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  • Stein x Insane! Child! Reader
    18.6K 493 5

    What happens when two people filled with madness meet. A little girl who is a cannibal. As well as a professor who likes to tear things apart piece by piece. Who knows what will happen. All I can tell you is that it will be a bloody mess! (Warning: This story is very gory and very descriptive!) (Disclaimer: I do not...

  • The Mad Scientist and The Creepy Child (Stein x Reader)
    24.7K 572 12

    (y/n) was a girl that had found her self one morning in a strange place. That strange place being the Patchwork Lab. Why was she here? That's simple really. She escaped a nearby Asylum and had found the lab of the mad scientist, doctor and professor Franken Stein. For some odd reason he had decided to keep her. A re...

  • Stitched up
    10.6K 228 5

    Dr.stein( Doctor Franken Stein)x reader

  • FNAF2 I'm Still A Security Guard ( Sequal )
    362K 10.3K 62

    Y/n left the pizzeria after the incident with The Purple Guy. No one knows where she went except for Alex. Mike doesn't know where she is and the animatronics were supposed to be scrapped and The Purple Guy is supposed to be dead. Supposed to be.... * CAUTION READ THEY CAN LOVE FIRST* * I do not own any of the charact...

    Completed   Mature
  • They Can Love? Human FNAF x Reader
    559K 13.7K 26

    Y/n decides that it's time to get a job. Especially after what just happened. Y/n see's an ad in the paper for a night guard at a kids pizzeria. Accepting the fact that it wouldn't be that bad, she decides it's worth a shot. What she didn't know was that the animatronics come alive at night, and they want Y/n. * I do...

    Completed   Mature
  • AU Undertale One-shots 3
    342K 3.4K 15

    Part three! Sans and Papyrus x readers. X3 NO LEMONS!!!!

  • What Am I?
    65.4K 1K 38

    Neko!Depressed!Reader You've been betrayed and depressed ever since. BEFORE YOU PROCEED! this book fuckin sucks

  • A Skeleton's Hope (Undertale AU's x Reader) DISCONTINUED/BEING REWRITTEN
    157K 5.6K 42

    Sans and Papyrus were your best friends until randomly they just cut off all contact with you. This went for everyone else in your life so it didn't really hurt that much when they did. The only question is why they didn't do it sooner. So after two years of loneliness, what was originally a drop off turned into a ho...

  • Sonamy Love Story
    2.1K 56 8

    Sonic and amy have been together for some time now...but what happens if they get separated?

  • Amnesia [ A Sonamy AU ]
    78.2K 2K 24

    A story of my unrequited love for my best friend that resulted in an accident that led me to not remember anything ever again. ~EcLiPsA🌙

  • Sanity (Part two of Adopted)
    269K 12.1K 23

    Sonny and Ellie are back. Sonny and Ellie live in an apartment together and things have been going well until Ellie keeps on getting calls from her unknown mother. Cover by: Verde56

  • I Will Protect You
    107K 3.9K 27

    In this story Sonic and Shadow were very close childhood friends, but one day Sonic just vanished out of thin year everyone thought he died and that was the end of things but a few years later after being promoted to a special agent Shadow finds out a secret that will have everyone second guessing themselves. What i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Can I trust you (Sonamy)
    34.7K 747 26

    Sonic and Amy start dating but a week later Sonic cheats on her. can they get back together?

  • Peter
    135K 5.7K 16

    Lucy has terrible parents. Mom smokes, Dad drinks, And neither of them care about Lucy at all. Eventually, Lucy runs away. Now she must face the biggest threat to her life alone and hopeless.

  • Au sanses x read(traits added)
    440 0 18

    welcome reader to a story about a god like beings from another dimension in this story you will ... screw this read the damn book if you wanna find out what happens i suck at making a description... thanks for checking this out peace

  • Sonic Boom:A Sweet Secret(Sonamy FanFic)
    194K 5K 20

    An accident kept as a secret.He claims it was an accidental kiss and she swears to keep it as a secret.But this secret gets harder to keep when their friendship evolves into something more.Even though our favorite blue hedgie won't admit it.Amy can't help but feel as if she's on cloud 9 but Sonic feels slightly differ...

  • AU Undertale one-shots
    2M 12K 27

    This will mostly be Sans and Papyrus One-shots. Some witll have a part 1-3 or will just be medium sized story's. I will do AU's! I am a wrighter who likes fluffy or sometimes sad yet comfort stories!

  • Sonamy: Dont Never Leave Me
    7.2K 242 13

    Amy and sonic promised when there were little kids to never leave each other as friends....but after a while, sonic started dating sally and Amy is a princess now but Amy doesn't realize it, they don't remember each other until one day they met, Will Amy and sonic remember each other since they were kids? Find out in...

  • You Had Your Chances... (Sonamy Story)
    67.2K 1.6K 11

    Sonic had his chances... but he didn't even use them. Witch made Amy get over him and move on... Will Sonic get Amy's love back?

  • Revenge (Part Three To Adopted)
    188K 8K 22

    Ellie and Sonny are back. cover by: Verde56

  • Mom and Dad Hate Christmas (✅)
    322 160 1

    Chelsea Wong has a very... different Christmas with her family than most other children.

  • the cursed child.... (sans! x fem!reader)
    393 6 14

    no....... w-who a-are you!?! me?......... i don't know really.......... call me........the cursed child........ (Y/N) works too............ -------------------------------- I don't own any of the art in this book, kay'?

  • Fresh x pj (high school)
    1.4K 24 14


  • Bygone (Part Four To Adopted)
    145K 6.8K 31

    Now that Ellie knows that most of her experiences was only a dream, and that Mallory and Crystal are alive, Ellie feels different. But everything is falling in to place. Until one phone call changes it all.

    Completed   Mature