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Mafia-Style Sonic Story! by MasterAqua475326
Mafia-Style Sonic Story!by ~ Master Aqua/Blaze The Cat ~
This is cringe but I decided to post in anyways. Thanks for reading, lol.
Sonic: Laboratory  by IcedCoffeAndTea
Sonic: Laboratory by Vanessa Fullerton
This is an AU of mine that features a younger Eggman helping some familiar faces cope with their traumatic past and look forward to the present. It all started with one...
The Difficult Task of Raising a Weapon by ShadowAceSonic
The Difficult Task of Raising a ShadowAceSeverus
Shadow the Hedgehog is a young creation who has lived with his friend Maria aboard the Space Colony ARK for as long as he's been alive. No one on the ARK expects everyth...
Shadowless World by RoseyDanes
Shadowless Worldby Dana Rose
Shadow is confused. Why have all the heroes allowed Eggman to reign supreme? Hoping to keep a low profile, the Ultimate Life Form emerges from the woodworks when he wit...
First Time for Everything - An Eggman x Reader Fanfic by SearchingforOz
First Time for Everything - An 𝕆𝕫𝕫𝕪
Y/N had recently taken up quite the interesting job: becoming a lab assistant for the great Doctor Eggman himself. Of course, this job was not without its fair share of...
Sonic parent scenarios  by Yuni_Asi
Sonic parent scenarios by cotton candy
because why not also there will be ocs
Starved and Hungry by YumYum2350
Starved and Hungryby YumYum2350
Dr. Robotnik's slow descent into a demented, cruel, savage way of living out the rest of his days. His "achievements" will be explored as he tears apart his wo...
The Box - Sonadow Fanfiction by FicPerson
The Box - Sonadow Fanfictionby Nun Ya Bidness
Two hedgehogs get stuck and a series of rather interesting events unfold.
Sonic boom x my OC by MalaikaTheHedgehog
Sonic boom x my OCby Malaika the hedgehog
(Cover is by me) When I move to Bygone Island to escape my regular life, I go on lots of adventures. But what happens when a cocky blue hedgehog catches my eye? PS: I a...
𝑀𝑦 𝐻𝑒𝑟𝑜 ❤︎︎(Movie Sonic x Reader)  by cheezy_sandwhich
𝑀𝑦 𝐻𝑒𝑟𝑜 ❤︎︎(Movie Sonic x cheezy
‼️‼️AYO THIS IS PART 2 OF THE SONIC MOVIE SO BIG BIG BIG SPOILERS IF U HAVENT SEEN IT‼️‼️ This is also a Sequel to the book that I made based on the first movie too so c...
Sontails - Madly in love by Written_Blossom
Sontails - Madly in loveby ~Blossom~
Y R U Madly in Love? A world known murderer and unstable fox is on the lose, he leaves a path of death, but also a path of riddles and mysteries behind him. Can the one...
Who I Am (Infinite x Reader) by Shaye_Serena
Who I Am (Infinite x Reader)by Meme Commander
You were always the quiet one, but it turned into something worse after the war began. You had lost everything, one, by one. But three things remained. Sonic, the one wh...
The Hedgehog's Song by CrystalynnPetoskey
The Hedgehog's Songby Crystalynn Petoskey
Sonic holds a secret. A dark secret that not even Tails knows about. He's a merhog, but not just any merhog. He's a Siren, a predator of the sea. He's done well to hide...
The Moon Is Our Destiny [Sonic x Shadow] by pengeo
The Moon Is Our Destiny [Sonic x 🌕pengeo🌑
[if you are not a Sonic x Shadow fan I'm afraid this book is not for you. And I would most recommend you leave this book] ⚠️ WARNING⚠...
Sonic Forces (Various x Reader) by ShiraFangirl
Sonic Forces (Various x Reader)by ShiraFangirl
Y/N the sister of Sonic was suddenly teleported into another dimension where there's war and chaos in Mobius ruled by Eggman. She heard that Sonic was defeated. How is t...
Kid problems (book 1) by me_sss
Kid problems (book 1)by me_sss
It was a normal day for sonic, till he got hit with a laser gun and turned into....a....toddler? Now tails need to make a machine to change him back, but who will take c...
Sonic Crew on Facebook by LostInYesteryear
Sonic Crew on Facebookby LostInYesteryear
What if the Sonic gang had Facebook? Relationships, friendships, posts around every corner, even Eggman doing what he does best. What goes on in the life of Sonic and hi...
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Reader Insert by Sea21345
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Reader Insertby ✧SeaStar✧
Y/n the a/t lived happily in their village until the tribes attacked. Ending up alone, they stumble into Tails the fox, and after saving him, the two develop a friendshi...
Sonic Riders (Various x Reader) by ShiraFangirl
Sonic Riders (Various x Reader)by ShiraFangirl
Sonic, his sister Y/N, Tails, and Knuckles are in the future city for the search of the Chaos Emeralds when they bump into three birds flying on their hoverboard. They t...
A Shooting Star ~Kirby and Sonic crossover~ by TheYokaiBorb
A Shooting Star ~Kirby and Sonic TheYokai
*Credit to @CartoonistDreamer for this AWESOME cover!* SPOILERS FOR KIRBY AND THE FORGOTTEN LAND! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! (This fanfiction will contain elements from the...