a 25 year old. She has the perfect job, the perfect house, and the perfect husband... Or so she thought. After being married for 3 years she receives the best news of their life. But in the end she also ends up receiving the worst news of her life. She remembers...

  • The Marvelous Mistake
    63K 3.2K 14

    Unable to have children, for medical reasons, Shelley has resigned herself to living alone until she has passed the age of childbearing. Jake has lost his wife in a car accident, has no time or plans to get involved with anyone, but plants a tree in the wrong yard, and fate takes over from there. Unbeknownst to Shelle...

  • Baby Kisses
    590K 29.9K 24

    Tooty Townsend bore a child at the age of sixteen. Now, four years later, she has her hands full raising Harris and trying to make a living. An unexpected job interview happens when Sarah Tanner, stepmother to Tooty's best friend, Julie, recommends her to reclusive author Maxwell Henry as a personal assistant. Unfort...

  • My Little Girl 💕 (Editing)
    769K 17.8K 37

    Faith, A four year old girl who had a terrible past and was sent to an orphange for the past 5 months. Zander, A billonaire who owns hotels around the world. A very joyful person but can't control his anger. One day he decided to adopt little girl. Will the little girl love him?Will Zander family accept faith?Will fa...

    Completed   Mature
  • The innocent ex-wife Book 1
    194K 5K 20

    She' different. She's holding something back and it's kind of obvious. For her as a divorced mother it can be serious.

  • A Bump in the Road (Completed)
    208K 6.1K 16

    Book 1 When Christy Lewis meets Oliver Manning, she thinks he is the one; the one she will marry, the one she'll have children with, the one who she'll grow old with. However, Oliver has completely different view on his relationship with Christy. After five years since their split, Christy and Oliver are reunited and...

  • Tea Parties and Feather Boas (Luke Kuechly)
    1.4M 32K 41

    Becoming a single father at 19 was never part of the plan. Managing school, football, and fatherhood wasn't easy, but it was worth it for his little girl. However, Luke never imagined managing an NFL career and fatherhood would be even harder. Lydia took the job as a nanny because it was a job. She never imagined how...

  • Coming Home
    7.8M 154K 36

    Makenzi Fox had it all. Perfect boyfriend, perfect grades, amazing friends, wonderful family. She was living the good life. When she was seventeen, she found out she was pregnant and she couldn't have been happier. She knew she was in love with her long-time boyfriend Cayden Knight and she knew he loved her, too. When...

  • Handcuffed Bliss - Watty Awards... 2012
    879K 17.7K 39

    18 year old Rudra is forced to marry 34 year old Ethan who happens to be a dad of an 18 year old himself. Can two culturally different people with an age difference of over 16 years have a solid marriage? Can they over come their differences for each other ? But most importantly, can such a marriage work?

  • Becoming Nanny
    147K 5.6K 21

    HIGHEST RANK #16 AUG. 31, '16 Being an OFW isn't easy. Countless tears have been poured out each night when they're alone in their sleep. Only their pillows are the silent witness for every tear that drops in it. Vida was one of them. With every ounce of courage and determination she went to the country of Hong Kong w...