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A Different Route ✓ by YaoiYurishipper
A Different Route ✓by YaoiYurilover1827
What if Ash followed a different route while going on his journey? Instead of following the League route of Pewter city being the first gym what if he chose a different...
Love Like Electricity (Pokemon SwSh Raihan) Book 1✔️ by SpiritedCros
Love Like Electricity (Pokemon Underrated.Cos
Former Alola League champion and Current member of the Kalos Elite 4, Uila (oo-ee-la) Naga sets off to the Galar Reigon, in hopes of growing on her personal journey. Wit...
Rise of Sun and Moon by onepiecelawfan
Rise of Sun and Moonby onepiecelawfan
Follow Adeline as she travels with her mom, leaving the Kalos Region for Alola.
🪲💛You bug me💛🪲|:| Guzma X Reader by PrincessAnemoneXx
🪲💛You bug me💛🪲|:| Guzma X Anemone
Y/n recently came to Alola with her best friend Ash from pallet town. Soon after, they both enroll in the pokemon school with professor Kukui as their teacher. What frie...
Remember? -A Pokémon Story- by triangularjuice
Remember? -A Pokémon Story-by triangularjuice
Your name? (Y/N) Sycamore. The problem? You don't know this. As the 14-year-old daughter of Pokémon Professor Augustine Sycamore, himself, life was pretty good. That is...
Pokémon; Journey Through Kanto by pokepal14
Pokémon; Journey Through Kantoby
Yuki, a new Trainer from Pallet Town, aims to become a word famous Pokémon Master and Coordinator who travels with her Starter Pokémon Pikachu.
Pokémon Sun & Moon: Emethyst's Journey by Gore_Jus
Pokémon Sun & Moon: Emethyst's GoreJus ❤️
Fourteen year old Ghost Pokemon trainer Emethyst is forced to move to Alola from Kanto after her mother passes away in a tragic accident. Her biological father, Professo...
Pokemon x MaleReader by Uncreative_Writter
Pokemon x MaleReaderby Uncreative_Writter
Suddenly moved to the Alola Region wasn't the worst, but having to enroll into a School? The worst. FYI: Don't expect the MC to be straight :)
Dragons Rule! (Pokémon Sun & moon/ ultra) (On Hold) by SelemenceTube
Dragons Rule! (Pokémon Sun & SelemenceTube
What if there was another student at the Pokémon school on melemele island? Let's find out while We follow Ryuto on his journey meeting a visitor in Alola and his dream...
Can't Get Rid of Me That Easily by CreepyKG
Can't Get Rid of Me That Easilyby CreepyKG
A story of when ash becomes unwell because of his aura power and some old friends return to fight an old foe...
Ash's Older Sister by AprilSummerTiangco5
Ash's Older Sisterby Snowy-Storm_Night
This is rewritten from 'Meeting An Old Friend'.But I want to make it a different.
A New Dream by AiraXue
A New Dreamby Aira Xue
Seven years have passed since Dawn parted ways with Ash and Brock, determined to fulfill her dream of becoming a Top Coordinator. After many struggles, she finds herself...
This Is Normal by Animelover4848
This Is Normalby Zhang Mei
Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town left home at age 10 with his Pikachu on a journey. He's always thought that the way he felt, or didn't feel, was normal. That is, until he goe...
An Alola Surprise! by LargeLion
An Alola Surprise!by LargeLion
A Kalos Queen on hiatus who just wants a break from stardom. A Pokémon Master seeking redemption at the Kalos Championship League. Their only shared goal? Each other. S...
Adventure into the Unknown: Pokémon x Male Reader by Ryuu_Tsukima
Adventure into the Unknown: Poké Ryuu Tsukima
Rogue started his journey with Gary as the two of them traveled together. However, over some time he notices how Gary had been acting off. When they talk things went dow...
The Return of Greninja by PupperAddict
The Return of Greninjaby Pupper Lover
After two years, Greninja finishes his job in Kalos and goes off to search for Ash. There have been mysterious Pokemon sightings at the beach in Alola. Nothing like it...
Paradox Trainer in Alola by RareHunter0
Paradox Trainer in Alolaby Niku Tenebris
A student from the Paldea region took an interest in traveling to other regions to learn new things.
Usurper by Anonymous-Cow
Usurperby Anonymous-Cow
Faced with his greatest challenge yet in the Master's Eight, Ash will need to become smarter and stronger than ever to succeed. Will he usurp Leon's throne? Or will he f...
Reckless Challenger (Pokemon Sun & Moon X Male OC) by Lunolion
Reckless Challenger (Pokemon Lunolion-san
To fulfill your dreams, one must be reckless enough to take on the world and gamble all or nothing. Especially when your dream is to stand at the top. Inspired by the Po...
euphoria ➸ alain   by lovekths
euphoria ➸ alain by ˋˏ rosie del rey ˎˊ
in which ash ketchum's sister battles a certain blue eyed boy and w i n s, making Alain take an interest in her and her bond with Pokémon. "seriously, I'm not all t...