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Hey Ashy-boy  by SleepOverAnything
Hey Ashy-boy by Energetic Sloth
Hi so I am new to writing story's so I will try my best here is the description: --------- I run towards him yelling "Gary!" As I wave my arms like a manic. I...
Ranger Love ( Palletshipping 💗 )  by shigeruxs
Ranger Love ( Palletshipping 💗 ) by <3
As Ash starts his first ever journey at 17 he chooses to explore a region that isn't his hometown, unfortunately he crossed a wrong path and then meets a boy named Gary...
Calm Before The Storm  by YaoiYurishipper
Calm Before The Storm by YaoiYurilover1827
Red and Green are enjoying a nice vacation in Alola when they get a terrifying news from Kalos about their younger siblings.
A Different Route  by YaoiYurishipper
A Different Route by YaoiYurilover1827
What if Ash followed a different route while going on his journey? Instead of following the League route of Pewter city being the first gym what if he chose a different...
Alone (Ash X Gary Fanfic) by d3ssy12321
Alone (Ash X Gary Fanfic)by D3ssy
Ash suddenly gets separated from his friends in Alola. While searching to get out of the jungle he runs into one of his oldest rivals and maybe, his future love I DO NOT...
A grape by any other day is just as sweet... by saltyspritzee
A grape by any other day is just Salt Princess
A brunette walked up to a lemonade stand and he said to the kid running the stand... "Hey... got any grapes?" Palletshipping fic, shounen ai
Fugue Amnesia by LunaKun
Fugue Amnesiaby ルナ
One day, after his usual siesta or...something like that, the poor brunette awoke with no memories at all!
Ash and Dust | PalletShipping by cactusmino
Ash and Dust | PalletShippingby hi
Ash returns to Kanto and didn't expect to fall in love with his former rival. | NSFW
Advice by saltyspritzee
Adviceby Salt Princess
Sometimes giving or receiving advice is a form to communicate what really is in your heart. Ash has many questions, and Gary has some of the answers. But will advice rea...
Sometimes in Winter... {A Palletshipping Fanfic} by pk-nessquik
Sometimes in Winter... {A ava
Ash and Gary have been brought up as vicious rivals since they were kids, and that would never change, even when they must go on a research trip together. Or would it?
Rating pokeani and pokespe ships :D by Natsuki_Takuya
Rating pokeani and pokespe ships :Dby Leo
(I deleted my other rating book lol) I'll try to put as much ships I can!!
pokemon truth or dare by Todotae_in_my_pants
pokemon truth or dareby ~ShoutoTodoroki~
it is just pokemon truth or dare.also there are going to be reactions of pokemon shippings possible shippings 1 amourshipping 2 contestshipping 3 ikarishipping 4 fourth...
Pokemon Shipping One-Shots by PrincessLocket
Pokemon Shipping One-Shotsby PrincessLocket
A collection of pokémon shipping one-shots.
Pokemon Journey || Master of Pokemon World by zahra-ara-234
Pokemon Journey || Master of Zaher
Ash and Pikachu continue their journey with his fellow research partner and friend Goh. A lot of adventure they through and even dealing with legendary pokemon of Galar...
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Pokemon Fanifcs by animefan-overran
Pokemon Fanifcsby Elsa Joy
These are some of my favorite ships from pokemon. FROM FLUFF TO LEMONS, WE GOT IT ALL RIGHT HERE!!!
Love Joy and Friendship (Pokeshipping) by coolestace
Love Joy and Friendship ( 💮T҉i҉z҉a҉k҉i҉ 💮
15 year-old Ash comes back to Pallet Town for a visit. Delia Ketchum, happy to see her son after five years of traveling, leaves a little surprise in his room. What cou...
Ash's friend from Galar! (Y/N), the ex-champion (Goh x reader) (DISCONTINUED) by Kai-The-Saturn
Ash's friend from Galar! (Y/N), Kai/Ghost/Tokyo
Ash has a friend he met online when he was a kid. Her name is (Y/N) and she is the ex-champion of Galar. Her heart has been broken a bit too much and can't handle it any...
Bonnie's Hook Up! ( Palletshipping! 🧡💛 )  by shigeruxs
Bonnie's Hook Up! ( <3
As Ash babysits Bonnie, Bonnie sees Ash discussing with a young man who's name is Gary Bonnie thinks they right like a 'old married couple' and make a cute couple so s...
Incorrect pokémon quotes by Natsuki_Takuya
Incorrect pokémon quotesby Leo
this is based of my Pokémon AU, if you don't like it, Go cry about it I don't own Pokémon (Go follow, @QuiznakingCat201)
Pokemon truth or dare (leave dare for us) by Ammeli1
Pokemon truth or dare (leave Christopher
Well this a story about we will watch our characters getting tortured uhhhhh i mean having fun so the first chapters dares are from me.