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Inner Demons by QuiznakingCat201
Inner Demonsby 💜Cat 💜
Nihilego didn't care who it took. So when Ash sacraficed himself for Lillie's family, he get's kidnapped by Nihilego. Lillie is heartbroken, loosing the one she loves to...
All for You by YoYoYoGuzma
All for Youby YoYoYoGuzma
Ash and his friends are invited to a very prestigious pokemon high school in the Kalos region. While climbing through the ranks of the world corronation series, Ash will...
The Only Exception by soraxsky
The Only Exceptionby Asriel Dreemur
What happens when Ash encounters an old friend? How will Serena react seeing the boy she knew since childhood act so friendly towards someone that's not her? Read on. :)...
Stronger by Pikachu80219
Strongerby Pikachu80219
Ash's friends and family have betrayed him and now he is the champion of the Kalos region, now know to be one of the strongest leagues there is. With the Kalos league...
The Betrayed Silent Champion of Kanto and Alola by Yatengami_Skullz_21
The Betrayed Silent Champion of 『ĐØ₥ł₦₳₮łØ₦』
Ash Ketchum had lost the Kalos League, saved the region with companions, and went back to Kanto with his trusty Pikachu. The two are unaware, that his friends, family ar...
Gotta Catch That One by AmourshippingDude
Gotta Catch That Oneby Amourshipping Dude
Ash, Serena, Bonnie and Clemont are traveling across Kalos to accomplish their dreams. They encounter many Pokemon and some tough obstacles on the way. As Ash and Serena...
Ash Ketchum: Path To A Mastermind by Rajatava77
Ash Ketchum: Path To A Mastermindby Rajatava77
Ash Ketchum is a loser in front of the eyes of the people in the Pokemon World. Maybe it is because he cares for his pokemons more than power... Maybe he should have car...
Small Beginnings Big Dreams (Book #1) by MartyMcFly12345
Small Beginnings Big Dreams ( MartyMcFly12345
"This is madness! Pure madness!" "It's salvation. The world does not understand the things that will make it... complete." "To think I used to t...
Pokemon: The Grand Champion by 1FANBOIIIIIII
Pokemon: The Grand Championby Just a regular fanboi
"I don't care who gets in my way or what people think of me. All that matters is reaching the end goal." Ash Ketchum, the champion of Kalos, goes to Pokémon Wo...
Criminal [James x Reader] (Pokémon) by PattiPage
Criminal [James x Reader] (Pokémon)by Patty
Running a Pokémart was the easiest, thing, right? Wrong. Being robbed was on the back of your head, when living in a safe, small town. You certainly didn't expect Team R...
Old Friends, New Places by brittany_lainee
Old Friends, New Placesby Brittany Laine
As Ash's group adventures to Ambrette town for a quick pit stop, they eventually go to see the Ambrette Aquarium to look at all the different water-type pokémon they hav...
The Battle of Bonds by TimFiaXYZ
The Battle of Bondsby Smej1135
What happens when Ash finds himself in the middle of a war? Stuck between two sides, both hurting his friend's feelings. What will Ash do? Well, he has to make the decis...
Male OC x Ash Ketchum by Darknesspool14
Male OC x Ash Ketchumby Darknesspool14
A 15 year old Pokemon fan from regular earth is reborn into pokemon after their death. What will happen when he meets Ash Ketchum at the age of 4 and then again at the a...
Aura Is With Me by CrazyUmbreonGirl
Aura Is With Meby CrazyUmbreonGirl
After Ash loses the Kalos League he returns home. That's when he finds out the truth that Ash's mom is not his real mom. After running away Ash starts a new Pokemon jour...
A Trail we Blaze - A Trainer X Cinderace story by HylianGuard
A Trail we Blaze - A Trainer X Silver the Nightwing
"They're gone." Max bent down and tenderly picked up the shaking Pokémon. Her eyes were the prettiest shade of red, like she had jewels for irises. "You'r...
Sudden Change by Bri_CorpX
Sudden Changeby Bri
|-Complete, Undergoing Editing-| Ash Ketchum had always been a lively and optimistic boy. He had his friends, his mother, his Pokemon and a lot more things a happy perso...
Crossing Field by Coral_G_Swizzle
Crossing Fieldby Jordyn
"This Crossing Field's the path that we select." "The promise we made will last for all our days." No longer a Champion. No longer waiting to meet th...
A Slight Reminiscence by Cobalt2412
A Slight Reminiscenceby Cobalt
There's always a goal given to us by the one who's above us. This goal, is the goal in our Diary of Life..... Even you are alive or you are dead, this Diary of Life will...
The Peregrination of A Guardian Trainer [Hiatus] by Yatengami_Skullz_21
The Peregrination of A Guardian 『ĐØ₥ł₦₳₮łØ₦』
The Guardian Pokémon, a title given by the Original One, Arceus, are a group of Legendary Pokémon that is far more powerful than the original Legendaries from the Hall o...
POKEMON COLLEGE by legendAmourshipper