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A Fateful Goal (Pokémon Special x Male Reader) by Writer-H
A Fateful Goal (Pokémon Special x...by Writer-H
(Y/N) Was What You Call A Normal Teenager Living Peacefully In The Kanto Region. However, One Day, He Finally Realizes What He Wants To Become In This World Filled With...
Pokespe Truth or Dare by 13thLegend
Pokespe Truth or Dareby Legend
Once upon a time, a girl named Legend became bored. Organized chaos ensued. Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon Special, the cover, or any pictures.
Pokémon Special One-shots by FlyTakai
Pokémon Special One-shotsby FlyTakai
After reading a bunch of one-shot collections I decided to make my own! Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon Special or any of the art If you want you can request ships but d...
Pokémon Trainers x Fem!Reader by Kamidere
Pokémon Trainers x Fem!Readerby Kamidere
Various Pokémon characters that you love. I've made some reader inserts for you. Gold Red /more coming soon/
Pokespe One Shots by Glitter7Moon
Pokespe One Shotsby S-chan
I am going to do one shots! but I might be super crappy at this. I will do any Pokespe shipping except for yaoi or yuri. I just don't like those pairings. don't own the...
POKÉBOYS X READER by Kuri-chan52
I love these boys so I'm making a book just for them cuz I feel like they don't get enough love! You can request any boys from the anime or manga series so let's give ou...
Incorrect pokémon quotes by Natsuki_Sadako310
Incorrect pokémon quotesby ✮ Delulu piece of shit ✮
this is based of my Pokémon AU, if you don't like it, Go cry about it I don't own Pokémon (Go follow, @QuiznakingCat201)
CiTRiNE (Pokémon Fanfic) by -idxris
CiTRiNE (Pokémon Fanfic)by - aris. ♡♡
『 A Yellow Gem and Lots of Fluff. 』 Citrine is a girl that can't feel pain, and has survived thus far with the help of the Pokemon around her and her surrogate guardian...
PokeSpe OneShots by sibsugebusubsu
PokeSpe OneShotsby Acca
Eh, just some short stories Paring (no like, no read): -Red x Yellow (Specialshipping) -Blue x Green (OldRivalshipping) -Gold x Crystal (MangaQuestShipping) -Silver x So...
Not Everyone get their Happy Ever Afters by Parkkrys
Not Everyone get their Happy Ever...by Parkkrys
Green is in love. But reality hits him and he decides to move on.
Pokemon Various Oneshots by Nightels_Scarlett
Pokemon Various Oneshotsby TryHardPrincess
I take on by request :) and I am so so terribly sorry that I DON'T accept yuri and Yaoi :( I don't really know how to write those, but I am NOT against them of any kind...
Pokespe Oneshots by IceQueen2002
Pokespe Oneshotsby Ice
Shippings from pokemon, game, manga, show, and all the above and a reader:)
A New Beginning *Originalshipping* by Parkkrys
A New Beginning *Originalshipping*by Parkkrys
Due to bullying, Green and his sister, and Professor Oak moved to Kanto. Where he meets his new friends and a boy with raven black hair with red eyes that he falls in lo...
Problems In Lovers Land by Parkkrys
Problems In Lovers Landby Parkkrys
Sequel to A New Beginning After Red gets out of the hospital, before their final year of school, they just wanted a normal drama free year. Of course this didn't go as...
Pokespe Truth or Dare  by Pokespegirls21
Pokespe Truth or Dare by Backup Account
Pokespe Crew together playing truth and dare. Now let begin the tort- no I mean fun
Alola! (Elio X Selene) by katarikurospe
Alola! (Elio X Selene)by MKZ.
Elio Sun and Selene Moon have been friends ever since they moved into the same neighborhood in Alola. But then both had to move again to far regions. It's been years and...
Pokemon: The Grand Champion by 1FANBOIIIIIII
Pokemon: The Grand Championby Just a regular fanboi
"I don't care who gets in my way or what people think of me. All that matters is reaching the end goal." Ash Ketchum, the champion of Kalos, goes to Pokémon Wo...
The Journey (The Return Series) by Ceasless_Void
The Journey (The Return Series)by Void
Book 3 Five years has passed since the Pokédex Holders were defeated by Giovanni at the Indigo Plateau. When Ash is called back to Pallet Town by Green Oak to collect so...
PokéTrainers x Reader [ONE-SHOTS] - [REQUESTS: CLOSED] by MikuMage
PokéTrainers x Reader [ONE-SHOTS]...by Miku Meeks
|| Requests: Closed || NOTE: The reader will always be female unless stated otherwise! This book is filled with various different one-shots with the Pokémon trainers we...
Pokespe Truth or Dare by PokespeYellow
Pokespe Truth or Dareby Special
The Pokespe Character together playing truth and dare. Now let begin the tort- no I mean let fun. Disclaimer: PokespeYellow doesn't own pokespe or most of the host.