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  • Valentine's Day With Your Rival
    2.3K 76 1

    Gary gets a surprising call from his old friend / rival on Valentine's Day and Ash asks if he can come over, what will happend and where will the noodles into all this? Palletshipping (AshxGary)

  • Palletshipping
    12.8K 293 3

    Ash has been gone for 8 years, what will happen when ash and gary meet again?

  • Wasting Love, Wasting Time
    5.4K 134 2

  • Palletshipping fanfic
    21.3K 530 3

    Fluff warning Ash is questioning his sexuality when he and Gary are forced to sleep in the same bed

  • Truth or Dare?
    7.8K 210 1

    Just a palletshipping oneshot I thought of doing.

  • Falling in Love With You (Palletshipping)
    50.6K 1.2K 10

    Highest rank: 671st in Pokemon 7th in Palletshipping Gary Oak and Ash Ketchum have known each other ever since they were children. Gary has developed some feelings for Ash. Gary tried to find some way to tell Ash. He finally found out a way....... read to find out. (As a heads up, I will have a different writing st...

  • Palletshipping Day!
    2K 32 1

    Ok im not late for it it's on april 4

  • [BxB] Fallen Snow
    754 22 2

    So that was one of the first Storys I wrote in English. So excuse my derpy English. I just didn't want to bother to rewrite it all. In short: The beginning is pretty bad but it gets better trust me. So a short little Palletshipping (GaryXAsh), which is playing in the snowy mountains and a little hut and some unspoke...

  • Of Sunny Days, Maple Leaves, Snowflakes and Cherry Blossoms
    13.1K 365 5

    In which Ash promises to the wind to love Gary all year round, every year. Palletshipping, yaoi